13 July, 2010

More Cuteness...

OK, I got through the rest of the pictures that I wanted to post for June (and a bit of July). Just some more cuteness that's random. Some of these do need explaining so I will put in a few comments. Just figured that since I was sitting in a storm, waiting for it to let up before I go get the boys, I'd update this. I don't feel like chatting (can't think of anything to say) so I'll just get on with the visuals!

All 3 in my new stroller. We can all go to the store and even bring back a few groceries!

The two bigger boys really love their baby brother (and seem so HUGE next to him)!

Here's some random Xander cuteness.

OK, these are OptiMash Prime potato head parts that Xander was using to pretend he was a Transformer.

Some random Evan cuteness.

So this picture below is actually a tribute to my Uncle Murray. I think most people who were at my wedding remember him. The outfit Evan is wearing is pretty much what Uncle Mur looked like at our wedding so we decided to do this tribute at Uncle Mur's daughter's wedding.

What everyone's really waiting for...random Jonathan cuteness.

This is his very first smile.

This is one of my absolute favourites!

Now you've had more random cuteness than you know what to do with! One of these days I'll get back to the more boring weekly pictures...maybe after I actually finish my Indianapolis book!

Until next time...

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  1. I've been watching and waiting and it was worth it!! They are great pictures!!!