12 September, 2009

Day 242 to 248 and Life Goes On...

Well, I'm here. I figured I should update this again. It's really been a crazy week with highs and lows but, as the title says, life goes on. We had a great weekend with my family up north last weekend. We got to go to the lake for the day and we had gorgeous weather! We had the boat and the tube out and I even convinced Xander to go for a ride. He made me go with him (I've never been) but it was really a lot of fun. He also loved riding in the boat. Evan, on the other hand, had a blast in the water. At times, he was shivering but he didn't care. He had so much fun (even after he fell in the water a couple of times!). We also got to see Mom & Dad's hole in the ground (for their new house). Xander was pretty excited about that, too. Then, we had to head back to Regina. I wasn't looking forward to it because my co-worker was on vacation this week and I ended up working all week (there's only two of us so if she's gone, there's no one in the office). Since this is supposed to be my super short week, it seemed really long! Then came Thursday night's news. Jason's uncle (the one he worked for for many years and who had had a major accident in February) passed away that afternoon. It was a bit of a shock. He never fully recovered from his accident but the mortality fear had passed, I think. His family is doing OK, I think but they could really use your prayers, if you think of them. We did stop by to see Jason's aunt and cousins Friday night after our care group BBQ (could there be a few more things happen all at the same time?). The funeral is on Tuesday so we'll have to see how that goes.

Anyway, crazy as life has been, it continues. I picked up my pictures from the framers and they look awesome (especially the one we had so much trouble matching!). I think I did something else but I seem to be tired and can't remember what it was at this moment :). I guess if I forgot, it couldn't be too important! I was doing a little scrapping this afternoon and figured I should really get some more pictures up so, here they are...

Day 242 (Aug 30):
This is the last time I updated my blog. It was all up to date as of the moment that I took this pictures. Sometimes I think I'm stretching for pictures to take! Either that, or I get lazy and take a picture of anything close by!

Day 243 (Aug 31):
I have gotten incredibly bored of the meals that I've been making but new inspiration has not hit. I spent some time looking through cook books this day but still nothing. If any of you have yummy recipe ideas, please let me know!!

Day 244 (Sept 1):
I went upstairs to put Xander to bed and this is how I found Evan - using his blanket as a pillow and his pillow as a blanket. It was really cute so i just had to take a picture!

Day 245 (Sept 2):
Evan was sitting on the couch and I just thought it was so cute the way his feet hung over the edge but he was still sitting there like big people, looking through his little DVD cover or whatever it is!

Day 246 (Sept 3):
A parcel came (photo books!!!) that I wanted to pick up before we left for Mom & Dad's house so I had to do it on Thursday. However, I hate the parking lot the Canada Post place is at and it's only about a 15 minute walk so I decided just to stick the boys in the stroller and go. Of course, they weren't available until after 13h00 so I had to wait until almost nap time (also, the boxes didn't really fit in the stroller - oops). Evan fell asleep on the way home and was so cute smooshed up in the corner! Unfortunately, that's all he slept that day.

Day 247 (Sept 4):
We drove to Saskatoon Friday after work and then stayed night there. The sunset was so pretty and I realized that I take so few pictures of the scenery around here and it really is very pretty so I snapped a bunch of pictures. This is one of my favourites (the other being similar but with the moon in the picture, as well!).

Day 248 (Sept 5):
Here it is! The picture of Xander tubing with me and my brother Jason. Just look at that face...he is having a blast. Shortly before this point, after I had felt like I might fall off, I realized that I hadn't taken my glasses off and had BETTER NOT fall off! Obviously, I did not take this picture...that credit would have to go to my sister, Colette. However, I did get a great one of Jason and his daughter!

That's good for now, I think. It's getting late-ish and I still have laundry in...yay!! Care group also starts back up this week and I think I'll try taking Xander to story time (and Evan if he gets off the waiting list) so things should get busier. But hey, if we weren't busy, we'd be bored, right? Yeah, right, I'd be cross-stitching! Anyway, this conversation is degrading so I'll go now.

Until next time...


  1. Great pics, Sandra!
    Olivia found Amelia sleeping the same way yesterday - blanket for a pillow and a pillow for a blanket!
    I am sorry for the sadness, we are praying for you guys - especially today.
    See you tomorrow at care group! ((hugs))

  2. I love that last picture! What an amazing shot. I especially love that Xander's hair looks all spikey from the wind!