15 May, 2009

Days 128 to 134 - Feeling Better and Really Busy!

Well, I think I can actually say that everybody is over their illness here.  I think.  Although, it seems as though we have made several other people sick (sorry)!  It's been a crazy week, too, because we're trying to get ready to go on vacation (I've got a million things to do on Friday) and my sister is staying with us for a while.  She got a job in Regina and she and her husband will be moving here.  She started on Tuesday so she's staying with us until they find a place and all that good stuff.  Her husband's in Edmonton until the end of the month, too.  We were also busy Saturday (a baby shower and mother's day gathering), Sunday (the usual church stuff), Monday (symphony), Tuesday (curriculum meeting) and Wednesday (care group).  Nothing like keeping us on our toes!  I'm really hoping that our vacation will go well.  I don't have a plan like I usually do for this trip so hopefully things will be OK.  We just want a relaxed time to spend together as a family.  

I've done a little bit of scrapping this week.  I did a two pager for two of the challenges at STS.  Here it is (colour challenge and motto challenge):
Kit used - Family Traditions by Digital Candy Sweet Tart Team
Template - Template 87 Linear by Yin Designs

I also scrapped this page for the Use it or Lose it challenge.  They give us a mini-kit and you have to use EVERYTHING in it at least once.  It was fun and I like how the page turned out!
Kit used - Posh Baby Mini-Kit by Jenasis Designs

I did a little CT scrapping, too, and I'm going to try to pre-publish that so it all posts while we're on vacation.  I'll have to see if it works or not!

On to my pictures:

Day 128 (May 8):
Here it is...the first tulip of spring (at least in my yard).  I had to take a picture of it just to prove it really is spring.  It still snowed this week!!  What crazy weather we've been having this year.  Just a bit too cold for even me!!

Day 129 (May 9):
These are my Mother's Day flowers.  I got them early because Jason took the boys out to buy flowers and a gift.  Xander likes to pick the colour and always seems to pick the oddest colours.  Last year he wanted purple flowers and this year he wanted blue.  Good thing the florist dyes flowers!!  They also got me Dance Dance Revolution Disney Grooves for the Wii.  It was kinda fun when I played it but I haven't had much chance yet!  We also got together with Jason's Mom and family to celebrate Saturday evening.  It was fun but it was a very busy day!!

Day 130 (May 10):
This was actual Mother's Day and it was a beautiful day.  This is me with my two boys and the flowers they gave me!  We went out and went for a walk down to the lake in the evening and it was a wonderful walk.  The boys had been kinda cranky all day - tired and still getting over being sick so at least they were happy while we were outside!

Day 131 (May 11):
Monday evening Jason and I went to the symphony along with a couple of friends of ours.  It wad called "Video Games Live" and it was quite interesting.  They played the scores from many popular video games.  It was created and run by a couple of gaming composers.  Some of the music was surprisingly pretty.  I don't know a lot of the video games so much of it didn't mean anything to me but it was fun, anyway.  It was a VERY different crowd than what usually attends the symphony so that was really interesting to see, too.

Day 132 (May 12):
Here is a picture of my sister.  I informed her she had to go on my blog.  Really, she wasn't very co-operative about it but I got a picture anyway! ;)  I told her it's the price you pay for staying at my house!  Hee hee.

Day 133 (May 13):
Starting to get ready for vacation.  Tuesday the car went into the shop (I took this picture on Wed, though).  We got a roof rack and cargo box put on the top so that there will be a little more room inside the vehicle while we are traveling.  Let me tell you, little kids take up a lot of space!!

Day 134 (May 14):
I was searching for a picture Thursday so I decided to take a picture of this little bag I bought.  It's going to be my diaper bag while we're on vacation.  A couple diapers and some wipes and maybe a sippy cup fit in there just about perfectly.  No point in hauling around my gigantic diaper bag with very little in it.  This will be much more convenient.

Well, all caught up now.  I'm not sure how often I'll post while we're on vacation. It'll depend on internet connection, exhaustion factors and all that good stuff.  I will try to drop in and say hi, if I can.  If you want, Jason keeps a blog while we travel and posts on it every day if we have internet.  That blog is www.jasonandsandraberkan.blogspot.com.  You can click here to go to it.

Until next time...

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