30 April, 2010

I Hate This Part...

I hate this part...really I do. I am absolutely exhausted today. I slept horribly last night - and that was after I moved to the couch, where I usually sleep better. I guess I should have moved another floor down to the basement. I will make a confession, as well, I'm horrible when I'm tired. I don't even want to be around me - think of what that's like for my poor kids. Today, I hate toy cars, I hate lunch and I'm getting quotes for a new furnace (not going so well). It's days like today that the kids always seem to fight more and be more cranky. It's been the cars, again. You'd think with, something like 100 toys cars and 1850 square feet of house, they could each take a few and play in different parts of the room, even...but no, they have to have the same car and play exactly where their brother is sitting. I also hate lunch because I have no good ideas...I am sick of the same 4 things over and over. Can you tell I'm cranky today? I think I need a vacation. But, when it comes down to it, I have to keep going.

It's easier when you remember the sweet things and cute things they do...like Xander getting down in his "ready" position at ball and chasing that ball no matter where it's hit. Or Evan, playing with his truck at the ball game and, when he finds a ladybug, putting the ladybug in the driver's seat. Then I feel really bad. Good thing that God promises to forgive us if only we ask. Luckily, our children usually do, too.

Maybe I'll get a nap in this afternoon. First, one more furnace guy... this is getting expensive!

Until next time...


  1. Hang in there Sandra, only a little longer and then you will have a new baby to love and get acquainted with. Maybe you will be earlier this time...

  2. Yes, definately hang in there! I so thought I was a horrible mother and there were times I really was! But, like you said, God forgives over and over and I think my kids have forgiven me, too. It's the "nature of the beast" (being a woman, mom and pregnant!) God bless you and I pray the next few weeks will go by quickly and the new little one will be here! Love ya!

  3. I hate lunch too! I never know what to make and it's worse trying to think of something you can TAKE! I think everyone should get to sleep in until 10, so then breakfast is at 11, so then you have supper at 4 and a snack at 8. Yeah! No lunch!

  4. I have to agree with you and Jen on the lunch thing - I mean really, it is kind of just in the way of the rest of the day - let your kids eat pickles, small slices of meat and chunks of cheese with toothpicks - that is fun! Or what the heck, have ice cream!
    You are almost there....keep on keepin' on!!! You are a great mom, and our kids are a wonderful example of how God removes our transgressions as far as East is from the West - they are very forgiving! ((hugs))