03 March, 2010

I Guess I Should Start 2010...

Well, I haven't been on here much lately. I'm not sure why - partly it's because my back gets sore sitting at the computer and partly I've been trying to get other things done (oh yeah, and falling asleep with the boys when they nap and...that's right CURLING!!) I figured that I should at least get a couple of weeks posted for 2010. I actually have a lot of photos for week 2 but that's OK. There's a couple of days before the Brier starts and I have to go back to watching curling again so I have a bit of time. That was the best thing about the Olympics this year...there was curling to fill the gap between the Scotties and the Brier...can you tell I like curling? The boys are even getting into it. Xander is SO cute curling with his wooden blocks and showing me what his strategy and path is going to be and how it will curl. Even Evan walked around the other day saying "I wanna watch curling". He mostly likes when it's yellow's turn.

I'm also getting more pregnant by the day. I'm really starting to feel huge and it's getting harder to get the boys around. Luckily, they can both now climb into the car by themselves and that really does help...especially with their motivation to actually get in the car. Xander has made it into a booster seat so he can get himself out of the car, too. Work is so-so. I'm definitely not enjoying it like I once did and am ready for the end of April...8 more weeks of "winter" ;).

Anyway here are some pictures and I'll organize them by week.

Week 1 - January 1-2
This was Jan 1. Auntie Rona stayed with us for a day or two before she left town for visiting and, eventually, Edmonton. Here she is helping Xander build some LEGO.On Jan 2 (really early for me) we took down the Christmas tree. I'm not sure why, but I was ready for it to come down this year. I guess I just wanted my space back. Xander did a really good job helping me take down the ornaments and the lights. I also liked the looks of the pile of ornaments below so I thought I'd add it to week 1!

Week 2 - January 3-9
This was the final for our fantasy football league. The last game of the year and my husband played my dad. Oh the tension! Not really but my husband won for the third time in four years. This trophy hasn't been out of our house since we started the league!
Here is Evan doing actions to "12 Men Went to Spy on Canaan". He is so incredibly cute when he sings this and he is doing "spy" here. The cutest is when he sings 10 were bad and 2 were good and his thumbs up ends up being more like an arm swing to big band music (or maybe Carlton-style if you know what I'm talking about ;) ).
Xander had to go get his 4 year immunizations. He's so good about needles and he did really well. He did freak out a little bit because the nurse made Jason hold him down. It was the holding down that made him cry and he could have cared less about the needle. She should have just let him sit nicely. Anyway, here he's showing me the gum he got for a treat while we wait our 15 minutes before leaving.
This is Xander's Mii from the Wii. He finished all of the cups on 50cc in MarioKart Wii (pretty good for a 4 year old) and it "took" this picture of him with Mario and Peach. I'm finally getting to the point where I can beat him (sometimes) but it has taken a LOT of practice.
My brother-in-law Tyler got to run with the Olympic torch in Manitoba and he posed by this giant pumpkin at the end of his run. It was great for exposure, since he made the news and even the Olympic website, I believe. We didn't get to see him run in real life but this is a picture of the TV from the news coverage that night.

The Saturday of this week was the day that the Olympic torch came through Regina. Now, it really no longer means that much to me but I remember my parents taking us to see things like this if they were coming by and those were great childhood memories of things I got to experience. I kind of wanted that for my kids, too. As I was thinking we should do this, Jason's parents invited us to come watch it from the balcony of their building as the torch would run right past it. Now we definitely couldn't pass that up. I think this might get a separate page as I'd like to get in pictures of all of us there (even new baby).

Here we all are waiting for the torch to come by:

Me (and new baby) - my mother-in-law actually took this picture because I am never in my own pictures!

Jason and Evan watching for the torch:
Xander waiting in the slightly chilly evening:
Then came the torch. It was dark and we were on a second floor balcony so my pictures didn't turn out that great, even though I had my good flash on. They are OK for what they are, though.

This is probably my best one. It's a bit foggy but you can actually see the person and everything.
This is without the flash. It's not bad lighting-wise but it really is quite blurry.
This one was from a distance so the flash didn't do much but light up the reflective parts of their uniforms. I actually kind of like how it turned out because I ended up with a good picture of the flame and the Olympic rings lit from behind. Kinda neat, I think.
And that was the second week in January. So, I guess you can see how my photo project for 2010 will turn out. Some days may have multiple pictures and some days may not have any but I'll try to capture a slice of life.

Now, the boys slept horribly last night (and in my bed so I had very little sleep, too) so I should really go to bed now.

Until next time...


  1. Great start to a new year! Carlton, from "FPOBA"? If so, those arm movements would be something to see! Jen will love it!

  2. Indeed - must see the song! But if I know Evan it will have to be a spontaneous, off-the-cuff moment. Hope I'm there when it happens!