25 September, 2010

Some other pages (Mom that picture is in here)...

OK, I keep saying I'll do more posts and that I was going to schedule this but by the time I got to posting my last post, I'd forgotten. It's late and I should go but I'm going to put this up. Things have been busy, getting used to the new kindergarten routine and care groups starting back up and FaithBuilders (kids club at church) starting again...we have to find the new groove. It's so weird how it feels like I have so much less time with school on. I guess it's just because I now have times that I HAVE to be home, otherwise, I'll miss Xander's bus. Xander is having fun at school and learning lots so that is awesome!

My exciting scrapping news is that I'm now a ScrapMatters Girl!! A new forum I've been hanging out at, ScrapMatters, has a team of us that encourage people with compliments on their work, police the gallery and things like that. We get "paid" with scrapping stuff and the amazing inspiration we get from looking at everybody's work. I've learned so much and gotten so many ideas already and am loving the fun chatter we get to have in our forums!

Out house renos are finally coming along, too. The roof was re-shingled Friday and the deck is well -formed...it just needs the top! The roofers came Thursday to prep - drop off shingles, put them where they'd need them, get the ladders set up etc. But, it only took them Friday (and not even all of it) to do the actual shingling. It was very impressive. I thought we'd be without the satellite dish for a couple days but it turned out to be more like a couple hours! We were very pleased and we really like the new shingles. Now, I'm just super excited for the deck to be done!

Here are some other pages I've done recently.

This picture was for a photo challenge to try to emphasize the eyes. I really like how the photo turned out! The layout might be a little girlie but I just loved the cute little flowers!
Kit - Forget-Me-Not by Andilynn Designs

This was for a ScrapMatters Girl speed scrap (or chat and scrap later :) ). I love how it turned out!
Kit - True Blessings by LDrag Designs
Brown, Green & Music papers, sparkles - Into the Night by Stolen Moments
Template - Scraps by Number B.L.O.C.K.E.D. by Stolen Moments

This was a kit I won and I love the colours. I simply adore this photo of Rene and Jonathan!
Kit - Modish by geniaBeana Scraps
Template by Connie Prince Digital Scrapbook Designs

OK Mom - this is it...the photo I was telling you about. I totally LOVE this photo of Xander at the beach! I didn't even do very much editing on it - just a little lightening!
Kit - Vintage Summer by WM[Sqaured] Designs
Background Paper - Wynken, Blynken & Nod by Stolen Moments and Scraps by Jenn
Alpha - Modish Acrylic Alpha by geniaBeana Scraps
Date Element - Simply Dated v8 by WM[Squared] Designs

OK - so now you're sort of up to date. I may type more in a bit and we have some fabulous family photos that I will post at some point in time! I am actually thinking of starting up a second blog for all my photos and talking and just leaving this as a scrap blog to post kits and pages on...I haven't decided for sure but we'll see how that goes!

Until next time...

23 September, 2010


OK, OK...I'm late with this kit again but I promise it really is a beautiful kit! Scraps of Ellay has a new kit out this week called Yesterday. It's a really pretty heritage kit and I had a lot of fun playing with it!! It's still on sale for 25% off at Stuff to Scrap for the rest of this week. Here are a couple of layouts I've done with it and the preview of the kit...

The boys and I, Mother's Day 2009:

This is for you, Mom! My Mom and her sisters...circa 1976ish, I think? Isn't it a cute photo?
And here is the preview of the entire kit...
We've been settling in to our new routine and I haven't quite got everything down yet but I promise I'll post some updates and other pages tomorrow! (In fact, I'll go schedule the post right now!)

Until next time...

16 September, 2010

Child's Play Revamped

Hi all. Just a quick post (see Colette, told you I'd post)! Scraps of Ellay has a new kit out this week (well, a new old kit!!) This is a revamp of her Child's Play kit. I just love the bright colours! It's such a fun kit for all those kid pictures and it's available at Stuff to Scrap. Here are the two pages I did with it and the full preview! It's on sale this week so hurry over and snag it!

This one uses some snowflake brushes by hawksmont. I love how this turned out for a winter page!

This uses a template by Man in the Moon Designs...my poor, accident prone little Evan!

And the full kit...

It's late now! Off to bed or something like that!

Until next time...

06 September, 2010

Asian Beauty...FINALLY!

OK...I am so late posting this kit. Hopefully I'll be forgiven! It was a busy week with kindergarten starting and swimming lessons and plans for the long weekend! Kindergarten is going well, so far. Xander seems to be really enjoying it, though insists he'll be talking "normal" (he's in French immersion). The bus is going well so far so that's good, too. He's growing up so fast, it's hard to believe. He keeps surprising me with new things that he'll do...all by himself! Swimming lessons also started well...we'll see how they progress.

The long weekend was good, too, though I now know why I'm not a camper - it's WAY too much work to get ready for just a couple days! We went up to northern SK to spend the weekend at the lake with my family. All the kids (but not quite all the in-laws) were there for a brief period of time, anyway. It was a gorgeous day on Saturday and (due to a forgetful Mom) we got a bit sunburned. It wasn't that hot so I didn't think to put on suntan lotion. The kids also went mini-golfing and we had a bit of a campfire. It wasn't as nice the rest of the weekend. It rained Sunday morning but we did get in our bonfire with wieners and s'mores so that was good! The kids also went off to play in the bush and it was fun to see them do that. I remember how much fun I had in the bush! My one niece got sick so she and her Mom stayed in town Sunday night. It rained hard Monday but we checked out that day, anyway. We made it home (somewhat tired but glad to be home). Now it's back to the routine and school again!

Now for the kit. Scrap of Ellay had a new kit out last week that I never got around to blogging about (due to the above). It's actually a collab with Misty O'Brien scraps and is a beautiful Asian-themed kit called Asian Beauty. It's available at Stuff to Scrap here. You can do so much more than just Asian themed pages with this. Here are the two I did...followed by the kit preview!

Well, I think that's all I have for now.

Until next time...