16 February, 2009


Well, this has been quite a weekend.  I went with a group of ladies from our church to Shekinah Resort (up near Saskatoon) for a retreat.  Before I left, I did get to do a quick speed scrap and here's the page I made.  The boys didn't let me work in peace so I wasn't really sure how it would turn out but I think it turned out quite well.
Kit used: About a Boy by A Work in Progress designs by Vicki
Frame is Grungy Frame 6 by Kylie M Designs
Greenery is from Love in Black & White by Bidouille

Anyway, the retreat was really good and I enjoyed it thoroughly.  In fact, I'd say it was likely my favourite retreat out of all the ones I've been on.  I just had a really good time crafting and visiting with people I don't get to see much.  I also found the sessions very challenging.  They were related to trading up to what God has for us, rather than spending our time in our own little worlds.  We need to step out of our comfort zones and surrender everything to God.  Surrender was a really big theme and God brought several things to my mind that I've been trying to do myself (with little or no success) and need to surrender to Him.  Several ladies gave stories of their surrender and it was so encouraging to hear the struggles that finally ended in surrender and God's peace and blessing.  Since it was Valentine's Day weekend, the chocolate also flowed freely at the event and that is always a good thing!

However, on the bus ride home, Jason's sister got a call from her husband that Jason's uncle (his dad's sister's husband) had fallen off a roof on the weekend and was severely injured.  This was the uncle that Jason worked for for many years.  It was a fairly big shock.  This is also only about three months after Jason's grandpa died (his dad's dad).  (Coincidentally, while I was at the prayer retreat).  Anyway, this couple has two grown children, one who is out of the country on vacation and can't return until Wednesday.  Jason's aunt and other cousin do have family around to support them (both physical family and spiritual family) but things are tough.  They need much prayer so if you think of us and/or them, please pray.

I will return, likely later tonight with pictures from the last few days.

Until next time...

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  1. Very glad to hear you enjoyed the retreat. I haven't heard much feedback from it yet and I found it hard to read the women during the weekend. (Guess it didn't help that I was always sitting in the front row! :) I love your pictures. Any you would be willing to send my way would indeed be accepted!!