02 October, 2010

So There Was School...

Yesterday was a strange day. Just thought I'd share our little school adventures!

This summer, I go the calendar from the school division listing all the days off etc. for the year. Dutifully, I marked them on my calendar. Other than stat holidays, the first day off would be October 1. OK. That'll be a good break. So, I'm planning things to do...I have to paint my bedroom so I'll work on that...then, because our bedroom will be totally covered in plastic and drop cloths, we'll have a camp out in the living room with the boys...this sounds like a good idea. I tell the kids and it's all planned. Then Thursday comes. Xander gets home from school and tells me teacher says tomorrow's library day...really? I ask him, are you sure she didn't say next school day? Nope. He insists it's tomorrow. Well, I wanted to call the school, anyway, so I thought I'd just check into it. Sure enough, I talk to the secretary...the division messed up...we have October 8th off, not October 1st! Good thing I called! Then comes Friday...we're ready for school and waiting for the bus... I thought I saw Xander's bus go by but there are several that drive by our house every morning and he insisted it wasn't so OK. Time passes and the bus is ten minutes late...that shouldn't be - the weather's fine. So I call dispatch. She puts me on hold to find out what's up. The bus driver forgot to stop! I'm not upset...it's kinda amusing (though I was hoping not too hard on Xander). She says he'll be by in a couple minutes...10 minutes later - he's late for school by now - I call to see where the bus is. He's five minutes out, still. So much for a couple minutes...I may as well drive him to school now...the regular doors will be locked and he'll have to go in a different door and go to the office etc. So, I drive him...Evan is in heaven, getting to go to school...and throws a fit when I make him put back the toy and leave - poor boy...he's really kinda jealous! But, Xander got to school fine and all was good...we'll chalk that up to another adventure! Just thought I'd share :).

I did get some painting done - well, priming actually...tomorrow will be painting the main colour! I'm so excited! Off to bed now!

Until next time...

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  1. Sandra this brought back memories of when I was babysitting for Trevor and Kim. Joshua was in Kindergarten also. The bus was late and we were sure that it had passed the farm so I got the other 2 boys ready and we headed to town. We got there and Joshua was quite concerned that he was late- his comment was "they probably already sang O Canada". He actually was OK that time but beware it may happen again as it did with me. This time Joshua was late as I had to dress the other 2 boys before we could leave. From then on I made sure Rhyder and Chase were dressed just in case!!