29 August, 2010

The Big Day!!

Well, tomorrow is it...it's the big day...kindergarten!! I can't believe it's here. In some ways it seems to have snuck up on me but Xander's gotten so big that it really is time! I have mixed emotions...I'm not ready for it but I loved school and hope he will, too. I scrapped this page last week. I did it for a challenge on blending but it seemed so appropriate with the baby fading into the background and the little boy now the focus. I just love how it turned out, too, I've been trying to refine my pages and this one actually turned out almost how I envisioned!

Kit - A Time to Learn by Stolen Moments
Word Art by Scraps 'n Pieces
Date Stamp - The Only Date Stamps You'll Ever Need by Stolen Moments

This is what the journalling says, if you're curious:

You have made life an adventure for us all. The first born child is such a new and different thing that there is no way to describe it but as a daring adventure. It seems like you have been ours for forever and yet for such a short time. You are now 4 1/2...almost 5, really and you are about to go off to kindergarten. You are so excited but I'm not so sure that I'm ready to be sending you off so soon! I know you will do great and this will just lead to so many more daring adventures in both your life and in ours!

I also made this page this week and I think it is super cute! It was for a speed scrap over at Stuff to Scrap - it seems like forever since I've speed scrapped and I've missed them!

Kit - Wynken, Blynken & Nod by Stolen Moments and Scraps by Jenn

Last but definitely not least...today is another big day because it is my husband's birthday! We had an evening with his family and he got to play some of the fun games he got (or had previously). Despite the rest of my post, I'm not so good with the sappy stuff so just suffice it to say that I love you Jason and I'm glad that I'm the one who gets to celebrate all your birthdays with you!

I'll sign off now but I'll be back tomorrow with another new kit and some layouts (and hopefully good news of the first day!!)

Until next time...

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  1. I absolutely love the page of Xander's! And the journaling is so wonderful! You do have a way with words and pictures! Love it!!