22 June, 2009

Free Kit...Sale...Layouts...General Scrapbooking Stuff!!

OK.  I think I'm ready to post.  It was a slow day at work and that always makes me more tired than I should be.  I was also the only person in the office so there was nothing to break up the monotony.  I'm really glad that I only work 3 days a week.  I can't imagine doing all 5 again!!

Anyway, I've got a GREAT new kit to show you from Scraps of Ellay.  She has created a really cute kit called Summertime Lovin' and she has it free on her blog all this week.  After that it goes in the store so hurry on over!!  I'll admit that I don't usually work with such bright colours but I absolutely loved the papers in this kit!  First, I'll show you the two LO's I did with this kit!

I love how this kit goes with the sidewalk chalk!  So fun!  Now, here is a preview of the kit and the link.
Also, there's a sale on this weekend at Stuff to Scrap!  It's some amazing discounts and there are tons of great items that you could go shopping for!  Here are the details:

Now, I realize that i haven't posted layouts in a long time so there are quite a few of them.  I've been having some fun scrapping, lately.  I've got the book I'm working on done except for the cover!  (Now if only I had an idea of what to use...)  I'm excited about that because when I get the cover done, I can get it printed!!  Yay!!!!  Anyway, let's start the journey through these LO's.  Hopefully I really haven't posted these before because I couldn't exactly remember!

More of the book that I'm working on:
Background paper - Choco Cherry Collab by Flowerscraps
Other papers - Caramel Chocolat by Timounette
Template - Close 2 You Quick Click by Stacey Jewell Stahl

This was for a word of the week challenge at STS.  The word was beauty and I found this quote.  I knew it would go great with this picture from Notre Dame in Paris.  I like how the LO turned out kind of arty - the picture especially.
Paper - Pure Tendresse by Galiscrap
Word Art - by me ;)

This is a really cute one of Jason and Xander!
Kit used - My Best Friend by Bidouille

These are pictures from our recent vacation of the train attaching the load of lumber to take back with us.  It was an interesting experience and I tried to get photos in progression.
Kit used - Route 101 by Heather T. and Viva Artistry

I finally did a baby one for Evan.  This was for a "grab bag" challenge.  Basically, she gave us a list of wedding items and asked which four we would be in charge of for our best friend's wedding.  They each stood for something you had to use in your LO.  It was a lot of fun!
Kit used - Wynken, Blynken & Nod by Stolen Moments & Scraps by Jenn

I did this for the desktop challenge (hosted by Eva from Eva Marina Scraps) at STS.  It was my first desktop and I think it turned out cute.  This is what I stare at when there's nothing open on my home computer!
Kit used - Beach Glass by Gingerscraps
Calendar strip - Beach Bum by Digi-Designs by Nicole

I love how this page of Xander and his Grandpa turned out.  It's so cute!
Kit used - Family Memories by Digi-Designs by Nicole
Wire Heart - Hello Easter by Digi-Designs by Nicole

Well, I think that's all for me right now.  It's early and I have things to do but I'm tired already so we'll see how that goes!!

Until next time...

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