14 June, 2009

Another Kit to Show You...

Hi all!  Well, another crazy weekend has come and gone.  Strangely, I didn't really get everything done that I wanted to...do I ever?  I'm posting this late so it will be short.  I have all my P365 pics from my vacation chosen, now I just have to resize and upload!!  This week will be the week to do that, I think - as long as it stays only somewhat crazy.  Today we had church, then a BBQ with our care group for lunch, then a supper BBQ for my niece's birthday.  It was a very hectic day!  Yesterday was "attack the yard" day.  When we vacation in May, it always gets out of hand before we get back.  Jason got the lawn done and I got some weeding done.  Now I have to buy a few things to plant.  I wasn't sure if I would but Xander got upset when there weren't any tomatoes growing outside, so I guess I'll plant some.  On the bright side, the weather was gorgeous!

I have got some scrapping done but I'm tired so I won't post that all right now, either.  Maybe tomorrow night (if our church meeting doesn't go too late) I'll post some of that!  Tuesday's grocery shopping and hopefully the rest of the week will be quieter.  Maybe I'll start to get the kitchen cabinet doors done (wouldn't that be nice?!).  I did get a little more of the kitchen moved back in this weekend, though!

Anyway, now for that kit that I was talking about.  This one is by the lovely Scraps of Ellay.  It's called Sara Smile and I just LOVED the colours in it.  It is such a cute kit and I had so much fun playing with it.  I made THREE layouts this week and I think they all turned out pretty good!

First, here is the preview of the kit.  You can get it FREE this week on Lori's blog.  She's giving it out in parts again so make sure to keep heading back!

This one was from our recent vacation.

I think that's all.  Time to go to bed now!!

Until next time...

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