29 April, 2009

Spring Bling QP

Well, I've made another quick page for you all using Scraps of Ellay's wonderful kit Spring Bling.  Remember, it will be free for a couple more days so run on over to her blog here to pick it up!  Also, she is hosting a speed scrap April 30th over at the Stuff to Scrap forum at 1 p.m. MST.  I so wish I could be there, but since that is the last day of tax season, I will be at work instead.  Here is a peak at the flyer and participation prize, though.  Scroll down below it for the quick page!

Here is your quick page.

You can download it from 4shared here.

Don't forget that Saturday is National Scrapbook Day and we've got all sorts of fun over at Stuff to Scrap!

Until next time...

26 April, 2009

All Sorts of Scrapbooking Stuff...

Well, first things first.  It's the beginning of another week and that means another wonderful freebie kit from Scraps of Ellay!  She has created a beautiful spring kit is all sorts of bright colours this week!  I loved this kit the moment I saw it.  Of course, it's called Spring Bling and who can resist a little bit of bling!  I did two layouts for this.  If you come back later this week, I will have a quick page for you too!  Now, here are my layouts:

Here is the preview of the kit and you can download it here at LA's blog.  Remember, her kits will only be free for a week so hurry over and download this!
There's also a TONNE of stuff going on over at the Stuff to Scrap Forum.  Remember, May 2nd is National Scrapbook Day and there is all sorts of fun going on!
I hope to see you over there for the party!

Also, if you're a designer, they're having a designer call over at Stuff to Scrap.  The new store is opening soon so if you're interested let them know!

That's all my news for now!

Until next time...

23 April, 2009

Where are we now...oh yeah Days 107-113!

Before I start on the everyday, I want to give one more plug...Scraps of Ellay's Lori Ann is running the Relay for Life this weekend.  It celebrates cancer survivors and she did a charity kit just a while back.  Just thought I'd remind you that you can go to her website and, for a donation to the American Cancer Society you can get that kit!!

Now, back to life.  What's there to report?  Very little, actually.  We're almost at the end of April so tax season is coming to a close in about a week.  That means that I'm crazy busy at work but pretending that I'm not ;).  We didn't do much on the weekend.  I finished painting in my kitchen (except the doors, but if I'm honest, those won't be done until July).  However, even without doors, I can clean out the cupboards and get everything back in.  That's this weekend's project.  I also have some scrapbooking that I need to get done, as I don't seem to have gotten much done lately.  I did finally file my own taxes - yay me!!  I seem to get later and later every year.  My co-worker's already got her refund back!

Anyway, here are a few layouts I've done.  I did a couple that I wasn't sure about but they always seem to end up better than I expected!

Kit used - Sable Brule by Mere Poule
Flowers - Sable Brule by Joey
Template - Template 58 by Timounette

I did this for a challenge but then changed a couple thing to put it in a book I'm doing.  The challenge one had the date on it, which I don't need for the book.  Also, I dated it September 2009.  Was I ever having a blond night that night!
Kit used - Dream Big by Digi-Designs by Nicole

I did this one for a speed scrap at Stuff to Scrap.  It had been a bad evening as it was Battle of the Wills night with Evan.  Every kid needs to go toe to toe with their parents once just to see how far they can get.  I'm happy to say that the parents won.  It made me late for the speed scrap but I REALLY like how this turned out!
Kit used - Floral Fusion Collab by Digi-Designs by Nicole and Stolen Moments
(I used both parts)

I love how the colours go with Evan's jammies but I think that this is what I'm really liking about scrapbooking - recording all those funny and cute little memories for the future!
Kit used - Midnight Ball by Dreams Inspired
Metal Date Bits by Stolen Moments
Alpha - Dandelion Dreams by A Work in Progress

Now on to this week's photos:

Day 107 (April 17):
Proof that I've got Xander hooked on curling.  Here we are playing "curling" in the living room.  You can see the "button" i.e. the Star Wars book.  The balls are our "rocks".  Xander always has to make sure we start out with a guard and then he likes to play the big weight and try to take them out!  It's pretty cute.

Day 108 (April 18):
It was the first BBQ of the season!  We got the BBQ out of the shed and threw some chicken on.  I love anything BBQ'd.  It is truly the best way to cook.  Unfortunately, Jason doesn't enjoy it enough to do it in the winter so I only get BBQ for half the year...but it is yummy!  Also, I think having it restricted, makes it even better!

Day 109 (April 19):
We've been going for walks in the evening and I almost couldn't decide on which picture to use for this day.  I love seeing the sky and trees reflected in a puddle so I love this pic (a couple days earlier there was an even better one with clouds etc, but I didn't have my camera along!).  However, Evan absolutely loves going out for walks.  He would go every evening if we could and so this picture is such a good one of him that it almost won.  I'll probably just use it in his book, instead:
I love that smile when he decides to give it to us, rather than being all serious!

Day 110 (April 20):
Here is the new stroller I bought for vacation.  We are almost a stroller library, we have so many!!  But, our one umbrella stroller is starting to show its age and I'm not sure it would last all trip.  These ones were on sale and are a bit more sturdy.  I wanted the orange one but, of course, all they had was teal.  It's pretty stylish, though!

Day 111 (April 21):
Well, Tuesdays are cleaning days, since we have care group at our house Wednesday nights.  This is my standard bathroom cleaning set.  I usually do the dishes first so I'm tired by the time I get around to doing the bathroom.  About half the time I do a more thorough clean, but the rest of the time I just do the mirrors, the toilet and wipe things down with the disinfecting wipes.  It does a pretty good job, actually!

Day 112 (April 22):
We had a pot luck last night and I made the dessert (Skor trifle, of course) after work (well, assembled it then).  It's the first time that I'd let Evan lick the spatula.  He's usually in bed when we bake.  You can see how much he loves this edible oil product whipping cream-like stuff (fake Cool Whip).  He wasn't too interested in the pudding but he was wearing this by the time he was done!

Day 113 (April 23):
It was immunization day for Evan today.  This is the public health office that we take him to.  He actually did quite well.  He cried but it was a relatively small amount of crying for my little drama king!  He cried a bit more for the second needle but, oh well, it's for his own good!

Well, as you can see, not much exciting has been happening lately.  It's just been the routine and mundane things of life!  Not always a bad way to go!

Until next time...

22 April, 2009

Bears Eat Beets Quick Page

I'm back again with another quick page.  I can't believe how many people downloaded my last one!  It makes me so happy to know that there are people out there who liked my first freebie and want to make use of it!

Once again I've made a quick page for that great kit, Bears Eat Beets!  You can pick up the freebie kit here and remember to download any of the other wonderful freebies before they are moved to the store!

Here's my QP - 
You can download it here.

Just in case you're addicted as I am, I also thought I'd let you know about another speed scrap coming up this Saturday at the Stuff to Scrap forum.  Here are all the details...

And here's the participation prize...

Also, a big day in the scrapbooking world is coming up - National Scrapbooking Day!  This is the first Saturday in May and there are all sorts of fun things going on.  I'm very excited for this.  Check out what's going to be happening at Stuff to Scrap:
I will be back to update my picture tomorrow, most likely.

Until next time...

19 April, 2009

Bears Eat Beets...Wha..?

It's time for another great kit from the Scraps of Ellay!  This one's called Bears Eat Beets (if you wanna know the story behind that, you'll have to go see her blog!)  It's a very rich colour palette and beautiful for all sorts of pictures.

Here are my layouts with this kit:

If you come back later in the week you may even find a quick page or two!

Here is a preview of the kit!
You can pick this up here on her blog.  Also, she is also going to be changing how she offers freebies.  They will be available for one week only and then will no longer be a freebie.  You have until May 1st to download all of her current freebies so you'd better head over there and grab any you've missed!!

Also, there is going to be another speed scrap over at Stuff to Scrap!!  These are so addicting and SO much fun.  Also, after an hour you have a layout done - check one off the to do list!!  Anyway, here is the flyer announcement and a peek at the participation prize - a cute little mini kit from Gettin' Scrappy with Britt!

Until next time...

16 April, 2009

Days 100 - 106 - Now we're into triple digits!!

Well, I've made it past 100 days on my P365!  That's really a big excitement for me!  It seems like a milestone of some sort.  I've only forgotten one day, too, so I think that's great.  I just hate that some days I could have 10 pictures of the day and some days it's so hard to find one!

Well, it's mid-April so that means things are busy around here!  Work is quite busy and we're starting to plan our vacation for May so that keeps us busy around here, too!  We did take off for the Easter weekend and went to my sister Michelle's place in Manitoba.  The weather co-operated and we made it there (unlike at Thanksgiving where a snow storm caused us to turn around about 1/3 of the way there).  We even spent a chunk of Saturday playing at the park.  The boys were so happy to be outside again!  They wore themselves out pretty good playing and had good naps.  We had a VERY yummy turkey supper.  Michelle did an awesome job on the turkey - it was one of the best I'd had in a long time!  I made pies and, all in all, it was a good time had eating!  In the evening we did an Easter egg hunt for the boys.  They're little so there's not much to hiding them but they did a pretty good job finding them.  They were also happy to eat the treats inside!

Since we've been back, it's just been work, work.  Funny thing - Evan has decided that he likes to wear his jacket ALL THE TIME!  He will scream if you try to undo the zipper.  Strange phases that these children go through.  We also had a couple of nice days Monday and Tuesday so we went outside and went for walks.  We did a fairly long walk Monday night and then, Tuesday morning I got his boots and jacket on and he just pointed at the stroller, wanting to go for another walk!  There were tears as I hauled him out to the car to go to Auntie's instead.

I've had a little time to do some scrapping and have a few layouts to show you before I post my pics.  There are about 3 layouts that I can't post yet but I think are really cool so I can't wait to show them to you!

This one is from a quote challenge on the Stuff to Scrap forum:
Kit used is Boys Club by Sweet Blossom Designs
Wire swirl is from Working Boy by Pouyou
Spitfire is from Gone by Not Forgotten by Spellbound by the Pixel
All word art is by me!!

This one is from a progressive layout challenge at the Digital Candy forum.  It's like a speed scrap but slower!  Instead of 7 instructions in 1 hour, it's 7 instructions in one week.  It's a lot of fun and I really love how this turned out!
Kits used are Chloe, Fresh and Rustic Grass all by Digi-Designs by Nicole

This last one is from a speed scrap on Monday night.  The first instruction was to take a self-portrait...and you could only try three times!  Luckily I had been practicing self-portraits not too long before and I actually don't mind how my pic turned out!
Kit used is Blueberry Cream by Eva Marina Scraps
Alpha is Creamy Fudge Alpha by Eva Marina Scraps

Now...on to the pictures!

Day 100 (April 10):
This was Good Friday.  We went to service at our church first (that's the first time I've ever been at a Good Friday service in Regina and I've lived here 12 years - we're usually traveling).  It was a good service of remembering that Jesus died on the cross (to be resurrected 3 days later!!)  After, we drove to Virden to visit Michelle & Tyler.  We decided to go there because, well, she asked us to.  It's also closer than Mom & Dad's so it's definitely an easier trip.  Anyway, their house was clean before we got there but this is what it looked like not too long after!  Amazing what two little boys can do, eh?

Day 101 (April 11):
I had some great pictures from playing at the park but I decided that a picture of our Easter Egg hunt would be a better choice!  You can see just how hard I hid the eggs ;).  Fun for the kids, though!

Day 102 (April 12):
We went to Michelle & Tyler's church to celebrate Easter Sunday and the Resurrection!  It was a good time and a little less traditional as they had some drama instead of a full sermon.  Anyway, after the service I kept getting "you must be Michelle's sister".  We don't look anything alike do we? Hee hee.  In fact, we even dressed in the same colour scheme by accident.

Day 103 (April 13):
Here is Evan...in his jacket...which he refused to remove.  Did I mention my kids are stubborn?  (I wonder where they got that from ;) ).

Day 104 (April 14):
Well, Tuesday I finally got my tax software installed on my computer.  This is what I use.  Doesn't that couple look so cute and happy filing their taxes.  Liars, the company is liars!  No one looks like that while doing taxes...not even people who like doing taxes.  Hee hee.  Maybe this weekend I'll actually get them filed!

Day 105 (April 15):
Xander didn't want to leave Auntie's when I got off work so I told him he could pick what we had for supper (I had no plans, anyway).  He picks "restaurant".  Luckily, Jason was going to the mall to get his hair cut, anyway, so we ate at the food court.  I did a bit of shopping and then, while waiting for Dad, the boys played on the vehicles outside Safeway.  I don't put money in them but they both love to play there, anyway!

Day 106 (April 16):
Today's picture.  This is Jason's natural disaster.  I accidentally got a shot I really like.  It looks like the streetcar on the left has come in upon some major destruction.  Then I tried to make it look kind of like a newsprint photo.  Actually, this is Jason organizing his LEGO.  He's trying to put it all by type of block so that when you're building you can easily find the block you want and just have to pick out the colour.  Xander really loves to play LEGO with Dad now, too.

Now, we're all caught up.  I'll try not to wait a week next time!

Until next time...

15 April, 2009

Granny's Sweet Tea Quick Page

Hi everyone! This is my first attempt at a couple things...pre-publishing, a quick page, making a file available for download so hopefully it goes well!

I hope you've checked out Scraps of Ellay's great kit Granny's Sweet Tea. I really love all the layouts I've seen with it! A bunch of her CT have again turned their pages into QPs. Because of some technical difficulties (can you say I don't like Yahoo! terribly much right now) I don't have previews for all of them, but, if you go to Scraps of Ellay's blog here, you can see previews and hope over to their blogs to find them all!

I do have a preview of mine, though!

Here it is...
You can download it here...

Please let me know if you have any problems with the download!

Until next time...

13 April, 2009

Granny's Sweet Tea

It's time for another wonderful freebie kit from Scraps of Ellay! This one is a very cute kit called Granny's Sweet Tea. I really had a fun time playing with it and the colours really are gorogeous!

Here is the layout that I made with it (I plan to make this into a quick page for later in the week)!
Here are the preview for the kit, which you can pick up here. Go get it while you can!

Until next time...

09 April, 2009

Days 94 - 99 I will update before leaving...

Things are still busy, after all, it's still April isn't it?  We finally got the phones hooked up at work today, so that is good.  At about 5 to 5 this afternoon we actually got internet.  Yay!  I don't have to work from home if I want to use the internet now.  I find it difficult to work from home because there are so many other fun things to do that it's distracting.

Well, I haven't been up to much lately.  I've been doing a bunch of scrapping, which has been fun.  I have some really cute pages to show you.  Other than that, I haven't had much time.  Making meals, cleaning and hosting care group is about all we've had time to do.  Now, it's the long weekend.  We're going to the Good Friday service at our church tomorrow and then we're heading off to my sister's place.  It'll just be her and her husband and us, but I think it will be fun.

Today is my Mom's birthday and I completely forgot to phone her (I thought of it when I was at work, of course).  I was so busy phoning people to work at church on Sunday that I missed it.  Well, Happy Birthday Mom!  I love you.  I'll try to call you later!

Well, here are the layouts I've done in the last little bit.

This one was for the word of the week challenge at Stuff to Scrap - the word was blessed.
Kit used is Beautiful, Blessed by Marcee J. Duggar
Alpha is Worn Alpha by Elegant Word Art by Bethany
Template is Template 54 by Timounette

This was done for a speed scrap over at the Digital Candy Forum
Kit used was Fairy Tale Wedding Collab 
- parts by Digi-Designs by Nicole, Scraps of Ellay and Flower Scraps

This page was from a speed scrap tonight over at One Single Seed.  It turned out much better than I thought it would when I was creating it.
Kit used is Rustic Grass by Digi-Designs by Nicole

The last one I have to show you is for the template challenge over at Stuff to Scrap
Kit used is Anxiously Awaiting Contemporary by Stolen Moments
Word art is Magnetic Poetry by Digi-Designs by Nicole
Template is STS Template 1 by Nibbles Skribbles

More and more I'm really liking what I've been creating and I can see how I've improved from the first Mexico scrapbook that I did.

Now on to my pictures of the day!

Day 94 (April 4):
This is my new washer and dryer.  I'm really enjoying them, even though the door of the washer barely clears the dryer!  I don't like to do laundry.  I never have, but everything is just a little bit more fun when you have a new tool/toy to use!

Day 95 (April 5):I bought some strawberries at the store because they were on sale and I wanted a banana split.  They were OK but they go bad so fast, so I made some freezer jam.  I love strawberry and raspberry freezer jam.  Soooo yummy!  PS I bought some strawberries about a month ago when they were on sale and they were the BEST store strawberries I'd ever tasted.  They seriously tasted like they had just come out of the garden.  I couldn't believe there were such good strawberries in the middle of winter, no less.

Day 96 (April 6):
This is my son being silly and my husband copying him.  When Xander gets tired of my snapping pictures he'll do things like this.  I'll call it paparazzi poses.  It's actually pretty cute.  You'd think he was some big star and I was totally hounding him!

Day 97 (April 7):
This is the only picture I took that day (well there were two right after this - both horrible).  I think I actually forgot but happened to have taken this one.  It's my two boys, both drinking their milk.  I don't know how they got to love it so much.  I also think it's cute how they're doing the same thing at the same time!

Day 98 (April 8):
This is my dishwasher full of dirty dishes after care group.  It looks like a lot but I have a "baby" dishwasher.  It's only 18", I think so it takes very little to fill it up.  It matches my "baby" stove!

Day 99 (April 9):
I thought that it would be appropriate for on of my pictures of the day to be a picture of my camera.  I love my dSLR, just like I loved my SLR before it.  It is a wonderful camera, even if it is a base model.  It allows me freedom that I even sometimes use!  I took this with my little digital camera.  Now, it and I don't really get along so I'm surprised this even turned out!!

Anyway, that's all that we've been up to for now.

Until next time...