29 November, 2009

I Will Post...Eventually

Hi. I don't have LOs done or pictures edited but I thought I'd just do a little update. There was a bit of a family crisis last weekend and that kind of took over last weekend. It didn't directly involve us but incidentally it did. It was really draining and exhausting and emotional and all sorts of things. The rest of this week was really spent trying to recover and get some rest. Not that recovery and resting is all done but it is starting to progress.

Christmas is coming soon, too...that meant that Saturday was packed full with a kids' Christmas party put on by Jason's work and birthday pictures for Xander. We went mini-golfing and the boys had a ton of fun. Evan just carried his ball around and dropped it into holes but he liked it. Xander's form wasn't so good but he even got a hole in one! That's better than I did. In fact, I think he beat me on almost every hole. Then they got to see Santa - now we don't believe in Santa and we've always told our kids that he's fictional (sorry if I just ruined that for anyone). They don't get presents from Santa or anything. We got in line and Xander didn't even want to go see Santa. He was scared of him. We didn't make him talk to Santa but just told him to take the present from the nice helper. They showed a movie after called Santa Buddies (I hope I don't offend anyone if I say I thought it was a dumb movie). I thought it was funny, though, in the opening scene when they showed Santa walking with a dog and some other little kid said "Santa!!" Evan looked at it and went "Puppy!" It was cute. After a very quick and all too short quiet time, we drug Xander to his birthday pictures. It took a bit of convincing at times but then he decided to ham it up for the photographer and we got some really cute pictures. It was a really exhausting day, that's for sure!!

I'm not sure when I'll get more stuff posted because this week promises to be crazy with a capital "C"! Between work, care group, grocery shopping, trying to get the Christmas decorations up and Xander's birthday/party this weekend, I don't think I'll be on here very much. I did rearrange the basement tonight and put up the little tree (no decorations yet) but now I have to move an old washing machine to access the rest of the Christmas decorations (that should be fun!). There are also the million and one other little things that need to be done! Oh well, no rest for the weary, I guess!

Until next time...

19 November, 2009

Three weeks...

Well, I guess it's about time... I have three weeks of edited photos ready to post and I've just been too busy or napping to post them. I was gonna post this afternoon but Xander wanted me to lay down with him for a minute at nap time. I had gone to bed reasonably early last night and got to sleep in this morning but I must have been tired because a minute turned into 2 1/2 hours later. Then we had to get ready to go for a haircut tonight (Xander's). I didn't really think I was tired because I sure wasn't yesterday but I guess I needed it.

I guess that there may be people out there who read my blog and don't know this, either, but I'm expecting baby #3 in May. I have felt fine but I do usually get tired with pregnancy, though I haven't been nearly as tired with this one as with the other two. I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks (mostly because they were looking for gall stones) and I see why kids get called "peanut". At 8 weeks that's what they look like (and they're about the same size). The tech gave us a picture, then she asked, would you like me to label it for you? I think so, otherwise I have no idea which end is which!! Hee hee.

Anyway, we were out shopping tonight. I got Xander his 4 year picture clothes and I replaced the gloves that I seem to have lost since last winter. It was a good day to do it, though, because they were both on sale! This could be a long post now, though, so I will get to the pictures!

Day 277 (Oct 4):
Evan really likes to play with these trains. He doesn't really use the tracks but he puts them together and drives them around the coffee table. On the other hand, they are magnetized and break apart fairly easily so he also tends to get frustrated very easily with them.

Day 278 (Oct 5):
This was the second bracelet I got from the hospital this weekend. Sunday was the day of my gall bladder attack and this bracelet was from Monday's return for the ultrasound and more sitting in Emergency. So much fun, eh? It actually hasn't been too bad. I haven't had an attack since but I've come to the realization that some of those funny momentary pains that you just ignore 'cause they don't last are kinda in the spot that the Dr. said you usually feel gall bladder. We've tried to cut out fast food for the most part (we still do subs and tacos - they shouldn't be too bad) and I try to be conscious about the fat I eat (and sugar from a previous pregnancy - I just can't eat anything good, anymore!)

Day 279 (Oct 6):
It's getting later in the year...almost winter time. I knew it this day because I got up at my normal time and saw the sun rising. The days are getting shorter. We haven't quite gotten to the point where I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark, but it's close. Though, I realized something the other day, I'm thankful that God didn't make the shortest days of the year coincide with the wintery-est part of winter. After Dec 22nd, they start getting longer and the coldest, blizzardy-est days are January, February and even March to some extent. We just have to deal with one thing at a time.

Day 280 (Oct 7):
Now, I didn't say it ONLY snows and is cold in Jan, Feb & March...this was the first snowfall of the year...October 7th. It wasn't much and disappeared quite quickly but we're coming to realize that - after the last couple years - Thanksgiving can be a treacherous travel holiday. I have seen snow much earlier in the year than this (August, even) but it has been such a crazy weather year...you'll see more craziness to come in a few pictures.

Day 281 (Oct 8):
My sister and her husband came through the Thursday before Thanksgiving as they were on their way to Manitoba (and the roads were miserable both ways!) I took a whole bunch of pictures of them sitting there (that's the risk you take when you come to my house), but I liked this one the best (right Colette?). My cousin and her husband came through the same night going the other way (from Manitoba) and we decided we were glad we did not plan on going to Manitoba, too.

Day 282 (Oct 9):
It was really cute...this is Evan playing with my cousin's kid who is about the same age. I have a picture from shortly before this where they were "eyeing" each other up. Then Evan got all cute and hid under the sheets and kept making Bella laugh. It was very sweet! We were also able to have a good visit that morning. I haven't seen this cousin in a while!

Day 283 (Oct 10):
Saturday of the Thanksgiving weekend was pretty low-key. This is what we had for supper. I think that everyone should have breakfast for supper sometimes. Xander wanted cereal and I didn't feel like cooking so it worked out great!

Day 284 (Oct 11):
Sunday...I seem to have a lot of pictures of Xander eating. I'd forgotten what this was of. Now, I remember! Due to my previous gall bladder attack, he was introduced to subs this week and that is now his new favourite food. He just loves them and wants to eat them all the time. He has ham and cheese with lettuce, mayo and mustard.

Day 285 (Oct 12):
Thanksgiving Monday...Xander was just too cute watching TV like this in the morning. It was so low-key, we didn't even have turkey. I usually really want turkey but, the Friday before, I'd made roast chicken with potatoes and stuffing and corn and pie for dessert so it was like I'd already had my Thanksgiving meal. I made pineapple chicken for Jason's family this day. It was good except none of the children ate well. Oh well, I guess there's always days!

Day 286 (Oct 13):
This is the book that we're studying in our Bible study group. I usually read the next chapter Tuesday or Wednesday at lunch before our group. It's quite a book and is really challenging. In fact, in a lot of ways, I'm having trouble processing everything in there! I think this is one that I will have to re-read (maybe over the Christmas holidays) after we're done studying it. It's really a pretty radical book.

Day 287 (Oct 14):
Guess what? It's cold and flu season. We've started using these with some regularity. Poor little boys, mostly. It seems that Evan gets lots of colds and Xander not so much (one like each of their parents). This Wednesday was the exhausted Wednesday as it was the night before that Evan had been up from 1 - 4 a.m. and then I didn't sleep well the rest of the night because he was sleeping on our bed and coughing. Unfortunately, Jason was also sick so he and Evan stayed home and, after my 3 hours of sleep, I went to work all day. I needed more than kleenex by the time care group was over that evening! I was sooo tired.

Day 288 (Oct 15):
Thursday morning and more snow. What a crazy week. Really, though, when there's a fresh snow and you don't have to be out in it, it really is very pretty. This was all melted by the time we left for Mom's group at 9 a.m. This was also my nephew's birthday - happy late birthday on my blog, Jordan!

Day 289 (Oct 16):
Here is Xander in his feet jammies. He loves feet jammies. We got these for him in Indianapolis last December and he has worn holes in the toes, already. He would wear them all the time, if he could. He kept asking if it was gonna be cold so he could wear them, already. I think we'll get him a new pair for Christmas.

Day 290 (Oct 17):
Here is the really cute outfit that I found for Evan's pictures that he had taken this day. I couldn't believe I found something dressy and nice so easily! I always have so much trouble with boys' clothes but this even had a little tie. Believe me, he looked adorable in his pictures, even though he was a bit under the weather and doesn't smile much.

Day 291 (Oct 18):
Jason took Xander to the Model Railroad show Sunday afternoon. Xander had so much fun there that he had to stay until they closed. I think they were there about 2 hours or so. Xander got the little LEGO tattoo from a friend who had LEGO trains displayed. When they got home, Xander got Jason to pull out one of his trains and run it around the base we use for the Christmas tree. We may have to set that up again this year.

Day 292 (Oct 19):
I went grocery shopping this day and this is the only picture I have. Xander is putting all of the grocery bags into the garbage can. Often he stuffs it full and then you can't get anything else in. He loves to help so much!

Day 293 (Oct 20):
My older brother's birthday was on the 20th (still is ;) ). Happy birthday Jay! I put up tomatoes on Tuesday. It was tiring but needed to be done. I skinned them and then froze them because I had so many tomatoes I couldn't use up! This way, I can put them in lasagna or pasta sauce during the winter.

Day 294 (Oct 21):
This Wednesday our care group went to the church to volunteer on the building project (which is moving along...I haven't taken a picture of it in a while...not much is changing on the outside right now). Another lady who has back issues and I watched the kids while everyone else built things or helped haul away garbage or whatever. Jason helped build a wall. I was going to take my camera along but I totally forgot so this is a picture of the snacks I took for the kids...fruit roll-ups (I SO love them)!

Day 295 (Oct 22):
I spent a couple hours making meatballs on Thursday for Evan's birthday party on Friday. I made around 100 meatballs but it only took me an hour and a half or so. It actually went a lot quicker than I thought. It was a good thing since I was working on the cake, as well. I love this basic meatball recipe. I cook them ahead of time and then freeze them (usually). Then, when we want spaghetti and meatballs, I just pull some out of the freezer, toss them in the sauce, and reheat. This time I cooked them Thursday and reheated Friday. You cook them in the oven, too, which is SO much easier than frying them!!

Day 295 (Oct 23):
This was my baby's second birthday and party. I thought the cake turned out pretty cute. I overbaked the big one a bit and it wasn't the best tasting in places but we just didn't eat those places first! This is our scene from the Backyardigans' Super Secret Super Spy. We even got a Pablo car and I made the yacht that was headquarters. Evan really did great at his party. I wasn't sure how he's do opening presents or eating but he was awesome. It's kinda hard to believe he's 2 already. He's really turned into a little boy over the last few months and he really isn't a baby anymore.

Day 296 (Oct 24):
I didn't take an actual picture as this is already digital so I saw no point. I finally scrapped a CT kit I had to do on Saturday. I came out with this page and I have gotten some great reviews on it. I think it turned out pretty cute, too.

Day 297 (Oct 25):
This was Sunday. Xander always goes to see Pastor Bill between services on Sundays. Pastor Bill always gives him candy (and usually one to take to Evan). We're not really sure but somehow, on this day, Xander got a can of Cherry Coke from Pastor Bill. The thing is, this is a very coveted item by several people in our church - you can only get it in the U.S. so it kinda seemed like a big deal. I'm just hoping that Xander didn't just ask for it!

OK, if you're still with me Congratulations! I feel like I should have a prize for you, but I don't (unless you want to come over then maybe I can cook you something). That was a lot of pictures to write about and probably a lot to read! I'll have to keep posts down to two weeks of pictures. However, if I do that a couple times in the next bit, I'll be caught up!! Yay! I'm also trying to decide what to do next year. P365 has been fun, but it seems like I just take random, silly pictures so I have one for that day and they're not necessarily nice or even meaningful. I do like the thought of recording every day life, though, so I'm not sure what I will end up doing.

Anyway, until next time...

15 November, 2009

Hard Rain's Gonna Fall (aka our summer this year)

Ha ha! Scraps of Ellay has a new kit out today called Hard Rain's Gonna Fall. It's a weather related kit but also has a bit of an inspirational side to it. It's really pretty and full of some very rich colours. I want to show you the two LOs I did with it and then I will give you thinks (plus she has a freebie)...

This first LO is for the song lyric challenge at STS. The song was November Rain by Guns 'n Roses and I thought it fit so well with both this kit and this picture.

This next one was for the recipe challenge at STS and I really like how it turned out. I don't usually use hearts but I like it here.

Now, here is the preview of this amazing kit.

You can pick it up here at Ellay's STS store. She also has some freebie papers on her blog here.

Also, I do have three weeks of photos edited I just haven't gotten them up here yet. I guess my week was spent on other things...(like editing the photos). We did also have some company but that's not unusual. I will try my hardest to get them up sometime this week. That's assuming that I don't get caught up in another project! However, I did scrap three pages this weekend so that came along well. I even really liked a couple of them! Oh well, back to work tomorrow...and grocery shopping. I do enjoy those five day weekends.

Until next time...

11 November, 2009

Just Scrap It

Well, before I get to the kit that I'm about to show you, I just want to remind everybody that today is Remembrance Day (at least here in Canada). I know for many of us, it's hard to remember as we didn't live through the last major war. The ones we have been involved in of late haven't really affected us at home...they're just far away conflicts. It is kind of strange to me because when Jason & I visited France in 2002, we went to Normandy and visited the D-Day beaches and some of the cemeteries. It was neat then, but I find that as I get older and farther away from that visit it seems to become more meaningful. To be honest, I'd love to go back again. But until then...Lest We Forget...

Anyway, now on to the scrapping kit. Scraps of Ellay has a new kit in the store called Just Scrap It. It's a bright coloured kit full of all sorts of fun things to play with (I really liked the little stars, in case you couldn't tell). Here are two LOs I did with it. (The calendar is from JW Digiscraps - that page was for the Desktop Calendar Challenge at STS).

I love how this one turned out:
You can see the preview below and can pick it up here at the store. She's also got some worn paper freebies on her blog. You can check those out here.

Here is the preview:
Well, I've already baked a cake, made Jell-O and started supper and it's only 10:55 a.m. ... and that was after the boys let us sleep in until 9 a.m. (they played together quietly until then!). It's a productive day so far but I have more to do.

Until next time...

06 November, 2009

For Colette...

Evan's cake ;).

Until next time...

Sales, sales, sales!!

Well, tomorrow is National Digiscrapping Day (DSD) and there is a lot going around in the digiscrap world! I have two big sales to tell you about...

Eva Marina Scraps is having a HUGE 50% off sale Friday, Saturday and Sunday on her store at Enchanted Studio Scraps! Check out the flier below and click here to go to her ESS store.

Also Stuff to Scrap is having a huge sale, as well. This one runs Saturday and Sunday and is 30% off everything in the store! How fun is that. You can click here to go to the store and see the flyer below.
Don't forget that there's a lot of fun stuff going on all weekend!!

Until next time...

04 November, 2009

New KIt (I'm Such a Bad Little Blogger) & CT Call!

OK. I meant to do this last night but I had to go grocery shopping...then I went to bed at 10 p.m. so it didn't get done. Scraps of Ellay has a new straight to the store kit out called Thanksgiving Weekend...perfect to scrap the pics you took a month ago if you're Canadian and just waiting for Thanksgiving to come if you're American ;). There are some REALLY cute elements in this and, since I didn't have any pictures from this Thanksgiving, I had to scrap a couple other events. I really love how the page of my parents turned out. I don't usually get pictures of them that are this good!

Here are my pages (check out the preview below):

This one also uses a template by Scraps of Ellay and they are available in her store, too!
Here's the preview:
You can click here to go to the store and pick up the kit right now! There are some glitters (which I LOVE) and quickpages there, too!

Before you go just wait a minute!! Scraps of Ellay is also have a CT call. She's looking for a couple more people to add to the team. She is really laid back and easy to work for and she designs really cute kits! Anybody (newbie or experienced) can apply - this was my very first CT when I was brand new so don't be afraid! You can find the details below:

Until next time...