23 July, 2010


There are no pictures this time, I just thought I should post. Life has suddenly become crazy. You know how summers have a way of doing that. It always seems that there are few summer plans and they are all so far away...then, all of a sudden they're on top of you and life is crazy and then the summer's gone. Maybe it's because my oldest starts school in the fall but this summer has gone by way too fast. It's kind of a bittersweet summer because of the approaching school. I'm sure I'll get over it and it'll all be good but it just seems too soon to be tied up in school stuff. Though I was at Staples yesterday and just had to look at some school supplies. I just had to pick them up and touch them and remember how great it felt the night before school started when I had all my new school supplies laid out in the living room so pretty and new. It was so exciting. I know that's incredibly nerdy but I hope my kids at least feel some of the excitement I did at going to school.

Anyway, before school starts there is still much to be done. We're still waiting for our roof to be redone...hopefully soon as we're starting to get some days (maybe even a week) with no rain. I've booked in for our fence to be replaced at the end of August and hopefully our deck will go in at the same time. I also need to get my butt in gear on painting the master bedroom. First, walls need to be washed and things hauled out and then I figure it should take me two to three weekends to paint everything. My fabric came in, though, so my cushions should be done soon. I'm getting very excited!

Swimming lessons start Monday, too. I can't believe they're here. It seems like just yesterday my sister-in-law and I were deciding which groups and times to put the kids in. We have two weeks of those (which should be fun), then a week off, then a week of VBS, another week off and then school starts. Also, in the middle of swimming lessons is the football game that some of my family will come into town to go to. I think Xander wants to go so I'll probably end up staying home but they'll have fun. I'm assuming that those two weeks off will end up being crazy, too. This week wasn't supposed to be too bad but we had Jonathan's vaccinations, then a doctor's appointment. Then my sister-in-law and I went out to buy the kids outfits that co-ordinated for their annual picture (we managed to do it mostly at one store, even!). Then we went over to play in their pool and Xander ended up having a sleep over so I ended up going back there today. I think Monday was the only day we weren't out of the house. Oh yeah, in there somewhere an appraiser came to look at the house. Life would just be boring if it weren't crazy, eh? The amazing thing is, we didn't even have a vacation planned and one of our kids is still an infant so we'll have to add one more set of activities in the future!

I'm actually sad that we aren't going on a vacation this year. It wasn't practical to plan one with me having a baby near the end of May. There were too many unknowns. Now, he's turned out to be such an easy baby that I'm antsy to go away. It just won't work with our other commitments, though. A LEGO store opened up in Calgary this past week and I'd love to take the kids to Calaway Park so that is so tempting but I guess it'll have to wait until next summer!

Well, I've typed a lot without really saying too much but I just felt like putting in a life update so I hope you enjoy this if you're reading it and I'll be back with some scrapbook pages on Monday!

Until next time...


  1. I LOVE school supplies. Just seeing them in the store makes me excited. I don't get to buy any of course but oh I do so remember the joy of the new schoo supplies! And an appraiser! You're not selling that house...are you?

  2. Ah, now I understand your comment on Jen's post. I was more excited about getting a few new dresses for school (yes you young ones, I had to wear a dress every day for all 13 years!!). But, I DO love the crayons and artsy stuff! I like you just posting "words" (but you know I love your pictures and scrapbooking very much!). Kiss all my boys for me!

  3. I love new school supplies too (mmm, the smell of new crayons!!) - I am dangerous in Staples at this time of year! My kids get new crayons, markers, pencils, notebooks, erasers, everything every year too.....so much fun!