08 April, 2010

Hmmm...Do You Think I'm Still Alive?

OK...it has been a short eon since I have updated my blog. I don't even know where I am at the moment. I have had such good intentions but, alas, working 3 days a week, chasing two small boys and being about 7 1/2 months pregnant seems to have gotten the best of me. For example, Easter weekend was great...Friday I napped, Saturday I napped, Sunday we had company, then I napped. I know I need it but it is kind of frustrating in that there are things I would like to get done. Xander and I did go for a kindergarten test drive about a week and a half ago and he is so excited about school now. It took him a bit to warm up to it but then he really enjoyed it (we were only there about an hour). I also found out that one of the other Moms is someone that I knew at university about 13 years ago! That was kinda cool. Now I think we'll get Xander out in T-ball and see how he likes that. We bought him a glove and bat and tee. He likes to hit the ball but is not so keen on the glove things. Oh well, he's still young.

I think I'm on week 3 of my pictures (actually, I had to go back and check the blog because it's been so long). I have two weeks ready to go so I will give you weeks 3 and 4 and we'll try to get out of January before too long!

Week 3 January 10 - 16
I introduced my kids to "it's Sunday supper - I'm not making food" night. We usually did this growing up...nobody really wanted to cook supper Sunday night so we would have sandwiches or leftovers or whatever you wanted to make for yourself, once you got older. This was an old standby, too - popcorn. Xander's old enough to enjoy it but Evan's still a bit too young as he really hates getting it in his teeth!
There's a lot of food this week! This was another childhood food I introduced Xander to...cinnamon toast. Mix a little brown sugar and a little cinnamon, put it on buttered toast and YUM! Again, Evan doesn't like cinnamon yet, still a bit too young. Xander, however, one day ate three pieces of this for lunch. I was amazed!
The 12th was my birthday - I already blogged about this so here's the select pictures that are going in the album...me and my cake (above) and the gorgeous weather (below).

This also happened on my birthday. The Haiti earthquake...I blogged about this already, too, so there's not much to say. I heard that kids are finally returning to school in Port-au-Prince, though (three months later) so that's a good sign that people are trying to find normalcy again.
This was the sky one evening...it was so pretty and this picture isn't even altered! I found the sunrise setting on my camera and it takes amazing pictures of the sunrise/sunset. The colours are so much better and more accurate than the auto setting gives!
Xander wouldn't let me take his picture so I had to sneak this one. He's getting ready for his very first sleepover at Nana and Papa's house. He had a lot of fun but did have some trouble sleeping (as he often does in a new place). He came home and declared he didn't want anymore sleepovers because he didn't sleep! Silly kid.
This is my Evan with his smushed up face. He took a header down the cement stairs outside and landed on his nose. It looked horrible but he didn't seem to care too much. In fact, he gave me the cutest smiles when I asked to take a picture of his nose!

Week 4 - January 17-23
We bought this new stroller (I actually got a triple this weekend, too) but these are the travel ones we like best and they are about twice the price of an umbrella stroller but go on sale for half price, which makes them a steal. Evan loves it, too, as he climbed in when I set it up and sat there to watch TV. He even wanted to be buckled in and refused to get out. It was pretty cute!
Here is my husband playing Wii. The was MarioKart Wii. He has pretty much beaten the game. Xander loves to play it, too, and I'm even getting not that bad at it!
We needed something to do this day as the kids were kind of antsy. I decided that baking is a good thing to do. It keeps at least Xander busy and out of Evan's hair. This time, Evan even joined in the fun for a bit!
This is what we baked...three kinds of muffins...blueberry, raspberry and banana chocolate chip (the favourite). Muffins are so quick and easy to make so it's a great thing to do with the kids!
My boys rockin' it out to Rock Band. Evan loves to "play guitar" - he's definitely our little musician - and Xander decided to do vocals this time. He likes to sing certain songs and was even referring to the Backyardigans karaoke DVD as Rock Band today!
Saturday we went, though the blizzard, to the Rider store at the north end of the city (after Xander had his blood taken and got sick - but he still wanted to go). We spent Jason's Christmas present and got the boys Rider jerseys. They love to wear their football jerseys, especially if Jason's wearing his.

And, it looks like that's the end of week 4. Now I just need to get a few more weeks caught up (and get the old stuff scrapped - but that's another story). It doesn't seem as daunting when I do it by week instead of by day!

Until next time...


  1. We did the Sunday evening thing, too - we called it "scrounging" and it sort of turned into an all day Sunday thing. Now, Dale calls it "grazing", as he is in and out of the kitchen when he is watching the race. AND the cinnamon toast - oh, yumm!! Great pictures!

  2. Tell Xander that as he gets older, the not sleeping part of a sleepover will be the best part! :)