24 December, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

Kit: ArtPlay Palette Nativity by Anna Aspnes Designs
Kit: Joyful by Jennifer Labre
Background paper: PotPourri Paperie No 3 by Anna Aspnes Designs
Word Art: Scripture WordTransfers Christmas No 1 by Anna Aspnes Designs
Template: Artsy Layered Template No. 33 by Anna Aspnes Designs
Font: Typewriter

Until next time...

31 October, 2011

Coming Soon...

Be sure to check it out here!

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13 October, 2011

Do You Remember Me?

It's been forever since I posted any layouts here (mostly because the last ones I was doing were for gifts and I didn't want to spoil the surprise!). Anyway, I have just completed a momentous layout (and a couple other really cute ones) and I decided that I want to share!

First I made this sweet page from the ScrapMatters Collaboration Kit Unforgettable. I thought it turned out really precious and just how I intended.

I've finally been working on some of the photoless pages that I want to do. They're just stories (mostly regarding my kids) that I want to document but don't really have any photos for. This is one of them, talking about one of my youngest's nicknames.
Kit - Explore Exhibits by Jady Day Studio & Meg Mullens
Arrow - Candy Shop Freebie by Sahlin Studio
Date Element - Simply Dated v13 by WM[Squared]
Template - My Words Only V5 by Captivated Visions
Font - Pea Sarah Lynne

This next one is the momentous layout...the very LAST one for my Indianapolis book!!! Now, I just have to assemble and print it. I'm so excited to be done another book. I really need to be dedicated to a project so I can finally see some progress...now to pick the next one!
Kit - Journey of the Heart & Add-On by Elise's Pieces and KimB
Frame (recoloured) - Sunburn Savvy by Erica Zane
Template - On the House April 2011 by Jenn Lindsay
Photo by Lilyfield Photography

I hope you've enjoyed my brief resurgence!

Until next time...

13 September, 2011

Just a Teaser...

If you think I haven't been busy with those gorgeous kits I've posted...I sure have been! I love these colours and there are some gorgeous patterns in there. I used Brown Eyed Girl for this layout of my grandpa and his brother...just a sneak peek at the extra credit project I'm working on. Oh, and see how versatile it is? No girls on this page, even ;).

Until next time...

11 September, 2011

The Last Part!

Yesterday, I promised you the last instalment of these fabulous kits so here it is! This part of the collab is Unforgettable. It is so elegant and who doesn't love that peacock feather? You can find it at ScrapMatters and it's even on sale right now!

Until next time...

10 September, 2011

Here Comes Part 2!

OK, I promised you another kit today so here I go! This kit matches the palette of yesterday's Vintage Surf Shop but has a completely different theme. These kits will make it so fun to mix and match or use as is! The one is called Brown Eyed Girl and is also available at ScrapMatters. Check out this adorable preview!

Perfect for those sweet little girl or, really, any photos!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final installation of this series!!

Until next time...

09 September, 2011

I've Been MIA but this is worth it!

I have been MIA lately. Summer really does that to a person. I am working on a fabulous project as a birthday present for my grandmother but I'm not sure if I'll post those until it's all done and given. It has been keeping me busy, though. I've also (almost) completed my Indianapolis book (I have ONE more page) and I will post a few more of those pages or maybe a preview of the book when I have it uploaded, if I can!

Anyway, I'm here to tell you about some fabulous new goodness over at ScrapMatters. The designers have gotten together this month to do not one, not two but three collabs with the same colour scheme. This is just a teaser and I'm only going to post the first one...you'll have to come back tomorrow to see the next one (or just head over to the ScrapMatters store to check them all out!!)

This first one is perfect for one of the pages for the gift I'm working on so I'll show it off first. It's called Vintage Surf Shop and is totally adorable!

09 August, 2011

I've Barely Had Time...

to scrap much of anything! However, I did get a couple layouts done on the weekend and I have another almost done. I've also got one to post that I did last month with the kit in the below post! Summer has really been crazy around here. I always think it will be slow but it NEVER is!! We've been running around pretty much the whole time and the brief breaks in between are filled with preparation for the next thing! I think fall will be a nice break!

This was for a challenge to scrap a vacation itinerary. I think I'll use this as the first page of my Hawaii book. I love how it turned out, even though I was unsure right up to the last second.
Kit - Tropical Float by ScrapMatters Design Team
Template - More than Just Curves by Happy Scrap Girl
Date element - Date Swirls by Jenn Barrette

I did this page for a speed scrap. All the instructions were lining up and I had this vision in my head of a nice clean page with the focus on this adorable photo of my two youngest and then she threw in an instruction to use 20 elements!! That threw a monkey wrench in but I managed.
Kit - For the Love of Boys and For the Love Add-On by Jady Day Studio and Stolen Moments
Template - Template 9 by Gwenipooh Designs

This last page is about my youngest's first word. I know it's strange, but it was purple. Yep, you got it. Purple. I had also gotten this kit with such gorgeous purple colours in it that I had to use it for something! Have I mentioned that I love purple?
Kit - Mulberry Fields by KimB
Alpha - Foam Stamp Alphabet: White by Sahlin Studio
Alpha - Alphlets by Stolen Moments
Template - Sweet Spring Template Set 1 by True Blue Studio
Scatter - For the Love of Boys by Stolen Moments and Jady Day Studio
Font - sf Natalie

So, that's basically what I've got done in the last few weeks (except one I'm not posting...gotta have some surprises when people see my book!) and one I'm working on now (and it's a doozy!).

Until next time...

18 July, 2011

Summer Time and the Cruisin' is Fine!

So, I got back from vacation last night and, while I didn't go on a cruise, I'm still lovin' this kit from the ScrapMatters Design Team that's just come out! There are still some summery elements and fun pieces that I'm sure I'll use for my vacation and the tropical theme is great for some old photos I still have to scrap! Be sure to check out Tropical Float in the shop!

Until next time...

25 June, 2011

Some random pages that I love!

Here are just a couple of the pages that I've done lately. I'm going to post the non-Indy related ones right now. I totally love how these turned out!

I so adore this one. I love the photo and everything. I even made the word art myself and I'm very proud of that!
Kit - Serenity by Happy Scrap Girl
Date elements - Border Dates by Erica Zane
Word art by me
Template - iDSD Freebie by BusyBee Designs

This was following instructions from a speed scrap, even though I didn't actually attend. They were just such clean, simple instructions that I had to give them a go.
Kit - Sultry Summer Newsletter Freebie by Erica Zane and LDrag Designs
Alpha - just the basics: cream gel alpha by Mari Koegelenberg
Template - Simple Painted Template by Designs by Anita
Font - Written on His Hands

This was for a template challenge at ScrapMatters. I love how the page turned out - just so bright and fun!
Kit - Best Day Ever by Inspirations from Day
White paper - Back to Basics White Paper Pack by Denise Beatty Originals
Frames - Chrome Frames by Mye de Leon
Arrow - 365: International Edition Take 2 by Studio mgl
Date element - Handwritten Dates
by Haynay Designs
Font - SMD Kimby
by Stolen Moments
Template - Tuesday Template May 31 by MHK Scrap Bytes

So there are a few things I've been scrapping lately!

Until next time...

03 June, 2011

A Little Indy

Well, I am really trying to concentrate on scrapping my Indianapolis book and it seems to be working. I have redone almost everything that I need to redo and then I just have about six or so sets of pages to do and I can print it. I'm not going to post everything I've redone but here are a couple that I have just finished.

This one was a complete redo and I really like this version better. It has the same blocking theme but in a much more cohesive way.
Kit - Play the Game (plus Blue Team add on) by Chelle's Creations
Grass Scatter - Growing Something Good by Jennifer Barrette
Splatter - Penalty Box:Team Blue by Chelle's Creations
Alpha - Into the Night by Stolen Moments
Template - Project 365 Template No 6 by Scrapmuss Designs
Font - Dawning of a New Day

These next two pages go together and I never had completed them so I sorta redid them but sorta finished them. I did change pretty much everything that I had done so you can call it what you want. I love how they turned out.
Kit - Butterfly's Whisper by LDrag Designs
String & laces - Play the Game (plus blue add on) by Chelle's Creations
Alpha (recoloured) - Put Me In, Coach by Julie Billingsly
Template (altered) - Blueprints No 30 by DeCrow Designs
Font - Impact Label

Kit - Butterfly's Whisper by LDrag Designs
Alpha (recoloured) and Brad - Put Me In, Coach by Julie Billingsly
Template (altered) - Blueprints No 30 by DeCrow Designs
Font - Impact Label

I am so excited to be making such good progress. Can't wait 'til I can get the book printed!

Until next time...

26 May, 2011

Back at it Again

So, I guess I really did burn myself out in March because I did not scrap at all in April! It felt good to take a break but also felt really good when I got back. In fact, international scrapbooking day was at the beginning of May so I got some layouts done that weekend (only 1/2 as much as last time but still...). I have a few more since then - I really am trying to get my Indianapolis book done - so hold on for a ride! Here are my layouts:

My poor baby was so tired after church one day that when we brought him in from the car, he simply rolled over and went on sleeping!
Kit - Winter Wishes by Jennifer Labre Designs
Frame - Here & Now by Stolen Moments and Studio Rosey Posey
Stitches (recoloured) - Stitch Me Up by Chelle's Creations
Button alpha (recoloured) - Alphabits Neutrals by Trixie Scraps
Font - Typewriter

This was a fun page to do because I had actually gone through my photos and realized that I had scanned in a very similar one from my parents' negatives. Then and now!
Kit - Timeless by Scrap Matters Design Team
Template - House Blends TDD Sampler by Jenn Lindsey
Fonts - Typewriter and Blackjack

All my boys love playing with potatoes. They're just like balls! However, my youngest didn't actually get the chance until just recently. I love how this page turned out. I got the kit especially for it!
Kit - Growing Something Good by Jennifer Barrette
Potatoes - Cuisine d'autrefois by Cajoline Scrap
Stitching - Bad Sewing Machine XVIII: Kinda Kleen by Traci Reed
Date Element - Simply Dated v13 by WM[Squared]
Template - Hodge Podge No1 by Fizzy Pop Designs
Font - Pea Daniel San

This page will be the inside front page of our France book once I get the negatives scanned in so I can scrap them!
Kit - Une Parfait Printemps by Laura Burger
Stitches - Blessings by Chelle's Creations
Alpha - Sugar Sand Beach by etc. by Danyale
Templates (altered) - Summer Daze by Fizzy Pop Designs
Font - Pea Karen's Print

I got another page for my wedding album done (this is page #2!) I just love how it is looking with the white backgrounds! It is a long list of credits, though.
Kit - Serenity by Andilynn Designs
Background paper - Back to Basics White Paper Pack by Denise Beatty Originals
Gem Glitter, String - True Blessings by LDrag Designs
Pearl Swirl - Moments that Matter by Scrap Matters Design Team
Dark blue paper, rolled flowers (some recoloured), white bow - A Dream Within A Dream by Laitha's Designs
Frame - Sugar Sand Beach by Etc. by Danyale
Tag (recoloured) - Embossed Bits by Stolen Moments
Template - Fuss Free: Funky Paper Play 2 by Fiddle-Dee-Dee Designs

I am working on Indy - this is a brand new page that I have done for my book. I really love how this turned out.
Kit - Winter Wishes by Jennifer Labre Designs
Kit - Missing You by Jady Day Studio
Alpha - Typecast by Stolen Moments
Font - smd Kimby by Stolen Moments

Scrapping is really all about the stories and this one is the story of how my dear son fell out of the shopping cart. Oy.
Kit - Going Place by Stolen Moments
Word bits - Success Story by Stolen Moments
Date element - Simply Dated v14 by WM[Squared]
Bubblewrap Stamps (recoloured) - Spring is Here by WM[Squared]
Font - Wannabe Teacher by Stolen Moments
Template by Kat designed

I redid another of my pages for the Indy book so this is yet one more page closer!!
Kit - Play the Game by Chelle's Creations (plus blue add-on)
Grass Scatter - Growing Something Good by Jennifer Barrette
Alpha - Into the Night by Stolen Moments
Template - Temp Blends Vol2 by Jenn Lindsey

Hopefully I can keep pluggin' on and getting more of these pages done! I hope you enjoy what's here, too.

Until next time...

17 April, 2011

The Rest of The Layouts

I am going to post the rest of the LOs I did while on my guest stint at ScrapMatters (I think I overdid it because I have had NO inspiration this month...haven't scrapped a thing!) Anyway, I have six more layouts that I love and I am going to share! All items are available at ScrapMatters.

This is my boy at the corn maze last fall. It was an abnormally gorgeous day and they just loved the maze!!
Kit - Second Spring: Bundle by Stolen Moments & Captivated Visions
Alpha - Retro Alphabet by Inspirations from Day
Greenery - Makin' Me Happy by Stolen Moments
Template - Sweet Spring Template Set 3 by True Blue Studio
Font - Slim Sans Serif

There was this cute Easter kit that I really fell in love with by one of our guest designers for April. The only problem is, I didn't have cute Easter pics in the right colours but then I found this one! The DQ we stopped at had great Easter colours and it was Good Friday!
Kit - April Grace by HGD by Laurie Ann
Date element - Handwritten Dates by Haynay Designs
Template - Simply Stated v1 by geniaBeana Scraps
Font - Vaguely Repulsive

I am in love with how this one turned out! I adore the tiny photos and the big frames - especially since the details in the photos are not that important!
Kit - Drift Away - The Sweet Deal by Graham Like the Cracker and By Becca
Font - sf Rachel

This one took quite awhile to put together (for a template challenge) but it was SO much fun!
Kit - A Boy's Perfect Birthday Bundle by Jady Day Studio
Splat (recoloured) - Forget-Me-Not by Andilynn Designs
String (recoloured) - Drift Away by Graham Like the Cracker & By Becca
Stitches - Essentials Collection by Jady Day Studio
Alphas (recoloured) - Preppy Alphabet and Antique Glass Alphabet both by Inspirations from Day
Date element - Crazy Date Stamps by Plum Dumpling Designs
Template - Tuesday Template challenge freebie by Krafted by Kim

This one I actually threw together in just about an hour (that's super fast for me!!) I totally love how it turned out, though...it's so fun!
Kit - What's Cooking? (the whole batch) by Erica Zane
Font - Scrap Kids

This seemed like the perfect template for a feature photo! I had the perfect one of Mt. Rushmore to go with this kit, too!
Kit - Celebrate Independence by WM[Squared]
Ribbon flowers (recoloured) - Je t'aime by WM [Squared]
Flat flowers (recoloured) - Great Escape by WM[Squared]
Greenery - A Time to Learn by Stolen Moments
Template - Sweet Spring Templates Set 1 by True Blue Studio
Font - Typewriter

So that was the last of my mojo. I'm hoping to get some back after Easter so I can finish a book I'm working on!

Until next time...

12 April, 2011

Totally Adorable!!

I have a new kit to show you today! It is a really pretty new collab from the ScrapMatters Design Team! This is an "uplifting" kit, perfect for outdoors-y layouts and can really be used for anything! It's called Up, Up and Away and is available at ScrapMatters now! Here's a preview of it!

Until next time...

28 March, 2011

More fun layouts!

OK, I'm back! I'm finally feeling good enough that I feel like posting on this blog. I have been having a great time as a guest CT member over at ScrapMatters and my month is just about up! However, I have gotten to play with so many fun goodies and I have gotten so many layouts done this month! I have a few more of them to show you here (once again, product previews follow and are linked to the store):

This is a scraplift of Haynay's Layout "I Heart You". I'd been wanting to do a layout like this for a while so this was a perfect opportunity! I love the colours and how they work with Jonathan's eyes! I used "Wanted-Hugs and Kisses" by KimB's Designs (she's new to ScrapMatters!) and Jen Reed, as well as "Great Escape Alpha" by WM[Squared] Designs.

This next one is fun because it's from my trip to Hawaii in 2000! It gave me an excuse to get around to scanning in some photos, finally! I used "Emboss Me" paper pack by Chelle's Creations and "Hawaiian Happy Hour" by the ScrapMatters Design Team - I also used a template by WM[Squared] (Fun & Funky v1).

This page took me forever!! I love how it turned out, though! There was a lot of bits and pieces from different kits and recolouring that went on here - it was very time consuming! The main kit I used "A Dream Within A Dream" by Laitha's Designs and Lilacs in Bloom is no longer available at ScrapMatters. The rest of this credit list is available there: "Emboss Me" by Chelle's Creations, Harvest Happiness by Jady Day Studio, Chocolate Frosted Snowflakes by Stolen Moments, Resolutionary by Stolen Moments, Blessings Alpha by Chelle's Creations, Tropical Sunshine by LDrag Designs and Siamese Studio and template from Tuesday Template challenge by colson.

Last, but not least, I redid an old page for the Extreme Makeover challenge. I got to play with a beautiful Easter Kit called "Easter Joys" by Andilynn Designs. I also used her FREE add-on and a template pack called "Brackety Templates v1" by geniaBeana scraps.
This is the layout I redid:

Well, thanks for looking and I will be back in a few days with the rest of the pages I did this month!

Until next time...

17 March, 2011

Guest CT!!

So, it's about time I updated this blog!! I applied for the ScrapMatters Creative Team last month and wasn't really expecting much. There were a TON of talented ladies that applied and it was only a one day call! I was so excited when I found out that I'd been selected to be a Guest CT Member for the month of March!! I just love ScrapMatters and they have such talented designers so the only question was...what to scrap with!! I have three layouts that I want to show off right now (and there are more on the way!) Each layout is followed by a preview of the kit, which is linked to the store.

The first layout was done with a gorgeous kit by LDrag Designs called Happy Days! I just knew that the soft colours would be perfect for this page of my youngest boy! I also used Alpha Snips by Stolen Moments Designs and Bigs & Littles Template by Connie Prince.

The next page I did was for our Indianapolis book, which I am so hoping to get done sometime soon so I can send it off to print! I gotta stop redoing those pages!! LOL I used Winter Wishes by the very talented Jennifer Labre and a template by canadianmommy for the Tuesday Template challenge over at ScrapMatters.

The last page I did was one from our trip to France. I had to resurrect the negatives and scan this photo in, but I knew when I saw Amy Stoffel's kit Where Poppies Bloom, that I just had to use it to scrap this photo! I also used Plain Alpha by Flowerscraps.

These are just some of the completely gorgeous kits I've gotten to play with so far and I can't wait to show you what else I've done! But, that will have to wait for another day!

Until next time...