01 May, 2009

Crazy long post - Day 114 to 120

Okay, here goes my post...There is a ton going on in the scrapbooking world as Saturday is National Scrapbook Day.  There are tons of challenges and fun going on at the forums I hang out at.  It's going to be a very scrap-tastic weekend!  Stuff to Scrap is featuring their new designers on their blog and the first thing I want to do is tell you about today's.  She is Eva Marina Scraps and she has two gorgeous quick pages that she is giving out free.  You can find this one on the Stuff to Scrap blog here.
And this one on her blog here.
I've also got some pages that I have completed recently.  I was RAK'd (Random Act of Kindness) by Stolen Moments and she gave me a coupon to her store.  I was able to get her kit Alphabet Remix for free!  I was so excited!!  Here is one of the layouts I did with it.  I did another and it was totally cute, but I couldn't get it to upload so maybe another day.
Kit used - Alphabet Remix by Stolen Moments
Alpha - Iron Alpha by Elegant Word Art by Bethany

I've also already done a couple of layouts for the National Scrapbook Day challenges over at Stuff to Scrap.  This one was for the slogan challenge.  I used Apple Computer's slogan "Think Different".
Kit used - Orange You Glad by Jenasis Designs
Alpha - Sophisticated Grunge by Stolen Moments

I also did this one for the recipe challenge.
Kit used - Christmas Morning Collab - parts by Sweet as Mel,
Random Inspirations by Monica, Latte'Dah Designs and Kim's Scrappin'

Here are two other pages I did that I think turned out great. I really love the wave page and the ring page turned out just like I envisioned it!
Kit used - Sea Foam by Dream Big Designs

Kit used - Heart Things by Imagine by Fran
Ivy - My Friend's Wedding by A Work in Progress

Now, on to the pictures!

Day 114 (April 24):
We were out driving on Friday and I noticed how beautiful the sky was so, when I got home, I went out and took a picture.  It really doesn't do the clouds justice.  They were so big and fluffy against the bright blue sky!

Day 115 (April 25):
It was finally nice enough to go outside for awhile and the boys totally LOVE playing in the yard.  Jason was doing some work and I just thought that this picture of Evan following his Daddy was SO cute!!

Day 116 (April 26):
Apparently, it was Evan week this week.  He was tired here and was so cute just laying his head on his Dad's shoulder.

Day 117 (April 27):
This was an exciting day.  These were the first dishes to FINALLY go back in my cupboards.  The cupboards are not yet full because I can't quite decide how I want to organize them but things are slowly but surely going in!  Also, this is a fairly accurate colour representation of my cupboards, in case you're wondering.

Day 118 (April 28):
And, on Tuesday April 28, this is what we woke up to...snow!  Again.  You think it would quit already.  Luckily, there wasn't too much and it melted fairly quickly, but still.  This is not what you want to wake up to in the spring.  At least the 5-10 cm that we were supposed to get Wednesday never materialized.

Day 119 (April 29):
See what I mean - Evan week.  When I uploaded my pictures today, I discovered this was the only one I had from Wednesday.  It was some goofy thing that I snapped to see if my camera still worked after Evan had dropped it.  I was gonna delete it but thought he was kinda cute.  Good thing I kept it!

Day 120 (April 30):
Tax season is over!!  Well, not really since self-employed people have until June 15, but the push is over!!  It's a good feeling to know that things will calm down a bit at work and we can catch up on all the other stuff that's been put off until now.  Anyway, to celebrate, we thought we'd try the new Chili's restaurant.  It was OK.  I don't know if I'd bother driving all the way to the East end for it but, for what it is, it was good.  If you followed that, congratulations!

Well, there we go - caught up on P365, scrapbooking info in and now I can scrap this weekend!

Until next time...


  1. I love the pictures and scrapping this week. Your pages really turned out beautiful and the boys bathing with no water - too cute!! Also loved the one of Evan and Jason walking! Good job!

  2. I came here to tell you I saw you guys leaving Chili's last night when we were just getting there, my husband and I...and you were right, it's just Ok. We said we wouldn't go again...
    great pictures!!