11 February, 2009

Days 37-41 I finally got here!

Hi all!  I guess the time has just gotten away from me and I meant to blog sooner but I'm here now!  Things have been good around here.  We didn't do too much this past weekend.  Our play date went wonderfully on Friday!  Xander didn't even really play shy.  I had expected to have to help him warm up to the other kids for the first 20 or 30 minutes but he and the other boy (who is a year older than him) just took off playing right away.  I had to walk Xander upstairs but then I was free to go.  They had so much fun playing together and it was a really good morning.  (It turned into lunch, too, because my kids always want to stay for lunch...thanks Neysa for letting us impose!).

Saturday we had a few errands to do.  We took Xander to get some blood drawn for some routine tests...nothing major.  However, Jason had tried to do it the weekend before and they couldn't get a vein so he left.  This time, I had to hold him.  Now, he's very good with his immunization needles - no crying, no nothing (even while watching them) but he'd already had a bad experience here, so he freaked out when she was just feeling his arm.  He also made them take the blood from the arm they hadn't tried the week before!  They got it the first time this time, though, so it was all good.  After that, we went to Home Depot to pick up some bolts and ended up with flooring.  They had boxes of bamboo hardwood flooring for about half the price I've ever seen it for before.  This is what I want for our bedroom.  Jason suggested that we pick some up as this is a project we can do ourselves (we did the laminate).  He had to go back without the car seats in to get the 14 boxes that we needed!!  The car was full but our next project is now sitting in my bedroom and it is pretty!

Work is getting quite busy for me.  We're starting to have tax forms due and there are a couple of major projects that we have going right now.  I'm not really sure how it will all get done, but it will.  Jason's really busy at work this week, too, so we've been pretty tired.

I have managed to do a little bit more scrapping.  These are for more challenges on the Digi-Designs by Nicole (DDBN) forum.  They're also pages for photo books I'm working on so I can kill two birds with one stone.  Yay!

This is from our family gathering in Pine Cove last summer:
Credits: Kit is Blissful Morning by Raspberry Road Designs
Alpha is Dandelion Dreams by A Work in Progress by Vicki
Template is Template 05 by Schadow
This layout is for a book I hope to do for Xander but I thought the quote and the pictures went together so well.  Just remember the friendship is not father and son but boy and machines!!
Credits: Papers & wire from Big Top by Stolen Moments
Elements (except screw) from Built Tough by Raspberry Road Designs
Screw from What Little Boys are Made Of Mini-kit by Fairytale Studios
Alpha is Dirty Boy Alpha by Misty Cato
Template is Blog Template 15 also by Misty Cato
I really like how both of these turned out.  Participating in this forum and the challenges and seeing what others do has already improved my scrapping, I think.  It's much better than some of the pages I just threw together for my Mexico scrapbook!

Now, here are my pictures (there are five of them today so get ready for a long list...).

Day 37:
This is the playpen where my wonderful child, Evan naps.  He woke up from his nap one day and was quiet so I didn't realize it.  However, with him, quiet is always trouble.  Sure enough, when I heard some rustling, Jason went to get him and found this.  Somehow, he had reached the Christmas wrap that was an arm's length or more away and unrolled and tore up a bunch of it.  Oh, the antics of children!

Day 38:
This is my car full of flooring.  It just barely fit in there, but that is 14 boxes (enough to do about 330 square feet of bedroom).  Yay!

Day 39:
This picture was also a challenge on the DDBN forum.  The challenge was to take a picture of your favourite drink.  I went out to the store, bought the ingredients and made a strawberry daiquiri (non-alcoholic, of course).  This is my most favourite drink.  I think pina colodas are second.  I don't have either of them very often because they're a lot of work to make.

Day 40:
Here are Evan and I.  He has been a bit of a picky eater lately.  All he seems to want is fruit.  Granted that's better than junk food but still not a balance diet, even by my standards!  He absolutely loves bananas and just stuffs his mouth full when he eats them.  It's actually pretty cute.  I was trying to get a pic with him stuffing the banana in his mouth but he just kept sitting on my lap (probably to look at the back of the camera, as he always does).  So, this turned into a self-portrait, too.

Day 41:
This is my new vacuum.  I got it about 3 weeks ago.  My old one was dying (I had bought it about 12 1/2 years previous) and then I made the mistake of vacuuming up some drywall dust with it.  Well, after that, all it did was spew drywall dust.  So, we went out and got a new one.  I kinda wanted one of those Dyson ones, but $650 is a little steep.  Instead I got this Hoover Windtunnel.  It's still a bagless, which I am really enjoying, and it works very well (especially compared to my old one).  The carpets looked entirely different after the first vacuuming and we've had to use the scissors on the shag carpet downstairs because the suction keeps pulling up strings.  It's really great!

Anyway, it's getting late and this is long.  I probably won't be back on here for a few days because I'm heading out to our church's ladies retreat this weekend.  It is up at Shekinah, near Saskatoon.  I think it'll be a lot of fun.  I'll let you know how it goes.

Until next time...

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