12 May, 2010

Too Far Behind...

Well, I hate to say this but there is a FREE kit out right now that I haven't yet told you about. It's a really awesome kit, too and it's a COLLAB between Scraps of Ellay and Nibbles Skribbles. I managed to work with it but the whole being 9 months pregnant thing is making me too tired to be creative or scrap. I did get a couple pages done, though. It's a mother's day kit and is great. I had a good mother's day of doing nothing. We actually ordered in food Saturday night because that's when I was craving it. Jason's parents were over on Friday to celebrate with his Mom so Sunday was just quiet and we did very little. I was gonna scrap those pics but I was too tired to download them. Instead, here are a couple pages that I did and then the previews of the kit.

This one was from when I was in the hospital with Evan...once again becoming a Mommy.
This picture is from Mother's Day 2009. My lovely boys and the flowers they gave me!

You can go to Scraps of Ellay's blog to pick up her part of the collab and there are links to Nibbles Skribbles part there, as well. Here are the previews:

Scraps of Ellay

Nibbles Skribbles

I do have some photos edited but I don't have the energy to post them right now. Maybe tomorrow if I feel up to it!!

Until next time...

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  1. You need to rest as life is getting more interesting by the moment! :) I'm glad you had a good Mother's Day. We didn't do anything here either. With the end of school in sight I think we are all just too tired to get enthusiastic about anything.