13 September, 2011

Just a Teaser...

If you think I haven't been busy with those gorgeous kits I've posted...I sure have been! I love these colours and there are some gorgeous patterns in there. I used Brown Eyed Girl for this layout of my grandpa and his brother...just a sneak peek at the extra credit project I'm working on. Oh, and see how versatile it is? No girls on this page, even ;).

Until next time...

11 September, 2011

The Last Part!

Yesterday, I promised you the last instalment of these fabulous kits so here it is! This part of the collab is Unforgettable. It is so elegant and who doesn't love that peacock feather? You can find it at ScrapMatters and it's even on sale right now!

Until next time...

10 September, 2011

Here Comes Part 2!

OK, I promised you another kit today so here I go! This kit matches the palette of yesterday's Vintage Surf Shop but has a completely different theme. These kits will make it so fun to mix and match or use as is! The one is called Brown Eyed Girl and is also available at ScrapMatters. Check out this adorable preview!

Perfect for those sweet little girl or, really, any photos!

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the final installation of this series!!

Until next time...

09 September, 2011

I've Been MIA but this is worth it!

I have been MIA lately. Summer really does that to a person. I am working on a fabulous project as a birthday present for my grandmother but I'm not sure if I'll post those until it's all done and given. It has been keeping me busy, though. I've also (almost) completed my Indianapolis book (I have ONE more page) and I will post a few more of those pages or maybe a preview of the book when I have it uploaded, if I can!

Anyway, I'm here to tell you about some fabulous new goodness over at ScrapMatters. The designers have gotten together this month to do not one, not two but three collabs with the same colour scheme. This is just a teaser and I'm only going to post the first one...you'll have to come back tomorrow to see the next one (or just head over to the ScrapMatters store to check them all out!!)

This first one is perfect for one of the pages for the gift I'm working on so I'll show it off first. It's called Vintage Surf Shop and is totally adorable!