07 May, 2009

Day 121 to 127 - No creativity for a title today...

Well, it's been a hairy week.  Evan was sick Monday night so I stayed home from work on Tuesday to look after him.  Well then, I got a cold on Wednesday but didn't really feel that I could stay home again (when you only work three days a week, it's really hard to call in sick for two of them).  It was a miserable day but then I really got sick Wednesday night and Xander even threw up a little this morning.  Now, Jason's sick, too.  Well, I guess better this weekend than next when we're supposed to head off on vacation!  In the midst of all this, my sister stayed with us for a couple days, too.  Hopefully we haven't made too many people sick!

I do have an exciting announcement, though!  I've been accepted to another Creative Team (CT)!  This one is for Eva Marina Scraps (you can check out her blog here).  I'm very excited about this.  She has got an awesome kit coming to the Stuff to Scrap store on Monday and I can't wait to show the layouts I've done with it!  She's also hosting a Desktop Challenge over at STS - I haven't gotten to it yet but it looks like a really fun challenge.

Well, other than CT stuff, I haven't done any scrapping since last week so I guess that I just have pictures to post today.  With being sick and all, I'm not too creative and I'll get mostly to the point, now!

Day 121 (May 1):
I took the boys for a walk (not the best idea since it was windier than I realized) and I decided to snap a pic of our church.  This end of the church is to be the site of a major renovation this summer (or whatever that means in renovation time) so I thought I snap a pic of it before the major changes occur.  It's exciting and very daunting all at the same time!!

Day 122 (May 2):
Here is Xander in the sand box.  Let me tell you, this is the thing he was most excited about this spring.  He could not wait for the snow to melt so that he could go play in the sand.  He really loves it in there - I have the feeling that much of the summer will be out there!

Day 123 (May 3):
Please don't judge me on the song title ;).  Apparently it is the easiest drum song to play.  This was Jason's big achievement this week, but if you want to know exactly what it was, you'll have to ask him.  He hates when I spoil all his news by posting it on my blog so...ask him about this if you see him!

Day 124 (May 4):
Again, here is Xander (last week was very Evan-centric so I tried to do more Xander this week).  He's happily downing a pudding for night lunch.  This is one of his absolute favourite night lunches!

Day 125 (May 5):
So, my sister Ronaele came to stay with us for a day or so while she attended some interviews in Regina.  She went to bed before I could subject her to the "you're staying at my house so your pic goes up on my blog" picture.  This is a picture of her boots (cute, aren't they?).  Anyway, she's accepted a job in Regina so she and her husband are moving here.  She'll be staying with us for a bit, as the job starts right away.  We'll get the picture of her then ;).

Day 126 (May 6):
This is my bed, where I went by 9:15 p.m.  For me, that is extremely early but that's how wonderful I was feeling Wednesday night!

Day 127 (May 7):
It's almost impossible to capture the perfect moment of the going to bed but this is where Evan is about to give Xander a good-night kiss.  They are very cute.  When Evan goes to bed, I tell him to say good-night to Xander and they always hug or kiss or something.  It's really very sweet!

Yay, I made it through all the pictures.  Hopefully we'll all start to feel better soon.  I have to head in to work tomorrow for the morning to meet with a client so I'm hoping that today's rest will have made all the difference!

Until next time...

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