20 May, 2009


Well, since I'm still on vacation this is another short but sweet post.  I have a quick page that I've made with Scraps of Ellay's kit, Child's Play.  Here is a preview:
You can snag this pretty little thing on 4shared right here.  I hope you enjoy it!!

Until next time...

19 May, 2009

Checking In

Hi all!  Just thought I'd stop by.  Vacation is going quite well (other than the exhausted, screaming kids...hee hee).  Actually, given how few and far between naps have been, the kids are doing really well.  However, when they're tired, they are always less compliant and less obedient.  We're somewhere in Idaho right now and will be on our way to Nevada and California in the next couple of days.  We've gotten to see some neat things so far.  Check them out on our travel blog.

I also wanted to remind eveyone that the May Flowers QP freebie will be coming down on Thursday (assuming I have internet ;) ).  Go pick it up while you still can!

Anyway, I have a lot more to say but I'm not going to right now.  Let me tell you, though, choosing a picture a day for my P365 is going to be tough!  I really don't know how I'll choose just one!

Until next time...

18 May, 2009

New Kit from Scraps of Ellay

I'm pre-publishing this so it will be short and sweet (assuming it works).  Scraps of Ellay has another new freebie kit on her blog this week.  It's a really bright, fun and cute kit called Child's Play.  I love the colours and the elements are so fun, too!  Here are a couple of layouts I did with it:

I really loved the papers in this kit!!  Below you will find a preview of the kit and you can go to Lori's blog here to download it!
I have a QP that should be pre-publishing on Thursday so you can come back for that, if you'd like!

Until next time...

15 May, 2009

Days 128 to 134 - Feeling Better and Really Busy!

Well, I think I can actually say that everybody is over their illness here.  I think.  Although, it seems as though we have made several other people sick (sorry)!  It's been a crazy week, too, because we're trying to get ready to go on vacation (I've got a million things to do on Friday) and my sister is staying with us for a while.  She got a job in Regina and she and her husband will be moving here.  She started on Tuesday so she's staying with us until they find a place and all that good stuff.  Her husband's in Edmonton until the end of the month, too.  We were also busy Saturday (a baby shower and mother's day gathering), Sunday (the usual church stuff), Monday (symphony), Tuesday (curriculum meeting) and Wednesday (care group).  Nothing like keeping us on our toes!  I'm really hoping that our vacation will go well.  I don't have a plan like I usually do for this trip so hopefully things will be OK.  We just want a relaxed time to spend together as a family.  

I've done a little bit of scrapping this week.  I did a two pager for two of the challenges at STS.  Here it is (colour challenge and motto challenge):
Kit used - Family Traditions by Digital Candy Sweet Tart Team
Template - Template 87 Linear by Yin Designs

I also scrapped this page for the Use it or Lose it challenge.  They give us a mini-kit and you have to use EVERYTHING in it at least once.  It was fun and I like how the page turned out!
Kit used - Posh Baby Mini-Kit by Jenasis Designs

I did a little CT scrapping, too, and I'm going to try to pre-publish that so it all posts while we're on vacation.  I'll have to see if it works or not!

On to my pictures:

Day 128 (May 8):
Here it is...the first tulip of spring (at least in my yard).  I had to take a picture of it just to prove it really is spring.  It still snowed this week!!  What crazy weather we've been having this year.  Just a bit too cold for even me!!

Day 129 (May 9):
These are my Mother's Day flowers.  I got them early because Jason took the boys out to buy flowers and a gift.  Xander likes to pick the colour and always seems to pick the oddest colours.  Last year he wanted purple flowers and this year he wanted blue.  Good thing the florist dyes flowers!!  They also got me Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves for the Wii.  It was kinda fun when I played it but I haven't had much chance yet!  We also got together with Jason's Mom and family to celebrate Saturday evening.  It was fun but it was a very busy day!!

Day 130 (May 10):
This was actual Mother's Day and it was a beautiful day.  This is me with my two boys and the flowers they gave me!  We went out and went for a walk down to the lake in the evening and it was a wonderful walk.  The boys had been kinda cranky all day - tired and still getting over being sick so at least they were happy while we were outside!

Day 131 (May 11):
Monday evening Jason and I went to the symphony along with a couple of friends of ours.  It wad called "Video Games Live" and it was quite interesting.  They played the scores from many popular video games.  It was created and run by a couple of gaming composers.  Some of the music was surprisingly pretty.  I don't know a lot of the video games so much of it didn't mean anything to me but it was fun, anyway.  It was a VERY different crowd than what usually attends the symphony so that was really interesting to see, too.

Day 132 (May 12):
Here is a picture of my sister.  I informed her she had to go on my blog.  Really, she wasn't very co-operative about it but I got a picture anyway! ;)  I told her it's the price you pay for staying at my house!  Hee hee.

Day 133 (May 13):
Starting to get ready for vacation.  Tuesday the car went into the shop (I took this picture on Wed, though).  We got a roof rack and cargo box put on the top so that there will be a little more room inside the vehicle while we are traveling.  Let me tell you, little kids take up a lot of space!!

Day 134 (May 14):
I was searching for a picture Thursday so I decided to take a picture of this little bag I bought.  It's going to be my diaper bag while we're on vacation.  A couple diapers and some wipes and maybe a sippy cup fit in there just about perfectly.  No point in hauling around my gigantic diaper bag with very little in it.  This will be much more convenient.

Well, all caught up now.  I'm not sure how often I'll post while we're on vacation. It'll depend on internet connection, exhaustion factors and all that good stuff.  I will try to drop in and say hi, if I can.  If you want, Jason keeps a blog while we travel and posts on it every day if we have internet.  That blog is www.jasonandsandraberkan.blogspot.com.  You can click here to go to it.

Until next time...

14 May, 2009

Info, New Kit and Some FREEBIES!!

First off, I want to let you know about a speed scrap happening tonight at Stuff to Scrap.  There is a really cute participation prize by Gettin' Scrappy with Britt!  I'm hoping to make it to this one as it's the last one before we head off on vacation!!  The info and preview are below.

Also, Eva Marina Scraps has another new kit in store called Like No Other.  This kit was inspired by Mother's Day but it can be used for so much more than that!  It has gorgeous colours and a really variety of elements.  Here is a LO I made with it.  The photo mask is by Charlie's Digiscraps and the Word Art is from Elegant Word Art by Bethany.
You can check out the preview below and go to Eva's store at STS to check it out further.  There's a mini-kit add on and some quick pages in store to go along with this, too!
Now for the freebies!  I've done three quick pages this week for you to enjoy, two with Scraps of Ellay kits and one with an Eva Marina Scraps kit.  Please note that the May Flowers quick page will only be available for ONE WEEK and then it will expire!  Here are the previews and download links for the new QPs.

First the May Flowers QP:
*Sorry, this link has expired.*

One from A Mother's Moment part 2:
You can download this one from 4shared here.

And last, but definitely not least, one from Out to Sea:
You can download this one from 4shared here.

Well, it's incredibly late now so I'd better head off to bed!!

Until next time...

12 May, 2009

A Tonne of Kits!!

OK, hold onto your hats for a moment.  I meant to post this earlier because Stuff to Scrap had their grand opening on Monday and there was a big sale!  However, life (and the symphony) took over and I'm late.  However - you're in luck - STS will still have the whole store on sale Tuesday (30% off) and Wednesday (20% off) so you can get some of these great, direct to the store kits! 

First is Scrap of Ellay's new kit.  It's called May Flowers and is a beautiful, bright spring kit!  I had so much fun working with this and I just LOVED the tulips!!  Here are the layouts that I did with this kit.

Here is the preview and you can pick up the kit here.

I'm also going to show you some of the great stuff I've gotten to work with from Eva Marina Scraps.  She also has a new store at STS and this kit went direct into the store today!  It's called Out to Sea and is a gorgeous nautical themed kit.  I love the sea so this kit was right up my alley.  The colours are really rich, too!  Here are the layouts I did with it:

This one uses a template from the wonderful Nibbles Skribbles:

Here is the preview of the full kit and you can pick it up in the store here.
I will be back later this week with some quick pages, too!

Until next time...

10 May, 2009

Another Great Mother's Day Freebie!

Firstly, Stuff to Scrap is having their store grand opening TOMORROW!!  Monday, May 11th.  There is a huge sale to go along with this and there are tons of great items in the store, with several being released tomorrow too.  So, go check it out at Stuff to Scrap here.

Well, here we have it again...a mother's day freebie!!  When Stuff to Scrap had their blog train last week, Lori of Scraps of Ellay got a little carried away.  This is great news for you!  She made an ENTIRE full kit that goes with that blog train and it's ready for download on her blog.  I love the kit...it's so pretty and so versatile.  It also co-ordinates with the blog train that is still free for another week too (you can find that at her blog)!  Here is a page that I made with the kit:
This is from 2008.  Aren't the boys just cute?  Xander has such long hair!!  Anyway, here is the preview for the kit that you can get on her blog here.
I will be back tomorrow with some items that are being released in the store!  You can come back for some QPs later this week, too!

Until next time...

07 May, 2009

Day 121 to 127 - No creativity for a title today...

Well, it's been a hairy week.  Evan was sick Monday night so I stayed home from work on Tuesday to look after him.  Well then, I got a cold on Wednesday but didn't really feel that I could stay home again (when you only work three days a week, it's really hard to call in sick for two of them).  It was a miserable day but then I really got sick Wednesday night and Xander even threw up a little this morning.  Now, Jason's sick, too.  Well, I guess better this weekend than next when we're supposed to head off on vacation!  In the midst of all this, my sister stayed with us for a couple days, too.  Hopefully we haven't made too many people sick!

I do have an exciting announcement, though!  I've been accepted to another Creative Team (CT)!  This one is for Eva Marina Scraps (you can check out her blog here).  I'm very excited about this.  She has got an awesome kit coming to the Stuff to Scrap store on Monday and I can't wait to show the layouts I've done with it!  She's also hosting a Desktop Challenge over at STS - I haven't gotten to it yet but it looks like a really fun challenge.

Well, other than CT stuff, I haven't done any scrapping since last week so I guess that I just have pictures to post today.  With being sick and all, I'm not too creative and I'll get mostly to the point, now!

Day 121 (May 1):
I took the boys for a walk (not the best idea since it was windier than I realized) and I decided to snap a pic of our church.  This end of the church is to be the site of a major renovation this summer (or whatever that means in renovation time) so I thought I snap a pic of it before the major changes occur.  It's exciting and very daunting all at the same time!!

Day 122 (May 2):
Here is Xander in the sand box.  Let me tell you, this is the thing he was most excited about this spring.  He could not wait for the snow to melt so that he could go play in the sand.  He really loves it in there - I have the feeling that much of the summer will be out there!

Day 123 (May 3):
Please don't judge me on the song title ;).  Apparently it is the easiest drum song to play.  This was Jason's big achievement this week, but if you want to know exactly what it was, you'll have to ask him.  He hates when I spoil all his news by posting it on my blog so...ask him about this if you see him!

Day 124 (May 4):
Again, here is Xander (last week was very Evan-centric so I tried to do more Xander this week).  He's happily downing a pudding for night lunch.  This is one of his absolute favourite night lunches!

Day 125 (May 5):
So, my sister Ronaele came to stay with us for a day or so while she attended some interviews in Regina.  She went to bed before I could subject her to the "you're staying at my house so your pic goes up on my blog" picture.  This is a picture of her boots (cute, aren't they?).  Anyway, she's accepted a job in Regina so she and her husband are moving here.  She'll be staying with us for a bit, as the job starts right away.  We'll get the picture of her then ;).

Day 126 (May 6):
This is my bed, where I went by 9:15 p.m.  For me, that is extremely early but that's how wonderful I was feeling Wednesday night!

Day 127 (May 7):
It's almost impossible to capture the perfect moment of the going to bed but this is where Evan is about to give Xander a good-night kiss.  They are very cute.  When Evan goes to bed, I tell him to say good-night to Xander and they always hug or kiss or something.  It's really very sweet!

Yay, I made it through all the pictures.  Hopefully we'll all start to feel better soon.  I have to head in to work tomorrow for the morning to meet with a client so I'm hoping that today's rest will have made all the difference!

Until next time...

03 May, 2009

What a Weekend!!

Hi there all.  Well, I don't have any CT pages to show you today.  We got a little break this week from Scraps of Ellay as she is involved in a blog train with the Stuff to Scrap girls.  I was going to do a layout with her part but ran out of time (you will see why in a minute).  It is an amazing Mother's Day themed train and there are mini-kits as well as word art and quick pages!  If you want to check it out, head over to Lori's blog here and you can find her part, as well as links to all the other girls'!

Now, this Saturday was National Scrapbook Day and there were festivities all around scrapland!  There was a lot of scrapping and chatting and game playing going on.  Thanks to my absolutely wonderful husband, I got to take part in SO MUCH of this!  I will now regale you with the layouts from this weekend.

First off, on Saturday I did not one, not two, not even three but FOUR speed scraps (7 instructions, 1 hour, 1 great layout)!  I even did two of them back to back Saturday night!  It was crazy.  Here are the layouts from those speed scraps.

First, the Stuff to Scrap speed scrap layouts:
Kit used - My Life by Stolen Moments

Kit used - Boy Meets Girl by Scrappy Cocoa

Next the Digital Candy speed scrap layouts:
I was doing really well on this one until they told us to do a title with at least three different alphas.  That took me a LONG TIME to figure out and get it to look good!  I think it turned out OK, though.
Kit used - Fresh by Stolen Moments
Ribbon - Fresh by Digi-Designs by Nicole
Alphas - Purple Passion by Stacey Towers; My Friend's
Wedding by A Work in Progress; Plain Alpha by Flower Scraps

Kit used - That Jazz by Digi-Designs by Nicole

This one was for the You Only Live Twice challenge at Digital Candy.  She gave us half a kit, we did a layout with that and then earned the other half of the kit.
My Little Artist - Creations by Rachael

The first page here was for the Night at the Museum Challenge at Digital Candy.  You had to find one of your oldest kits that you had never used and use it.  I did it as a two page layout for a book I'm doing.  This may not have been my oldest kit, either but it was from around that time period and it worked!
Kit used - Summer 2008 by Joni Gray Designs
Alpha - Iron Alpha by Elegant Word Art by Bethany
Template - Template 62 by Yin Designs

Kit used - Summer 2008 by Joni Gray Designs
Template - Template 62 by Yin Designs

This next one was for a Never Ending Story Challenge at Digital Candy.  We were given instructions several hours apart over Friday, Saturday and Sunday to create a layout.  I love this kind of challenge.

Kit used - Summer Days Collab by Digi-Designs by Nicole
and Gettin' Scrappy with Britt (both parts)

This one was for the template challenge at Stuff to Scrap.  They have an AWESOME template artist over there who goes by MandaK (Nibble Skribbles Designs)!

Kit used - Brise Marine by Petit Moineaux
Alpha - Apple Spice & All Things Nice by Charlie's Designs
Template - NS_NSDChallenge_Rect by Nibbles Skribbles

This one was for the scraplift challenge over at Stuff to Scrap.

Kit used - Watermelon by Digital Candy Sweet Tart Team

I did do one other layout but it's for a kit that comes out next week so I'm not going to show it to you until then!  My previous post also had some layouts from the Stuff to Scrap challenges.  It was a good weekend and I got a lot of scrapping done.  It's awesome because I'm getting much closer to finishing the book I'm working on.  then I can get it printed!  I love getting the pages printed because they also look so much better than I thought they would.  Anyway, I'd better go now!

Until next time...

01 May, 2009

Wow - more fun than you can imagine!

If you're here to look at my P365 stuff, just go down one post.  Now, not only is everything starting to gear up for the National Scrapbook Day (NSD) party this weekend, but Stuff to Scrap is also changing how things work at the forum - starting May 1st!  There is going to be a store opening this month and doing challenges at the forum can now earn you free stuff from the designers there!  Here are the new rules and points system:
Also, there is going to be a download a day going on this May.  Doing NSD challenges will get you a set of brag book pages made with this kit and then you can download it for yourself each day.  See the flyer below.  You can click here to go the Stuff to Scrap.
Now, as part of the festivities this weekend, there are going to be a couple of speed scraps.  Now, the first one tomorrow is going to be hosted by Lori from Scraps of Ellay!  Here is the poster for her speed scrap and a look at the participation prize.  It's an add-on to the Butterflies are Free kit she gave away a few weeks ago!
Let me tell you there is going to be a lot of fun had this weekend.  I'll have to share my experiences next week!

Until next time...