31 October, 2009

Days 263 to 276 and Funny Halloween Story

First, for the funny story. We don't really do anything for Halloween, but I won't get into that in this post. So, basically, we stay home and hand out candy to the 12 kids that show up at our door. I always buy a ton so we can eat some, too (too much, probably). Anyway, this year we had a couple of families come with little kids (about the same age as ours). The one family came and when I opened the door, their little boy ran right into the living room, sat down and started playing with the boys' cars that were on the living room floor! He totally wasn't interested in the candy or his parents trying to get them to leave. His dad had to come in and pick him up to get him to leave. It was quite funny. That boy certainly wasn't shy!

Anyway, let's get back to the pictures. They're still from September, but I think I actually move into October with this set!! Yay.

Day 263 (Sept 20):
This is a continuation of the weekend we spent in Virden. Here is my sister Michelle and her husband Tyler, posing with the cake the church had gotten to congratulate him on his ordination. He's now a Reverend (though I can't see me using the title too often ;) ).

Day 264 (Sept 21):
Monday Night Football. Out comes the jersey, game goes on the big screen. This is Monday nights from September to January-ish. Jason doesn't really like the new announcers but he still seems to be addicted. Often, the kids want to put their jerseys on, too.

Day 265 (Sept 22):
This was proof that it was actually fall. September 21st or 22nd (I don't remember which one) would have been the first day of fall and this leaf (there were a very few on the ground) was proof that it was fall. In the next picture, you'll see why we needed proof.

Day 266 (Sept 23):
Do you see those numbers in red? Do you see the date at the top? On September 23, 2009 the high was 30 degrees Celsius. This is not normal for this time of year. It certainly did not feel like fall at all!

Day 267 (Sept 24):
I actually won a prize. It doesn't usually happen to me. I had gone to a Mary Kay demonstration with my sister and sister-in-law at the beginning of August. The consultant had put all our names in this draw. I had completely forgotten about it but then got a phone call that I had won. That was pretty cool. It was a bag, some make-up and a pair of sunglasses that are supposed to look good on pretty much anyone. They look horrible on me, so if anyone would like to try a pair of sunglasses, let me know!

Day 268 (Sept 25):
This was a story hour day (when we actually went, cause I don't think we've gone since then). These are Xander and Evan's projects from that day. It was a perfect day as trucks and big machines were the theme. That was the most perfect theme for my boys!

Day 269 (Sept 26):
This was the day we took the boys to see The Backyardigans on stage. It was their first ever function. Here they are in their seats with their tickets. We actually only used two of the four seats because neither of them are heavy enough to comfortably hold down the seats! They really enjoyed it, though. The first half was spent completely enthralled. It got a bit long for Evan but he just walked around our seats, then.

Day 270 (Sept 27):
Here is Xander (Sunday is football day so he's wearing his jersey). He was being so cute and just yelling "Gentlemen, start your engines!" into the Wii microphone. He'll also use it to sing the (American) national anthem just like they do before car races!

Day 271 (Sept 28):
This is Evan's favourite book...NFL Colors. He has to read it every single night! This is his favourite page...I think because he could say it first. He kinda says pu-ple but he loves to say it.

Day 272 (Sept 29):
Here is Evan with one of his purple faces! Both the boys so love blueberries and this is what they look like after eating them. I thought this picture would be great with his favourite colour.

Day 273 (Sept 30):
This week I took both Monday and Tuesday's pictures on Tuesday. This happens on occasion. I had no ideas for a picture on Wednesday. Monday I didn't get any pictures taken because I had fallen asleep on the couch. So, I figured Wednesday's picture could be of the excuse for not taking Monday's on Monday (if that makes any sense to you!!).

Day 274 (Oct 1):
Thursday it rained. Quite a bit. There were puddles and I thought the rain looked really pretty making its little splashes in the puddles so I tried to take a picture of it and this is what I came up with. I think it turned out nice.

Day 275 (Oct 2):
This was my sister-in-law Jodi's birthday but she shared it with Lucas (whose birthday is on the 7th). So, we had a party for both of them that day. I don't have a picture of them together so I decided to go with Lucas and the cute Mario Bros. mushroom cake Jodi made for him.

Day 276 (Oct 3):
I just had to take this picture because of the conversation that revolved around it. I call this Mr. Potato Head's "butt". So, you put stuff in his butt. Of course, with Xander being 3, it ended up with..."What's in Mr. Potato Head's butt?" "Poop" Ha ha ha ha. They just say the most wonderful things!!

Anyway, I'm not caught up, but I'm catching up. At least I'm into October now! However, it is late and I'm tired.

Until next time...


  1. I just love Evan's "purple mouth" pictures. First the sidewalk chalk, now blueberries. You should get a few more and get a theme going.

  2. Cute pictures! The one of the rain is cool! Was that out the backdoor? I like all of them!! 'specially the sleeping one - tired are we??