23 June, 2010

Time Sure Flies!

Well, it's been a little over a month since the newest member of our family arrived and I've blogged once. I feel a little guilty when I read the blog of an acquaintance who had preemie twins about a week before Jonathan was born and she has blogged way more than I have! I even got some pictures edited and have just got to post them.

Things have been going well. The boys still love Jonathan and he is still very relaxed for the most part (as long as he gets some cuddle time in). We are still working at getting into a routine but I can slowly see it starting to come together. We're looking forward to my sister coming for a visit tomorrow so I have a lot to do, still (they need a cleanish place to sleep, after all).

Xander has been loving t-ball (which is done tomorrow) when he actually gets to play. I bet half the games have been rained out this year. It's pretty crazy, the amount of rain we're getting. In fact, we were supposed to go to a wedding in Cypress Hills on July 1 but due to the flooding there, it's been moved to Regina. Good for us but not as good for my cousin who has to find venues before then! Xander went for a kindergarten test drive last week, too, and had a ton of fun. I think he'll be really excited to go in the fall. I was getting excited, too, as I hung around the school hallways. I used to love school...I know, I know, I'm such a nerd.

Anyway, here are a couple weeks of photos:

Week 7 (Feb 7-13)
Super Bowl Sunday is always fun in our house. We eat pizza and appys in the basement and watch the game in our jerseys. At least, the boys were in their jerseys. I don't believe that I actually fit into mine at this point in time!

Evan will probably hate me for this picture someday but isn't he so cute with that big ol' smile? He was just hamming it up for me when I got the camera and he has such a great smile.

It was such a moist winter that we had hoar frost for a good number of days. It really does make the bare tree branches (and hedges) look a lot prettier, though.

Blood work - I believe. I don't usually get a mark but I guess I did this time. I think this was likely for my glucose test. It went better than last pregnancy, so that was great.

Winter Olympics opening ceremonies. Wayne Gretzky lighting the outdoor flame. For those of you who knew me back when...need I say more? PS this was on TV, so it's actually a picture of my TV.

I wanted to make cupcakes for Valentine's Day and do something fun with the boys. Xander was more interested in this than Evan (though I think Evan's big cheeks are due to a mouthful of icing) so, of course, pink was not allowed and we had blue Valentine's cupcakes! They tasted just as good, though.

Week 8 (Feb 14-20)
Valentine's Day was spent with my sister and brother-in-law. We had Taco Del Mar...it was no surprise given that Tyler has to have it whenever he comes to town and we like the restaurant quite a bit, as well. They were on their way back through from vacation in Arizona and hung out for the day before heading back to Manitoba.

A favourite game in our house...Candy Land. It's so easy for the kids to play so they love being able to do it themselves. Also, I suck at random games so they almost always beat me.

More frosty pictures. I thought the tree was really pretty with our house in the foreground.

Ah, February with the stroller out. I had booked the boys haircuts but Jason ended up having a meeting of some sort that evening so I took them by myself. Since we're a single vehicle family, I got out the stroller and we walked the three or so blocks it is to the salon (have I ever mentioned that I live in the BEST location in the city?). It went really well...Xander sat by himself and let me sit with Evan and they both behaved! We even made it through the back alley with the stroller - though it was kind of hard to push at times.

My mother-in-law on her birthday. She had a great idea to go bowling. It's not so much that she loves it but the kids had so much fun. It was the first time that my kids had been bowling and Xander was so excited. I don't know if he even had a piece of this cake, or not. It was a lot of fun!

Here they are at Evan's turn. Xander is "helping" too. Jason spent a good portion of his time pushing their balls just a little so they'd make it to the end. They had bumpers in so that the balls wouldn't go in the gutter.

Fish...I love good seafood. Notice how I said GOOD seafood? The stuff in the grocery store is usually not particularly fresh and quite fishy and just not very good. So, if we want seafood, we go to Pacific Fresh Fish. This was Walleye...their fresh fish that day. It takes me back to my childhood and eating fresh caught fish at home. I couldn't catch them but I did love to eat them...usually like this. A simple batter and pan fried. So good.

There you go...two more weeks of photos. I kinda want to post some of the really cute pictures I got of the boys this morning but they are still on my camera (along with about 1000 other pictures - I really need to get those on the computer). Maybe I'll find some time in the not too distant future (or maybe not, since my sister will be here!)


Until next time...