16 February, 2009

Days 42-46 A mish-mash of things...

As I promised earlier, here are my pictures for the last few days.  I'm going to try to get this posted before I go hem a couple of pairs of pants.  Today was not quite as productive as I had hoped but they never seem to be.

Day 42:
This was taken right after care group Wednesday night.  This is my massive Bible.  It was a mother's day present a couple years back.  There wasn't much to choose from so Jason (I mean Xander) got me the large print NIV study Bible.  I wanted a large print one because my eyesight is just not so good and it is so much easier to read than the tiny print they make most Bibles in.  Now, since about half of it is study notes, I figure that they could take those out and make the print twice as big and then we'd really have an easy to read Bible!

Day 43:
Here is Evan sitting at his high chair, praying for supper.  It's so very cute now that he's learned to clasp him hands and bow his head (or at least slink down in his chair in some approximation).

Day 44:
This is my arrival at the church for departure to Shekinah and the ladies' retreat.  This was our charter bus (and we took a few vans).  It seemed to be a really new bus as it looked fresher and the style was a bit different than I'm used to.  Also, the TV screens were huge!  Not something you used to see on a bus.  It's very nice not having to worry about driving to the retreats anymore!  It was an enjoyable ride until the hill into Shekinah.  It's steep and narrow so the bus has to work hard at getting around the corners.  There were a few ladies who were motion sick and I was even starting to not feel so well.  We all made it, though, and eventually recovered!

Day 45:
This was Valentine's Day at the retreat.  As such, there was plenty of chocolate floating around.  On Saturday evening there was even chocolate (and caramel) fondue.  It was so incredibly yummy and the ladies did a really beautiful job of arranging the fruit.  I thought this was definitely worth a picture!

Day 46:
This is the view from the main lodge at Shekinah.  It is in the river valley and has such a lovely setting.  There is a serious tubing hill (and dangerous given the number of walking wounded we had on the weekend), a luge run and a skating pond.  I mostly did indoor crafting but I did manage to go for a short walk Saturday afternoon.  It really was a beautiful day but still a bit on the nippy side.  I also snuck out for a (very) brief time Saturday night just to look at the stars.  It was clear and you could see the amazing sky like you don't get to in the city.  It was really cold by then, though, so I didn't stay out too long.

Anyway, I guess I should go hem pants now.

Until next time...

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