30 March, 2009

The Scrapping News!

Well, I told you in yesterday's post that I would have some scrapping news today and here it is!  I have been chosen to be on the creative team (CT) for Scraps of Ellay!  I know some of my readers are not digi-scrap nuts so just to let you know, that means that I get to do layouts with her kits before they're released to help promote them.  I'm very excited that she chose me to be part of her team!  I get to tell you about it today because today is her first kit release since I've joined her CT!

This kit is a charity kit for the American Cancer Society.  Lori has been very involved in the Relay for Life program and wanted to try to help out!  Which one of us doesn't know someone who has been touched by cancer?  Anyway, for a donation of ANY AMOUNT to the American Cancer Society, you get this wonderful kit.  For freebie seekers, there's also a sampler on her bog for download!  You can go here Scraps of Ellay to find the freebie or make a donation!  Here is a preview of her wonderful kit!

Also, here is the page that I did with this kit:

As well, the forum that you've occasionally heard about (Digi-Designs by Nicole) and that I hang out at a lot, is undergoing some changes!  The name is changing to Stuff to Scrap and there's going to be a whole lot more fun going on!  Scraps of Ellay is going to be selling her stuff over there, too.  How exciting!  Here's a little bit of information on that, too.

This is a great time for you to check the place out if you're at all interested in digi-scrapping!  (Jen...I'll give you a lesson...you'll be hooked!)

Also, I wanted some opinions.  I'll be posting more scrapping info like this and was thinking about starting up a second blog to showcase it all.  What do you think?

My last week of P365 is the post below this!

Until next time...

29 March, 2009

Days 80 - 88 It's been a long time

Well, it's busy season at work and things have definitely been busy around here.  I haven't done too much painting this week but I'm hoping to get the fridge moved back in this week.  I'm really liking the painted cabinets, so far.  I can't wait to get some doors done and see how they work.  I even bought knobs and handles, so that's exciting.

Our office is also going to be relocating soon.  Our current space is too big for us and we're moving to  mall location near our place, which is really wonderful for me!  I can't wait until we move and I don't have to drive to the other end of the city anymore!

My sister, her husband and seven kids came for the night Friday night.  They were on their way to Mexico for a missions trip and their flight left super early Saturday morning.  They crashed for a few hours and then were off, but let me tell you, that's the cleanest my floors have been in a long time!

I haven't had much time to scrap this past week because of work but I did get a couple of layouts done.  I will show you a couple and there's one that I can't show you until Monday.  You'll have to check back then for it!

Here are the couple I've done so far:

This one is for my Pine Cove book:
 Kit used Primary Grunge by A Work in Progress
Template is yin_template 33 by Yin Designs

This page is one I did for a speed scrap at a forum by the name of One Single Seed:
Kit used School Days by Sweet Blossom Designs
Greenery from My Friend's Wedding by A Work in Progress
Alpha is My Life by Stolen Moments

Come back Monday and you'll hear some exciting scrapbooking news!

Now, here are my pictures for the last week or so!

Day 80 (March 21):

This was Saturday night.  I spend most of my Saturday nights getting ready for Sunday School Sunday morning.  I teach 2 year olds.  It's a lot of fun but I the stuff we currently use has a lot of punching out to do!

I was just interrupted by my husband with a sick child.  Xander has been puking tonight.  Wednesday, it was Evan.  Hopefully they'll both feel better soon!  It's a good thing the washer and dryer got hooked up¡

Day 81 (March 22):
It's kind of fun now.  Xander is getting older and he's old enough to start playing games with us.  His Cars matching game is one of his favourites.  It's Memory with Cars characters.  He's actually pretty good about it and doesn't even cheat too much!

Day 82 (March 23):
This is my boys playing LEGO.  (All three of them, even!)  LEGO is an awesome toy.  Xander is big enough to play with real LEGO now but Evan still has to play with the baby blocks.  Evan actually loves it more than anyone.  He will sit amused for ages playing with his blocks!

Day 83 (March 24):
So, I discovered today that I forgot to take a picture on Tuesday.  I decided that I could beat myself up or I could improvise.  I chose the latter!  I took this picture today and, while it was not taken on Tuesday, it was representative of the day.  I had the first meeting of a group of us at church that are trying to revamp the toddlers program, including what curriculum we use and how things are done!  It's a good excuse for forgetting, I think!

Day 84 (March 25):
This was the first of our DQ cakes for the week.  Wednesday was our care group leader's birthday and his wife wanted to surprise him with a cake and little party.  It almost worked until their daughter got rear-ended picking up the cake to bring to us.  Luckily, no one was hurt but it spilled the secret!

Day 85 (March 26):
This is cuddle frog.  It is Xander's beloved toy/blanket.  I love them because they are smaller than a blanket but can still be toted around like one.  He got it as a baby shower gift and must sleep with it every night.  In fact, we had to wait until it was clean and dry tonight before he could go back to bed!

Day 86 (Mar 27):
This is the second DQ cake of the week!  One of the group going to Mexico had a birthday on Friday so my sister and brother-in-law had me pick up a cake to celebrate before they left town.  I just love DQ cakes.  They're quick and easy, but everyone loves them!

Day 87 (March 28):
Due to the group that was staying at our house, Xander was unable to sleep in his own room.  He wasn't too thrilled about this until I told him he could sleep on couch cushions.  It got even more fun once he decided that it would be great to sleep in Mom & Dad's closet.  Here he is in our closet!

Day 88 (March 29):
This picture was for my Mom.  I didn't have much to take a picture of today so I thought I'd finally post a picture of part of my kitchen so that Mom could see what the colours look like.  The blue seems a little light in this picture but it gives a good idea of what the blue-gray and the orange look like together.  I like it!

Anyway, I'd better go do some work.  I will be back sometime tomorrow to post the scrapbooking news!

Until next time...

I'm Still Around

I can't believe it's been over a week since I posted.  I've been really bad with keeping this updated!  Things are just going normally (read: stuff comes up all the time to make life busy!!) but it's all good.  I promise to update my pictures and everything tomorrow.  Maybe then I'll remember what has kept me so busy...oh yeah, it might have been work ;).  There have been some fun things going on, too, so you'll get to hear about those!

Until next time...

21 March, 2009

Day 73 - 79 Busy, busy, busy...

Oh my, the weekend's almost gone already!  Things are starting to get busy around here.  I worked four days this week and will again for the next few.  I know, I know, poor me, most people work five but I've gotten used to this and I've really missed my Thursday off this week!  I think the boys kind of did, too.  Also, I've been trying to use that time to get my kitchen done.  I've made a lot of progress but one less day does slow things down a bit.  There's even paint on the cupboards now (two coats on some of them!).  I haven't really had much chance to do scrapping either but I do have two pages to show you.  I manage to sneak in a speed scrap this afternoon in between helping my sister-in-law move and getting the boys down for naps.  Xander went down a little late but, oh well!

Here are the pages I've done:

This was for a template challenge at DDBN forum and the pic is from our trip in 2003 (I think).
Kit used was Mon Amie collab by A Work in Progress and Stacey Towers (both parts)
Template is MandaKFreebie12x12Template#1 by Designs by MandaK

This next is from today's speed scrap at DDBN forum.  I kinda liked how it turned out, even though I was more rushed than usual since I started 20 minutes late!
Kit used is A Brisk Walk by Scraps of Ellay

I would like to try to get some more non-challenge pages done so I can get some of my projects moving forward but time is tight for the next little while so we'll see!

Now, here we go on to the pictures:

Day 73 (Mar 14):
This was Evan's very first haircut!  He needed one so badly.  We took both him and Xander in at the same time.  We got pictures done today of the Berkan cousins so I figured this was as good a time as any to get it done.  Evan actually did a lot better than I expected.  He's pretty squirmy so I wasn't sure how this would work out.  He did squirm but Jason held him so they managed to get it done fairly well.  Now his curls stay so much better!  Xander even sat on the chair all by himself so I could take pictures!  That's a first for him.

Day 74 (Mar 15):
This was a Sunday and, of course, I nap most Sunday afternoons (catch-up from all the late nights...)  This is where I nap.  Usually on the couch with a Mexican blanket.  Nice and cozy.  I used to do this because it was less comfortable so I wouldn't sleep as long as I did in my bed but that doesn't seem to matter so much anymore.  My naps are getting longer and longer!

Day 75 (Mar 16):
Tuesday was grocery shopping day so Monday I made my menu and my grocery shopping list.  i menu plan for half the month and then shop only twice a month.  I had planned to take a picture of my menu and post it here but my printer would not cooperate and printed out half my menu and half my shopping list so here is a picture of what my annoying printer does, instead!

Day 76 (Mar 17):
It was grocery shopping day so I finally decided to take a picture of what my cart looks like filled with groceries.  This is actually a little light.  When I have to get diapers or something like that, the bottom shelf gets full, too.  Still, I often get comments on the amount I'm buying!  I actually enjoy grocery shopping so I look forward to these trips (except when I'm really busy).  I remember one week when I was pregnant with Xander.  I must have been quite near then end and had an exhausting bad week.  I remember thinking that it was so sad that the most relaxing, enjoyable part of my week had been my Friday evening shopping trip (by the way THE best night to grocery shop - no one is there!!)

Day 77 (Mar 18):
Here is my husband doing what he so often does...playing on his laptop.  He really wants to upgrade so that he can run Windows and his old games on the Mac.  The desktop was supposed to be his computer and it has that capability but, at about that time, I discovered digital scrapbooking and he doesn't get to use the desktop so much!  Sorry, dear.

Day 78 (Mar 19):
This is my stack of Christmas cards.  I finally got it ready to mail on Thursday (I know...beat that any procrastinators out there!).  There were a few things that prevented on time mail out and only one of those was me (some others were my printer, getting stamps, getting envelopes, oh yeah, and me).  Anyway, they got done.  Then, I went and left them on my desk at work so I couldn't even dump them in the mail.  How annoying!

Day 79 (Mar 20):
On Friday, my brother Jason was in town.  He and some of his kids stopped by in the morning to come play with Xander (and visit me).  Let me tell you, the doorbell rang at 9:30 in the morning and I could not figure out who it was.  Xander was all excited and went running but I made him stop (gotta make sure it wasn't salespeople or something!)  Anyway, Xander and his cousins played Play-Doh.  They all love it.  We have one of those beauty salons with the little creatures that grow hair.  Well, Xander's oldest cousin figured out how to take it out of the chair and add more Play-Doh to keep the hair growing.  This is what an entire container of Play-Doh looks like as hair on a dog or hamster or whatever it is!  This activity was replayed later that night and again today.  I'm glad my kids love to see their cousins and have so much fun playing with them!

That is all I have for now, I think.  When life is busy, the memory tends to go just a little bit!

Until next time...

16 March, 2009

Some Scrapbooking

I have a bunch of layouts to post since I haven't posted any scrapbooking stuff lately.  So here they are, I hope you enjoy them!  I've been incorporating most of my work into the challenges at the Digi-Designs by Nicole (DDBN) forum so most of these were done for that.  I spend a lot of time over there but I get such awesome ideas and everyone is so friendly!  Anyway, here are the layouts...

This was for a colour challenge (red).  I don't do a lot of red so it was a little hard to come up with something!
Kit used is Primary Grunge by A Work in Progress
Ball Element is from Nos Enfants by Forum Digiscrap Pour Tous
Template is yin_template 23 by Yin Designs
I really love Yin's templates.  She's one of the few who get a lot of pictures on the page!

This one was from a quote challenge and it's not my usual style but I totally LOVE how it turned out!
Kit is Happy Go Lucky by Shabby Princess

This was done for a speed scrap.  I totally love those things!  I haven't mastered the art of scrapping and chatting at the same time like most of the ladies do but it's fun to all get the same set of instructions and see our pages come out totally different!
Kit used is Nos Enfants by Digiscrap Forum Pour Tous
Frame is from Charming X-mas by Delicious Scraps

This was also for a speed scrap.  It took place on a Wednesday night during our care group so I didn't actually get to attend but I'd heard it was going to be awesome so I did it after care group by myself.  I totally love how it turned out and want to do one similar to it for Xander, too!
Kit used is Fresh (collab) by Digi-Designs by Nicole and Stolen Moments
Twisty/twirly ribbon is from Folded and Twisted Ribbons by Cen's Stuff

The word of the week challenge was sweet.  Everyone was doing the typical babies and so on but I thought this was a little bit different from the norm (and it works for my Pine Cove book!)
Background paper is from Popsicle Paradise by AllieKat Creations
Frames are by Lindsay Jane Designs
Ice Cream Cone is from Ice Cream Delight (I've lost who the designer is)
Elements are from Popsicle Paradise by Catt Scrapps
Tags are from Popsicle Paradise by Mamadukez Creationz
Alpha is from Popsicle Paradise by HS Designs

This was a template challenge and I just loved it for this page for our wedding album!
Kit used is Love Notes by Digi-Designs by Nicole
Mask is template_by_malina3 by Malina
Template is Template #8 by MandaK Designs

This was from the word of the week challenge - imagine (or variations thereon).  I really love this page.  Again, I'm usually scrapbooking a trip or something like that so I'm trying to get as many pictures on a page as possible.  Sometimes it's nice just to feature one or two pictures and make a beautiful "frame" for them!
Papers are from Fall Memories by A Work in Progress
Bracket is from New Year's Resolutions by Just For You Digi-Scraps
Template is Template 2 by Mags Designs

This was another word of the week challenge.  The word was intrigue and I worked it into my journalling.  I really like this page because I did some things (like the circles) that I've never done before.
Most items from Funny Girls Collab by Manue
Background paper and tag from Funny Girls Collab by Fanfanm
Flowers from Funny Girls Collab by Elodie
Alpha is Hazy Summer Wire Alpha by A Work in Progress
Template is LJD_Template 57 by Lindsay Jane Designs

These two are my layout for week 4 of my project 365.  I also used the top one in a colour challenge (purple and green).  I really love those colours.  You've probably noticed a lot of purple on here today!
Kit used is Chou by Petit Moineaux
Alpha is Invisible Letters by Ditters Doodles
Template is Template 6 by VickyLilly
Kit used is Chou by Petit Moineaux
Alpha is Invisible Letters by Ditters Doodles
Template is Template 3 by Sabrina049

I hope you've enjoyed these pages that I've tried to make pretty!  If you have any constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it, too!

Until next time...

13 March, 2009

Days 64 - 72 It's been an interesting week...

This week has been a somewhat interesting week.  On Tuesday, for the first time since I ever owned a car, the engine light came on.  Of course, it came on when I was driving alone in the car.  That means that everything was a funny smell, even if it wasn't.  Jason assured me that it was likely not a big deal as engine lights come on for anything nowadays.  Since the exhaust smelled like gas, he figured it was probably something to do with the oxygen/gas mix.  Sure enough, we took it into the shop today and it was the O2 sensor.  They have to order the part.  We do have extended warranty so we're hoping it's covered.  The service guy couldn't tell on the computer and had to send in some paperwork or something.

Then, on Wednesday, we have care group (Bible study) at our house.  A girl from down the street comes to babysit the kids for us.  It's really very convenient.  Anyway, our kids were the only kids here this week so I let Xander play video games in the basement (he didn't want to go down because there were no friends here).  He was playing a computer game and wanted to switch games but convinced the babysitter that the Game Cube game is played on the computer.  It's actually played on the Wii, but it is a small CD, so it's an understandable conclusion on her part...Xander knows better.  Anyway, apparently, Macs can't eject mini CDs so it got stuck in the drive.  None of the internet fixes worked (tape on a business card, shaking), though we didn't try shaking it out very hard as the computer is very large and we really didn't want to break it.  We ended up having to take it in for repair (Macs are a sealed unit so you can't just pull the drive yourself).  They got the CD out, but in some manner it broke the eject mechanism in the drive.  Luckily, it was under warranty!  We hadn't even thought about that.  Again, they had to order the part so I have tape over the CD drive to remember not to put anything in it!

We also finally got someone out to look at our garage foundation (as recommended by a home inspector this summer).  It appears that it's not a big deal and doesn't have to be fixed right away, so that's a good thing.  It is also on the lower end of the cost scale so that is also great.

I've been watching the Brier this week.  There really has been some amazing shots this week.  I didn't get to watch as much of the curling as I would like but what I have seen has been very entertaining.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the playoffs in the next couple of days!

I've also got a lot of work done on my kitchen lately.  I painted the accent wall today and it's the first time I've been nervous about a colour I've chosen.  It seems very orange.  I think I like it, though.  It kind of brightens things up.  I think it'll be better once I get the cupboards painted so the dark balances things out.  It's exciting to see all the changes!

I guess it's time for some pictures.  I've decided that maybe I should date them as well as putting what day number they are on them.  I have lots of pics to post so here I go...

Day 64 (Mar 5):
It was a cold day (gee, what's new...) but as we drove home from Thursday morning Mom's group, the trees were frosty and absolutely beautiful against the bright blue sky.  I really do love the days when the trees and sky both give off their beauty.

Day 65 (Mar 6):
Here is my sleeping picture of Xander.  He sleeps with three small blankets and one large blanket so is always so hidden in his bed.  There is also the ever present Cuddle Frog.  He is really sweet when he's sleeping like this!

Day 66 (Mar 7):
This is Evan sitting in his highchair.  He is no longer allowed to have his suckie, except at nap time or bedtime (or when he gets hurt or is getting babysat).  Anyway, he has decided that he can make do by using other items as suckies.  His favourite is this mushroom that came with the play kitchen.  He just sticks the stem in his mouth and sucks on it.  I even caught him using the beak on his Pablo the penguin stuffed animal.  It's actually pretty cute.

Day 67 (Mar 8):
Technically this picture was taken on March 8th, but it was before I went to bed from the 7th and daylight savings time had just kicked in so I consider it on the proper day.  I had put Xander to bed and fallen asleep and then kind of forgotten about my picture.  Anyway, this is my kitchen in progress.  There is now primer (oil-based, quick dry stuff that was horrible to work with and got everywhere) and the walls are painted in the blue-grey colour.  It is definitely coming along!

Day 68 (Mar 9):
This is Evan and Xander reading books in the basement.  Xander has loved books since he was really little.  Evan doesn't care so much for his "baby" books, but he loves to sit and flip through the adult books.  I don't get it because there are no pictures or anything, but he thinks it's great.  He won't sit on our laps to hear one of the kids' books, though.  I am told that he loves the little kid books at church so I don't know what the deal is!

Day 69 (Mar 10):
It has been much talked about and conquering it is much dreaded but not too many people photograph it in its natural habitat.  It's Mt. Washmore!  This is one of my many piles of laundry that need to be done.  Laundry is my LEAST favourite chore so clothes sit in piles like this until I get around to doing them (usually when there's nothing left to wear) but they also sit in a pile like this when they are clean.  Rarely do I actually get everything folded and put away!

Day 70 (Mar 11):
Here it is...my very first engine light.  I only had my little camera with me when I decided to take this, so it's not the greatest picture.  I thought it was an appropriate picture of the day, though.  When we were driving home on Wednesday, I told Jason that I would take a better picture with my good camera when we got home.  Wouldn't you know, we picked up the boys and the light went off!  Good thing I took these ones, then.

Day 71 (Mar 12):
I have been busy at work and home and my default pictures seem to be of the kids.  I'll have to try harder to use more than one subject ;).  Anyway, Jason had to work late on Thursday and didn't get home until closer to Evan's bedtime.  When he did get home, Evan was so excited to see him that he didn't stop chattering for half an hour!  This is towards the end of his narrative.  It's too bad that we can't understand a word he's saying because he sure has a lot to say lately!

Day 72 (Mar 13):
This is the consequence of putting a Game Cube game in the computer.  This is my computer with painter's tape over the CD drive opening so I don't forget NOT to put a CD in (it will not eject).  Painter's tape really is good for many things!

I am now all caught up until today.  Work is getting busier and I'm going to be working an extra day each week for the next few weeks so my posts may only be once a week.  I hope not, though.  I do have some really cute scrapbook pages that I want to show you but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow sometime!

Until next time...

10 March, 2009

Spring is in the Sun

Did you see it this morning?  It was -30 C outside but I saw it on my way to work...spring was there!  I don't know if it was the angle of the shadows or the colour of the light but everything about the sunshine this morning said spring to me.  I expected that when I opened the car door at work the parking lot would be slushy and the sun would beat warm on my shoulders.  Even though I had started my car 20 minutes before we left the house...even though I would not consider wearing a skirt...even though I had felt outside when I dropped off the boys...still I saw it.  It peaked its head out.  Spring is coming!

04 March, 2009

Days 56 - 63 I've been a bad blogger.

Eight days worth of photos.  I can't believe I've let it come to this!  Hee hee.  I really should post more often.  This is going to be a very long post, though.  It will be lots of pictures, so it should still be easy enough to follow.

Jason is getting sick today.  Both of the boys have had colds and I even stayed home from work on Tuesday because Xander had a bit of a fever.  It seems that Jason has come down with their cold.  I thought I was getting sick, too, but it seems to have passed and I'm all good now.

I'm making progress on my kitchen.  There is now colour on the ceiling and one wall.  I'm quite excited about that.  I totally love the colour, too.  It has turned out so beautiful.  It will make the kitchen darker but that's OK by me.  I'm so not a white person.  Our house is getting to be more and more of a disaster as I continue to move things out of the kitchen, though.  I guess it must get worse to finally get better.

This week has been busy and I haven't gotten as much scrapping done as I would like.  I did do a couple pages but I'll share them another time.  I must forge on with my pictures.  Work is a little bit busy now, too.  Enough so that I am now bringing some home with me on the weekends.  Soon, I'll probably do four day weeks for a while but that's OK.  It'll only be for a couple of months.

Did I tell you that I signed Xander up for his very first lessons?  We're going to take swimming lessons with my niece this summer (they're the same age).  I'm kinda excited because it'll be fun to hang out with them every day but it's kind of sad that he's old enough to be in lessons.  It seems like childhood is already running away on us.  I know it's not but still, they are growing up.

Anyway, here are the pictures now...

Day 56:
It's that time of year, again...curling season!  Yay!  I love to watch curling on TV.  I used to enjoy playing it as a child, too.  It's harder to do things like that in the city because it's not just the local rink and everyone curls.  I did curl last year in Turtleford once.  It was fun but let me tell you, I am out of practice!  This is the Scotties on TV.  There was some good curling (mind you, there was also some HORRIBLE curling this year, as well) and it was enjoyable to watch, even if I didn't want Jennifer Jones to win it all.  This Saturday marks the start of the Brier.  Even better.  I guess I've gotten Xander a little addicted to curling, too.  He'll just sit and watch it.  I've even started to explain the scoring and he can tell me which rock is closest to the button.

Day 57:
This, to state the obvious, is a rainbow.  I love rainbows.  They are so pretty.  It's funny, because I always seem to forget that rainbows were a promise to Noah from God.  Every once in a while it dawns on me again and I marvel at them again.  I moved the fridge into the dining room this week and there is a mirrored magnet on it.  It has been casting rainbows all over the house when the sun shines in our garden doors.  Xander had me taking pictures of every rainbow in the house!

Day 58:
This is another cake that I made last week.  It was Pink Elephants Playing Pool.  A friend's mom commissioned me to do this as a birthday surprise.  I guess it has been a long running joke in their family.  I was happy to do it and it was actually quite easy to do.  It's been a while since I did any big cakes and I do enjoy it.  Even more, I enjoy when others enjoy the cakes I made.  It really did turn out quite cute.  Below is a picture of the entire cake.

Day 59:
This picture is brutal honesty.  I am baring my soul here... this is what my dining room currently looks like.  Try not to notice the messy table.  Only some of that is dishes and food.  The one end tends to be a dumping ground and play place.  Here is the aforementioned fridge in the dining room, as well as the microwave and island that is currently serving as a cupboard.  This is what happens when one decides to paint ones kitchen.  Now, the only question I have is what do I call it...ditchen or kining room?

Day 60:
On Sunday we had a potluck at church.  We go to a large church and it is not often that we have a church-wide potluck anymore.  However, the missions team that went to Niger (in West Africa) were back and wanted to share their experiences.  It was an interesting talk, only slightly disrupted by the two boys.  Anyway, back to the picture.  Whenever there's a potluck this is Jason's request for dessert.  It is a chocolate Skor trifle.  It is a huge recipe so I don't make it for just our family but it has to be one of his favourite desserts.  I will admit it is very tasty (which is why I won't make it just for us...I'd be a blimp by the end!)

Day 61:
Here are my two boys being extremely cute.  It is so nice when they play together (even though it may not happen much yet).  They each had to get on their stool and they would try to grab each other's hands.  It was really sweet.

Day 62:
On Tuesday, I stayed home because Xander was sick.  However, I let Evan play in the basement by himself after lunch.  When I went down (it had become quiet) about 20 minutes later, this is what I found.  He was so tired that he barely woke up when I moved him and then proceeded to sleep for almost 4 hours!  I think he had a bit of a cold, too.  It was a day for cute laying down/napping pictures, though.  Even though this is not one of my daily pictures, I had to share this one of Xander earlier that same day.  I guess he decided that the tile topped coffee table was a comfortable place to lay down for a rest!

Day 63:
Tonight was care group.  When a certain lovely little girl arrived with her family, she gave me these beautiful carnations!  They are so pretty.  I just love flowers.  I think they brighten up a room and just make it feel a little more beautiful.  Today felt so much like spring that these flowers just fit in to make it seem a little closer to spring.  Thank you so much little Miss A (and your Mom, I would assume ;) ).

Well, we made it through all the pictures.  I am now caught up.  Wow.  I don't know what to do with myself now.  It's barely past midnight!  Oh, I know, I should probably go to bed!  Kudos for staying with me!

Until next time...