22 February, 2009

Days 47-50 And on I go...

It's been awhile since I've blogged but it seems that life has been hectic.  There are all the usual things plus it has been stressful on Jason since his uncle went into the hospital.  Also, I found out on Wednesday that my aunt has breast cancer.  It does run in my father's family but still, it's just another one of those situations where there is nothing to do but pray and trust God!  I did manage to get a bit of my kitchen primed.  It's very exciting to see things changing colour.  I bought all my paint so hopefully I'll be able to get a fair bit of work done on the weekend.  I've just been somewhat drained this week so I haven't done much.  I have still managed to take a picture every day.  I'm really proud of myself for sticking with this.  It's really not that big a stretch for me, though, because I take a lot of pictures, anyway!  It's really just made me try to come up with clever ideas for pictures.  I have gotten a bit more scrapping done and I'm really enjoying the fruits of my labour.  Although, as Jason points out, I have a couple pages of many albums done, but I really do plan on finishing them!

This one is from a speed scrap at DDBN Forum.  I'm happy with it given that I kept getting interrupted and wasn't concentrating too hard!  We also got to learn how to make the picture bendy like that.  It took some figuring since I use different software than everyone else but it was fun to learn something new!
Kit used: Reflections by Farrah Smith Designs
Curled border paper from Autumn Dream by A Work in Progress
Tag from My Guy by Stacey Towers
Alpha from After Dusk Collab by Digi-Designs by Nicole
Word Art by Lara's Digi World

This next one is from our trip to Pine Cove again.  It was for a template challenge on DDBN forum.  I did flip the template (which I usually don't do) so I like how i've started thinking beyond what I usually do.
Kit used: Watermelon by Digital Candy Sweet Tart Team
Blueberries from Fruit Cocktail Collab by Malily
Template is Template #6 by Nibbles Skribbles

I also did the very first page that I can put in our wedding album when I get to it.  I figured out how to make text follow a squiggly line and am very excited about it! 
Kit used: Purple Passion by Stacey Towers
Photo mask is template_by_malina4 by Malina
Butterfly is from Love in Black & White by Bidouille
Frame is from Nuit Magique by MOI

I have also finally got week 3 of my project 365 stuff scrapped.  These are a little more modern than I usually do, but I liked them.  I couldn't figure out where to journal on these so it took me a long time to finish, but here they are:

Both pages used Just You and Me by Petit Moineaux
Both used Template 080712 by Dumpty
Notepaper on page 2 is from Express Yourself by Ronna Penner

Looking at this now, I guess I did do a lot of scrapping this week.  Oh well, it will pay off when I finally get some books printed!

Now here are my pictures for the last few days (I haven't done them up to date because I can't decide which picture to use for day 51!!)

Day 47:
I finally got around to putting together some shelves I bought last summer for the boys room.  I painted them and just hadn't gotten them together.  Since Jason wasn't at home the boys were "helping" me.  Evan mostly did this by walking from board to board as they were laid out on the floor.  Xander pretended to build with his tools and, let me tell you, it was so cute when he pretended to read the instructions for the shelves before going to do something!

Day 48:
This picture really has two reasons.  First, the lights were very pretty reflected in the icicles hanging from our house.  Second, it shows how I am just a little lazy in that it is the end of February and I still haven't taken down my Christmas lights.  In fact, I don't actually take them down, I just unplug them and consider that "down" so I really have been lazy this year!

Day 49:
My sister and her husband stopped by for the night the other day.  They just had an errand that they needed to do in the city.  It's nice that we can see them a little more often, even if it's just an overnighter here and there.  Xander was very excited when I told him in the morning that Auntie Michelle and Uncle Tyler were here for breakfast.  The book they are looking at is a pop-up Star Wars book that Jason got for his birthday.  It's more like paper art and the light saber in this picture really does light up green.  I think that's what Michelle is amused by.

Day 50:
Thursday the boys and I went out for lunch with a friend and her three kids.  While it was a little crazy, the kids were really good at the restaurant.  Also, I really needed that.  I was just fried on Thursday and it was nice to just chat and have someone else cook.  We went to Johnny Fox's which is in a hotel nearby.  The nice thing is that, with each paying adult, you get a kids' meal for free!  For the price of fast food we could actually eat a sit down meal!  The kids were getting a bit antsy by the end (it was 1:30ish or so), hence the venturing out in the above pic.  The restaurant was empty by this time, though, so it was all good!

That has been life for now.

Until next time...

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  1. Okay, your flourish of scrapbooking is making me feel very frustrated with the lack of mine as of late. Maybe I need to switch to digital. I don't know what it is, but I just don't have the desire anymore!! Your pages look fantastic, by the way!