06 August, 2010

Whew! We're done for now...

Well, I have a couple of pages that I've scrapped just for fun that I want to show you so I thought I'd post. I'm also looking for validation as I showed my husband the lighthouse page (you'll see it soon) and asked him if it was pretty. His comment..."It's a picture, with words below it." I think it's better than that! That's what I get for asking a computer geek who's in the middle of a video game ;).

I am exhausted though. We've just finished the two weeks of swimming lessons (which usually included 30 to 60 minutes of play in the park). I had to go in the water with Evan and that was really tiring. They kids really enjoyed it. Xander didn't pass his level so I think we'll try again in the fall. We had some talks about the level of effort he put in but I think it was too little, too late. I didn't know we needed to until the second week, as I was in the water and unable to actually watch his lesson. He has made really good progress, though, and just has a couple more things he needs to work on. He wants to be in the same level as his cousin next summer, though, so we'll have to see what we can do (she's a bit of a fish). Evan's levels are solely based on age so as long as he's old enough, he can pass. They are really tired, though. It's good to have this break because it got us out and active a bit more. There was barely any TV these past two weeks and they hardly even objected for nap time! Evan does have a giant bump where he slipped and hit his head on the tile floor but he seems to have recovered. Now we have a week off before VBS starts up at church and another crazy week begins!

I'm really actually supposed to be cleaning so I'll just post those pictures already and get going!

This is a bunch of Jonathan smiling - he really is an easy baby and is such a good smiler...though we have pictures tomorrow so he probably won't smile at all! ;)
Kit - So Big! by Man in the Moon Designs
Leaves - Easter Morning by Man in the Moon Designs and Stolen Moments
Template by YB Designs

This is the lighthouse one...it's from my trip to Hawaii back in 2000.
Kit - Coastal Getaway by Scrap Matters Design Team

Well, I really should get back to the work I should be doing!

Until next time...


  1. Gorgeous, Gorgeous!! I will say it if Jason won't! I love the lighthouse picture! And, of course, the all smiles of our little man!! so cute!!!

  2. Love it too! (I probably would have smacked him, but I'm his sister.)