29 August, 2010

The Big Day!!

Well, tomorrow is it...it's the big day...kindergarten!! I can't believe it's here. In some ways it seems to have snuck up on me but Xander's gotten so big that it really is time! I have mixed emotions...I'm not ready for it but I loved school and hope he will, too. I scrapped this page last week. I did it for a challenge on blending but it seemed so appropriate with the baby fading into the background and the little boy now the focus. I just love how it turned out, too, I've been trying to refine my pages and this one actually turned out almost how I envisioned!

Kit - A Time to Learn by Stolen Moments
Word Art by Scraps 'n Pieces
Date Stamp - The Only Date Stamps You'll Ever Need by Stolen Moments

This is what the journalling says, if you're curious:

You have made life an adventure for us all. The first born child is such a new and different thing that there is no way to describe it but as a daring adventure. It seems like you have been ours for forever and yet for such a short time. You are now 4 1/2...almost 5, really and you are about to go off to kindergarten. You are so excited but I'm not so sure that I'm ready to be sending you off so soon! I know you will do great and this will just lead to so many more daring adventures in both your life and in ours!

I also made this page this week and I think it is super cute! It was for a speed scrap over at Stuff to Scrap - it seems like forever since I've speed scrapped and I've missed them!

Kit - Wynken, Blynken & Nod by Stolen Moments and Scraps by Jenn

Last but definitely not least...today is another big day because it is my husband's birthday! We had an evening with his family and he got to play some of the fun games he got (or had previously). Despite the rest of my post, I'm not so good with the sappy stuff so just suffice it to say that I love you Jason and I'm glad that I'm the one who gets to celebrate all your birthdays with you!

I'll sign off now but I'll be back tomorrow with another new kit and some layouts (and hopefully good news of the first day!!)

Until next time...

17 August, 2010

Girls' Night Out!??

Curious? No, I did not have a girls' night out...I don't remember the last time I had one of those! It's a new kit from Scraps of Ellay called Happy Hour (available at Stuff to Scrap)! It's a kit full of really pretty colours and elements great for scrapping, well, girls' nights out. Since I don't have picture of anything like that, I did manage to find other uses for it! I dug out some old negatives from a trip to Hawai'i I took back in 2000 with a friend of mine. Once I finally found them, I scanned them in and then edited them to finally come up with these layouts! It took me longer than I thought but I think the pages are really fun! This'll be a two page layout when I finally do up this book. Here they are (the first uses a template from Trixie Scraps):

Here's a look at the full preview (Ellay may also have a freebie on her blog later this week - you can check it out here):

Now, we'll say that I'm done posting because I'm quite tired tonight!! We started VBS this week at our church and I'm in charge of registration. We had just under 250 kids this week so it was absolutely crazy (in a good sort of way)!! Xander got to go for the first time and he had a blast. At one point in time, he saw me standing by the door and instead of a "hi" I got "why are you standin' there Mom?" He was quite suspicious that I had come to pick him up before it was all over! Most certainly not! Anyway, four more days to go!

Until next time...

06 August, 2010

Whew! We're done for now...

Well, I have a couple of pages that I've scrapped just for fun that I want to show you so I thought I'd post. I'm also looking for validation as I showed my husband the lighthouse page (you'll see it soon) and asked him if it was pretty. His comment..."It's a picture, with words below it." I think it's better than that! That's what I get for asking a computer geek who's in the middle of a video game ;).

I am exhausted though. We've just finished the two weeks of swimming lessons (which usually included 30 to 60 minutes of play in the park). I had to go in the water with Evan and that was really tiring. They kids really enjoyed it. Xander didn't pass his level so I think we'll try again in the fall. We had some talks about the level of effort he put in but I think it was too little, too late. I didn't know we needed to until the second week, as I was in the water and unable to actually watch his lesson. He has made really good progress, though, and just has a couple more things he needs to work on. He wants to be in the same level as his cousin next summer, though, so we'll have to see what we can do (she's a bit of a fish). Evan's levels are solely based on age so as long as he's old enough, he can pass. They are really tired, though. It's good to have this break because it got us out and active a bit more. There was barely any TV these past two weeks and they hardly even objected for nap time! Evan does have a giant bump where he slipped and hit his head on the tile floor but he seems to have recovered. Now we have a week off before VBS starts up at church and another crazy week begins!

I'm really actually supposed to be cleaning so I'll just post those pictures already and get going!

This is a bunch of Jonathan smiling - he really is an easy baby and is such a good smiler...though we have pictures tomorrow so he probably won't smile at all! ;)
Kit - So Big! by Man in the Moon Designs
Leaves - Easter Morning by Man in the Moon Designs and Stolen Moments
Template by YB Designs

This is the lighthouse one...it's from my trip to Hawaii back in 2000.
Kit - Coastal Getaway by Scrap Matters Design Team

Well, I really should get back to the work I should be doing!

Until next time...

02 August, 2010

New (and Newish) Kits!

OK, I've been delinquent in posting again... What can I say? We've had company and swimming lessons and I've actually got a bit of cleaning and organizing done! I love when I seem organized and start getting projects done. I can't wait to actually be finished some (namely my bedroom and my Indianapolis photo book and cross-stitch afghan). I picked up my creative team work with Scraps of Ellay again so that has got me doing a bit more scrapping! I have two kits to share with you (since I forgot to post last Monday!)

This week's kit is perfect for summer and all the pool pictures that you have! It also has plenty of adorable elements and papers that can be used for more general pictures. Now, it just so happens that we're in the middle of swimming lessons and had been out playing in my sister-in-law's pool so my pictures are all pool related! The kit is called Jump Right In and is available at Stuff to Scrap. It's 25% off this week, too!! Here are my layouts:

First time Evan has taken swimming lessons (he's a Duck):

This one uses a template by WM[Squared] Designs.

Here's a preview of the whole kit:

This next is last week's kit (also available at Stuff to Scrap), called Waiting for the Stork. I figured this was the perfect kit for my return from maternity leave! It's a departure from Ellay's regular style as she has used pastels for this one but it turned out SO cute!! Here are my layouts and a preview of the entire kit!

These are "pictures" of Jonathan. Template is by Shel Belle Scraps.

This is when I was pregnant with Evan. I didn't have any pics of me pregnant with Xander so I made sure to get a few with Evan!

The whole kit:

There, now I'm caught up on my kits!

Until next time...