27 June, 2009

More Pictures!! Days 149 to 155

Hi there!  I'm procrastinating right now, so I thought I'd be useful and update my blog.  There are kitchen cupboards that need to be sanded (I HATE sanding!) and office work that needs to be done (not in the mood).  Oh well, I guess I'll get to it later!  Anyway, this is the last bunch of P365 pics from our trip and then we can get back to everyday life, such as that is!

Day 149 (May 29):
This was our last day in Portland.  In the morning we decided to go to the Children's Museum (I think museum is a misnomer...educated play is what I would call it!).  It was to give the boys a break from doing Mom and Dad kind of stuff and to let them just run free.  There was lots for them to do...train tracks, digging pits, water play areas...and a Bob the Builder display.  It was a traveling exhibit and there were giant versions of all the characters that the kids could go in (Rolly the Roller, Muck the dump truck etc.).  There were some learning stations, too, such as a "pump" that used air pressure to blow little blue plastic balls through the tubes to the spout.  The balls were one of Evan's favourite things...that and the little half sized stairs they had.  He could climb them like a big boy.  He loved to hold two balls and climb in and out of Wendy's caravan!  It was a bit busy with school kids in the morning but it was dead after lunch.  However, we still had to get to Seattle that day so we couldn't stay as long as the boys would have liked!

Day 150 (May 30):
Here is the Space Needle in Seattle.  I had a lot of great pictures from this day and it was hard to choose but I couldn't not have a picture of the Space Needle in my 365 and this is my favourite one.  The Seattle Centre is where the Space Needle is and there are rides and museums and other entertainment all in that area.  Our hotel was just a couple blocks away and there was a monorail that went from there to downtown Seattle so it was perfect!  We actually went to Pike Place Market on this day and Evan LOVED it!  So did I.  It was so busy and colourful and there was a music festival on so there were not only street musicians but also stage acts.  Evan was totally enthralled by the music and could have stayed there all day.  We went to the very first Starbucks and purchased our supper there.  We didn't get to see any fish flying as there seemed to be a lot of tourists so everyone was watching and no one was buying fish!  We also went up the Space Needle - you could see the mountains all around.  Apparently, they only average 90 clear days a year and only 50 where you can actually see the mountains, so we were very fortunate!  We also went to the Science Fiction museum, which Jason and Xander really enjoyed.  I did somewhat, too.  There was Star Wars and Star Trek and a bunch of other stuff I didn't know about!

Day 151 (May 31):
We went on a harbour boat tour in the morning (which DID NOT go over well with the boys).  Evan generally threw a fit and Xander freaked out because it was windy on the deck.  So, it was not too much fun.  However, I did get Xander out on the deck towards the end and he finally started to enjoy it.  We got to see huge shipping yards with big machines and boats so I think that helped.  In the afternoon we went to Seattle Children's Museum.  It was similar to the one in Portland but some different areas and different twists.  Again, the boys had a ton of fun.  This was Evan's favourite place.  It was in the "Global" area.  He found this wooden xylophone he could play and it was the only real smile we got all day!  He loved to play it and it had a really pretty sound.

Day 152 (June 1):
This was really just a travel day.  We didn't do much of anything.  This is the road out of Seattle.  We crossed the border back into Canada at one of the lesser used crossings by Abbottsford, B.C.  It wasn't very busy at all and since Jason was getting eager to get home, we decided not to do anything in Vancouver.  This saved us time and more big city driving.  We made it all the way to Salmon Arm, but the boys were done traveling around Kamploops.  This was the first time that I broke out the DVDs.  We used the laptop computer and let them watch shows from Kamloops to Salmon Arm.  I knew that if I didn't, Evan was pretty close to a melt-down.  I didn't want them to get used to having it all the time so I tried not to use it!

Day 153 (June 2):
We continued on our drive up through Roger's Pass and the Kicking Horse pass.  We did a little more stopping this time.  We stopped at the Last Spike monument (and a train went by - lucky for Jason).  Then we stopped at the Spiral Tunnel (this almost made my photo of the day because a train actually went through while we were there.  You could see the train cross over itself - too cool!)  It was a really good day for trains!  We went through Kicking Horse pass and it was fascinating.  They are twinning the highway there and we got to drive over the new 250 foot high bridge (you couldn't even tell it was that high).  They were also doing blasting and building up of land but we came just after a blasting had occurred.  Too bad for the boys - they would have thought it was cool!  There were tons of really big machines there - they were raising the land so they could build a highway on it (not a job for the faint of heart as that bulldozer pushed that crushed rock RIGHT to the edge!).  Xander was in heaven.  This was right up his alley and Jason and I enjoyed it, too.  After that (and realizing that mountain driving is no longer as bad as I remember it as a kid) we hit Lake Louise.  We went up to the chateau and took some pictures (that's the picture above).  The boys weren't too happy but we got a family pic because a gentlemen asked if he could take our picture.  Then, when he was done, he asked if we could return the favour.  It was kind of funny, because I would have done it without the buttering up!  It really is a beautiful place.  We didn't stop in Banff because, well, there's not much there (I've been there too much) and the boys had fallen asleep in the car.  So, we just went on to Calgary.

Day 154 (June 3):
I wanted to take the boys to Calaway Park but it was only open on the weekend (Xander would have LOVED it!)  I was bummed out when I found out but we went to Heritage Park instead.  I'd actually never been so it was interesting.  There were many interesting old buildings that we didn't go into because that wasn't fun for the boys.  There was a steam train and paddle boat and horse drawn wagons rides to go on.  They enjoyed those, mostly.  Evan fell asleep on the wagon ride!  They also have these vintage rides so the boys did get to go on some rides.  This one was Xander's favourite.  He really liked them.  The only one Evan was tall enough to go on was the carousel and he loved it.  In fact, when he realized he didn't get to go on this one, he was right mad!  It was a good day and we got to spend the evening with Jason's cousin Juliane, so that was fun, too.

Day 155 (June 4):
This was our drive home from Calgary to Regina day.  Boy, I've never realized it but that is the LONGEST, MOST BORING drive EVER!!!  There is absolutely nothing.  I was so bored.  We made it home in about 8 hours, including stopping for lunch for about 45 minutes, so that was pretty good.  The boys did really well.  I broke out the DVD for them when we reached this side of Swift Current.  (To be honest, I was hoping they'd start fussing sooner so I could put it on...it would then give me something to do and listen to, too!)  There wasn't much for pictures so this is Evan, getting his diaper changed.  If there were no change tables, or the bathroom was gross, we'd just change it on the front seat of the car!  We used to do it all the time when we went on vacation with a baby Xander.  It was good to be home again.  That brings us to the end of our trip.  It was a wonderful trip and we would love to go out there again, someday!  Now, it'll be on to the regular, more mundane pictures.  First, I have to get them ready, though!

I should be starting supper so I guess I'll go.

Until next time...

25 June, 2009


I've got another quick page for you.  This is a real quick post as my cupboard doors are calling to have their holes filled!

I turned my sidewalk art page into a quick page, using Scraps of Ellay's Summer Lovin' kit (which, by the way, is still free on her blog until the end of the week!)

Here is the preview of my quick page:
You can download it from 4shared here.

Gotta go now!

Until next time...

24 June, 2009

Tooting my Own Horn!

I don't yet have any more pictures edited for the blog so nothing to show at the moment...besides I should go do some work!!

Anyway, just wanted to tell you that my Sidewalk Art layout (see previous post) using Scraps of Ellay's Summer Lovin' kit, got Layout of the Day at One Single Seed!  I was so excited.  It's the first time I've ever gotten an honour like that!  I do really like that layout, too.  More and more, actually.  I love the colours.

Anyway, time to go do some real work now.  Thanks for letting me share my excitement!

Until next time...

22 June, 2009

Free Kit...Sale...Layouts...General Scrapbooking Stuff!!

OK.  I think I'm ready to post.  It was a slow day at work and that always makes me more tired than I should be.  I was also the only person in the office so there was nothing to break up the monotony.  I'm really glad that I only work 3 days a week.  I can't imagine doing all 5 again!!

Anyway, I've got a GREAT new kit to show you from Scraps of Ellay.  She has created a really cute kit called Summertime Lovin' and she has it free on her blog all this week.  After that it goes in the store so hurry on over!!  I'll admit that I don't usually work with such bright colours but I absolutely loved the papers in this kit!  First, I'll show you the two LO's I did with this kit!

I love how this kit goes with the sidewalk chalk!  So fun!  Now, here is a preview of the kit and the link.
Also, there's a sale on this weekend at Stuff to Scrap!  It's some amazing discounts and there are tons of great items that you could go shopping for!  Here are the details:

Now, I realize that i haven't posted layouts in a long time so there are quite a few of them.  I've been having some fun scrapping, lately.  I've got the book I'm working on done except for the cover!  (Now if only I had an idea of what to use...)  I'm excited about that because when I get the cover done, I can get it printed!!  Yay!!!!  Anyway, let's start the journey through these LO's.  Hopefully I really haven't posted these before because I couldn't exactly remember!

More of the book that I'm working on:
Background paper - Choco Cherry Collab by Flowerscraps
Other papers - Caramel Chocolat by Timounette
Template - Close 2 You Quick Click by Stacey Jewell Stahl

This was for a word of the week challenge at STS.  The word was beauty and I found this quote.  I knew it would go great with this picture from Notre Dame in Paris.  I like how the LO turned out kind of arty - the picture especially.
Paper - Pure Tendresse by Galiscrap
Word Art - by me ;)

This is a really cute one of Jason and Xander!
Kit used - My Best Friend by Bidouille

These are pictures from our recent vacation of the train attaching the load of lumber to take back with us.  It was an interesting experience and I tried to get photos in progression.
Kit used - Route 101 by Heather T. and Viva Artistry

I finally did a baby one for Evan.  This was for a "grab bag" challenge.  Basically, she gave us a list of wedding items and asked which four we would be in charge of for our best friend's wedding.  They each stood for something you had to use in your LO.  It was a lot of fun!
Kit used - Wynken, Blynken & Nod by Stolen Moments & Scraps by Jenn

I did this for the desktop challenge (hosted by Eva from Eva Marina Scraps) at STS.  It was my first desktop and I think it turned out cute.  This is what I stare at when there's nothing open on my home computer!
Kit used - Beach Glass by Gingerscraps
Calendar strip - Beach Bum by Digi-Designs by Nicole

I love how this page of Xander and his Grandpa turned out.  It's so cute!
Kit used - Family Memories by Digi-Designs by Nicole
Wire Heart - Hello Easter by Digi-Designs by Nicole

Well, I think that's all for me right now.  It's early and I have things to do but I'm tired already so we'll see how that goes!!

Until next time...

20 June, 2009

Time For More Pictures...Days 142 to 148

Well, I'm back with more P365 photos!  I'm hoping to get caught up before too long so I'll have to post several times in the next while.  I don't want to overload anyone with the pictures, though, so I'm doing about a week at a time.  This time I had some fun editing photos and was really able to improve some of them that weren't necessarily too bad to begin with.  I've been learning a lot on photo editing through some of my digi-scrapping sites, too.  It's pretty cool.

I did get some other things done this weekend, too.  I got all of my kitchen cabinets washed down and we bought some wood filler.  Now, next week, I can fill the holes, drill new ones and sand.  If I'm really ambitious, maybe I'll even get some priming done!  I did discover today that my drawer pulls (of which I only have 3) are about 1/4" too small.  Not even enough room to drill a new hole so I'm going to have to enlargen the holes and hope the handle hides them!  Oh, the joys of trying to change one simple thing.

I also saw how vacation has made Evan a little more flexible.  He actually fell asleep in the car on the way home from Home Depot today.  Before vacation he hardly ever fell asleep in the car, even if he was really tired.  That's a wonderful result from our vacation!

Anyway, here are my pictures...

Day 142 (May 22):
We headed down to Carson City, Nevada in the morning because Jason wanted to go to the Nevada State Railroad Museum.  They had some really old steam engines and Jason had a good time looking.  The boys played with the Thomas the Tank Engine toys and, when Evan was so unhappy, I went to the car with him and we just had a little rest in the seat.  That seemed to improve things!  We drove the rest of the day and made it through Sacramento to the California coast!

Day 143 (May 23):
This is one of the pictures I want to use to show you what I've learned.  This picture wasn't bad but the background was kind of hazy and undefined.  I managed to sharpen up the background and extract it so that it didn't interfere with Evan, who was just fine.  P.S. I love this picture - the wide open beach and the expression on his face as he quickly turned to take a look back!



This was our first day in the Redwoods.  We drove the Avenue of the Giants and went to the Trees of Mystery (a tourist trap).  We also came upon this beach at one point in time.  It was more rocky than sandy but it was really pretty and it was our first real views of the ocean so it was lovely!

Day 144 (May 24):
This was our second day in the Redwoods.  We stayed at this little local hotel and Jason overheard an employee telling two others that the forest where they shot scenes of the Star Wars movie "Return of the Jedi" at was nearby.  Well, he had to go see that.  It was Jedediah Smith State Park.  Here the undergrowth is minimized by the frequent flooding.  You can walk among the trees and really get a sense of them and them alone.  It was such an awesome feeling walking among the giants.  It really made me feel like such a miniature person.  It gave me a small glimpse into how big God must really be!  We stopped at another beach this day and it, too was GORGEOUS!!  Route 101 is a beautiful trip up the coast.  I really need two or three pictures of the day!

Day 145 (May 25):
This was a crazy day.  Here we are at Oregon Dunes State Recreation Area.  This is an adorable picture of Jason and Xander crossing the dunes.  What you don't see is that we kept crossing...and crossing...and crossing...and crossing.  Unlike the promise on the internet, the path was NOT half paved.  It was supposed to end by the ocean.  We almost gave up until a lovely couple from Seattle offered to help us carry our stuff (we had strollers and everything).  They helped us on the way back, too, which was awesome because it was about a mile and I carried Evan the whole way!  Evan even fell asleep in my arms because he was so tired!  We also went to see the Sea Lion cave and Heceta Head Lighthouse this day but the dunes were the craziest part of the day so they won out!

Day 146 (May 26):
We went to the Oregon Coast Aquarium and then hit up the Tillamook Air Museum.  It was housed in the most enormous building I have ever seen!  It was an old blimp hanger and it was so big Evan screams didn't echo, they got lost.  Jason was excited to see this because these WWII era planes are all in flyable condition.  He really wanted to see the Corsair (the above plane) and it was just being pushed into position as we wandered around.  It was quite interesting to see the oil leaking...this was a working museum!  This was also the only day that we had fog and rain on our vacation.  It only lasted a short time, too.  This was probably some of the best weather we've ever had on vacation...sunny and hot mostly (though windy so we did wear our jackets at times)!

Day 147 (May 27):
We hit up the zoo in Portland for the kids on this day and then...for me...we went the the International Rose Test Garden.  It was right by the zoo so it wasn't out of the way at all.  I love roses.  They are so beautiful and every time Jason & I have gone to a rose garden on vacation, they're not in bloom.  That's what happens when you go on vacation in May.  However, we were here when they were "in season" so I had to go.  The full garden wasn't in bloom (which would be an AMAZING sight to see) but there were quite a few bushes in bloom.  Evan was sleeping in his stroller and Jason really didn't care so Xander and I wander.  He even posed with the flowers for me so well!

Day 148 (May 28):
We took a side trip out of Portland to Hood River.  For those of you Saskatchewanians who watched Corner Gas - funny bit of info - apparently the Hood River was originally known as Dog River but the missionary couple who settled the area didn't think that was a pretty enough name and so they changed it!  Here we took a ride on the Mt. Hood Railroad.  It leaves Hood River and heads up to Parkdale where you have a beautiful view of Mt. Hood.  We stopped in Parkdale for an hour...which is plenty of time unless you have two small boys to feed lunch to.  So, we just played around in this park and I took some pictures of the mountain.  This picture is actually taken by Xander on my camera.  I love being able to get some pictures of Jason and I without having to always find someone to do it!  On the drive back to Portland we also stopped at Multnomah Falls - what a beautiful waterfall!  Again - two pictures!!  However, the boys were asleep in the car so I was the only one who went to see the falls.  I loved it, though, and could have taken a million pictures and spent hours there! ;)

Well, that's it.  Another week updated.  Slowly but surely I'm getting there!

Until next time...

17 June, 2009

Finally...NEW PICTURES - Days 135 to 141 (and a freebie!)

Well, I finally got some of my P365 pictures from vacation done.  About a week's worth.  I'll post the freebie first, so those of you not interested in my ramblings can just grab and go!

This week's freebie is a quick page using Scraps of Ellay's newest kit Sara Smile.  You can still get this free on her blog until the end of the week!!  Here is a preview of my quick page, followed by the link.
You can download it from 4shared here.

Now...on to my pictures!  I've got about a week's worth of them for you.  I've learned some new photo editing tricks but haven't perfected them yet so it's taking me a while to get everything up.  I have some work to do on learning some of them still!!  Also, these will be pictures from our trip but you won't necessarily get the most interesting or beautiful photo that I took.  I couldn't decide how to pick so I figured that I would try to hit the highlights but also choose pictures that I may or may not put in my trip scrapbook.

Day 135 (May 15):
This was the day before we left.  See what my house looks like when I'm trying to pack for me and two boys?  I like to lay out everything I'm going to need in piles (usually in the living room) and then I pack it all into a suitcase.  It makes it easier to see what you've got and what you still need to go find!

Day 136 (May 16):
This was the day we left.  We went as far as Lethbridge so nothing terribly interesting happened.  We bought Xander a little cheapie camera for the trip since he's always wanting to use our little digital camera at home.  The first day he actually took more pictures than I did!  After that, the novelty wore off.  Then, it was one of those things where once I have it I don't care as much.  He did take pictures at times but he most often wanted to use my SLR camera.  I let him, with help, sometimes.  I even let him use it on his own, as long as he stood in one place and had the strap around his neck (he was taking our picture).  Soon, I might get to be in a few more pictures because he likes to take them, too!

Day 137 (May 17):
We didn't go terribly far this next day because Jason wasn't feeling too well.  We did make it to Butte, Montana, where the weather was gorgeous.  This began the three weeks of gorgeous weather that was our vacation!  There was a lovely little park there for the boys to play in.  That almost made picture of the day.  However, the one thing that eclipses it all is that we hit our very first Taco Bell!  I love that restaurant and, when I was in university, used to eat there about 3 times a week.  Now, there are none in Saskatchewan!  Xander started to associate any bell with Taco Bell.  There's always a button in the elevator with a picture of a bell on it.  He told me today that you could press that button and it would be a Taco Bell...if only it worked like that!

Day 138 (May 18):
This was our anniversary (7 years now).  I had to use a picture of us and this self-portrait seemed to work well.  This is us in front of the Minerva Terrace at Mammoth in Yellowstone National Park.  We spent the day there and enjoyed the scenery (as well as Old Faithful).  The boys really only liked the waterfall we stopped to look at but I love waterfalls, too, so that's OK!

Day 139 (May 19):
We were in Idaho Falls, Idaho on this day.  There wasn't really much to do there but we wanted to break up the travelling a bit for the boys' sake.  They did have a little zoo and the kids enjoyed that.  Evan especially loved the monkeys.  They were in a glass enclosure and would sit on the ledge and look at you.  Evan just loved standing like this and "touching" the monkeys.  Xander enjoyed it, too, but not with the same excitement!

Day 140 (May 20):
This was the view not too far from our hotel in Twin Falls, Idaho.  That's how far we made it after the zoo.  I took this picture in the morning before we left to drive to Nevada.  This is the Snake River.  It is the gorge where Evil Knievel failed a jump miserably.  Amazingly, he was only minorly injured after falling into this gorge.  It was a beautiful gorge.  You can get an idea of how far down it is if you notice the semi truck on the bridge.

Day 141 (May 21):
We drove into Virginia City on this day.  It was a crazy drive up a little two lane highway on the side of a mountain!  That was way scarier than any of the other roads we drove on!  We did get a good view of Reno from the side of the mountain, though!  Anyway, Virginia City was a silver town from the heydays.  It's a tourist town now, though some mines still operate.  It's a very cute little town and quite family friendly.  Apparently, money from Virginia City built a lot of San Francisco.  What do you do in a cute little tourist town?  Why eat fudge and ice cream, of course!  Here Xander is on the main street of Virginia City.  It was a nice place to visit and we even stayed night there.  Unfortunately, some things (like the train ride) didn't actually open until two days later!  Just missed it.

Well, that's the first week of pictures that I have.  I also have some more scrapbook layouts to post.  Hopefully I'll get over here again in the next couple of days (since I'm not at work)!  You never know what will come up, though, so we'll see.

Until next time...

14 June, 2009

Another Kit to Show You...

Hi all!  Well, another crazy weekend has come and gone.  Strangely, I didn't really get everything done that I wanted to...do I ever?  I'm posting this late so it will be short.  I have all my P365 pics from my vacation chosen, now I just have to resize and upload!!  This week will be the week to do that, I think - as long as it stays only somewhat crazy.  Today we had church, then a BBQ with our care group for lunch, then a supper BBQ for my niece's birthday.  It was a very hectic day!  Yesterday was "attack the yard" day.  When we vacation in May, it always gets out of hand before we get back.  Jason got the lawn done and I got some weeding done.  Now I have to buy a few things to plant.  I wasn't sure if I would but Xander got upset when there weren't any tomatoes growing outside, so I guess I'll plant some.  On the bright side, the weather was gorgeous!

I have got some scrapping done but I'm tired so I won't post that all right now, either.  Maybe tomorrow night (if our church meeting doesn't go too late) I'll post some of that!  Tuesday's grocery shopping and hopefully the rest of the week will be quieter.  Maybe I'll start to get the kitchen cabinet doors done (wouldn't that be nice?!).  I did get a little more of the kitchen moved back in this weekend, though!

Anyway, now for that kit that I was talking about.  This one is by the lovely Scraps of Ellay.  It's called Sara Smile and I just LOVED the colours in it.  It is such a cute kit and I had so much fun playing with it.  I made THREE layouts this week and I think they all turned out pretty good!

First, here is the preview of the kit.  You can get it FREE this week on Lori's blog.  She's giving it out in parts again so make sure to keep heading back!

This one was from our recent vacation.

I think that's all.  Time to go to bed now!!

Until next time...

10 June, 2009

I have a freebie for you!

Well, I have turned my Kathy's Klown layout into a quick page for you guys!  Remember, you can still get the kit for FREE for a couple more days on Scraps of Ellay's blog.  Click here to go there.

Here is  a preview of the quick page.
You can download it from 4shared here.

Hopefully I'll get some pics sorted out this week and get posting those, soon!

Until next time...

08 June, 2009

I'm back!!

Well, it's been a crazy 3 weeks...crazy but fun that is!!  Some of you may have read about them on our travel blog, but we had a ton of fun on vacation and the kids did really well (given the situation...no naps, lots of time in the car)!  We've been home for a few days but we had company so things didn't get entirely back to normal until today.  It was also a very accident prone day yesterday as Evan fell down an entire flight of stairs.  He has a few bumps and bruises but seems to be OK.  After that, though, he fell off the couch.  Then he stubbed his toe...and did it again today.  Poor kid.  He's been terribly independent his whole life but he was trying to do stairs like a big boy and he's not quite big enough for it yet.  I'd hoped the incident would at least put a little fear into him, but nope...there he is this morning refusing to be helped down the stairs or to go backwards.  He ended up getting carried.

I'll post some 365 pics hopefully toward the end of this week.  I only took about 2,800 pictures on vacation so I have some filtering to do before I know which ones to use!  I do have a new kit to show you today and some layouts (I found a bit of scrapping time since I got home).

First the new freebie kit is from Scraps of Ellay.  This kit is a retro one based on her childhood - you may remember some of these items and patterns yourself!!  I managed to get a page done for it - but only one and it will be a quick page later this week.

Here is my layout with Kathy's Klown and below that is her preview.  You can go to her blog here.  She's offering this in parts all week so be sure to keep checking her blog!

This first page I did for a speed scrap over at One Single Seed.  I am using this as part of a book I'm doing but I'll modify it slightly for that!
Kit used - Brise Marine by Petit Moineaux
Date flair & magnetic word art by Digi-Designs by Nicole
Alpha - Apple Spice & All Things Nice by Charlie's Digiscraps

This next page started out as a speed scrap but I got interrupted so I changed it all up and did it for my book.
All items from Popsicle Paradise Collab
Papers by AllieKat Creations
Elements by Catt Scrapps

This is another one that was just done for my personal book.  I wasn't feeling terribly inspired when I got home so ideas were not coming for challenges.  I did some utilitarian scrapping, instead.
Kit - Reflections by Farrah Smith Designs
Frames - Grungy Frame 1 by Kylie M Designs
Stitching & flower - Funny Girls Collab by Celoui
Splats & leaves - Funny Girls Collab by Manue
Alpha - After Dusk Collab by Digi-Designs by Nicole

This last page was for the word of the week challenge over at Stuff to Scrap.  I was really uninspired but as I worked on this one, I started to get my groove back.  I really love how it turned out.  I even made the word art all by myself!
Papers - Enchanted Forest by A Work in Progress
Elements - Enchanted Forest by Sweet Blossom Designs

Well, it is good to be home but I'm also tired from that first full day back at work so I will sign off for now and be back later this week - or maybe it will finally warm up and we'll play outside instead! ;)

Until next time...