21 October, 2009

Wild Wild West and Have a Laugh on Me

First for the laugh...they say if you can't laugh at yourself, who can you laugh at? The answer, today, anyway, is me. My sister-in-law Jen says she needs inspiration for things to blog about...just have mornings like this and you'll have lots to write! Anyway, the morning started off as usual. I had a bit of a headache and cough from the boys but not too bad. The cough kept me up a bit so I probably could have been in a better mood. Jason left to catch his bus and I was trying to get the boys out the door to the sitter's. Evan was not in a good mood so it was a bit of a hassle but we finally got shoes and jackets on, backpacks ready and were out the door. I grabbed my keys off the hook as usual, locked the door handle and shut the door behind me. I went to lock the deadbolt and realized I had grabbed Jason's keys and had no house keys. D'oh! Now, this has actually happened several times in the last few months. I just go to work and have to wait for Jason when we get home. I was thinking, oh I'll just email him and let him know. Then I turned around and saw my garage. Our lovely garage, which, until recently housed a never-used Neon (now sold) and which has a wonderful automatic garage door opener given to my husband as a Christmas gift from my parents. However lovely our garage is, I then realized that it was now housing my car. And the doors were locked. And I had no keys. Great. What to do, what to do? Well, I need a phone. So we walked three doors down to some neighbours' house (they also go to our church). I figured, they should be up and home because the kids would be getting ready for school. I don't really think they expected to see me at the door but they very graciously let us use the phone and impose on their morning for about an hour or so! Honestly, it was not until I was telling her what happened that it dawned on me that I should just put some house keys on Jason's car key. Now, it gets even better...I tried calling Jason at work...no answer. It was 10 after 8 so he should have been there. I couldn't recall him having a meeting or anything so I figured I'd try in a bit. My in-laws also have a key to our house but my mother-in-law does not get up that early. I gave her a quick call, anyway, just in case but, as I suspected...no answer. I called work to let them know I'd be late and I'm pretty sure my boss was laughing at me. I tried calling Jason a second time...no answer, then I tried a third time and left a message. He finally called me back just before 8:30. I guess he had missed his bus and just gotten to work. The whole time I was trying to call him, he was sitting a dozen blocks away at the Golden Mile Mall (he pointed out that if I'd let him get an iPhone, I could have caught him before he got to work). There was a bus leaving from downtown at about 8:35 so he quickly hopped that. It also lets him off right in front of the neighbours house. So, about half an hour later, he showed up, we walked home, dropped the boys off, drove Jason back to work and I was at work. It was only about an hour late, too. Not bad. In this process, though, it seems Jason lost his gloves somewhere so no the best start to the day. It is a bit funny, though, right?

Lessons from this story...I have much to be thankful for such as:

1. We live a quick bus ride from Jason's work.
2. I have lovely nieghbours who will let my boys play video games while I use their phone and impose on their morning in general.
3. There were keys somewhere...I did not have to break in.

Anyway, I also have a new kit to show you this week. It's a western themed collab between Scraps of Ellay and Scrappy Cocoa. It's quite cute, even though we're not very "Western" type people. It did go perfect with some pictures of Virginia City from our vacation this summer. I used a template by D'ylian for these:
I think they turned out pretty cute. This kit has gone straight to the store and it is 30% off for this week only! You can check out the previews below and pick it up here.

Scraps of Ellay:
Scrappy Cocoa:
Well, I hope I amused you a little bit!
Until next time...


  1. Sandra, that is seriously a very funny story. Love that Jay got a plug in for the iphone too!!!! Heee heee!!!

    Tell him he just needs to work his coding magic for Entero and I will ensure an iphone is involved in the deal!

    Also posted a comment to you on Jen's bout you reading the color me katie :) so excited for you - i love it!

  2. Note to self: Lock myself out of my house for a good blog story. Got it! As much as I didn't want to be a part of the whole cell phone world, they do come in handy for moments like those!!! (Tell Jay a bottom-of-the-line, cheap cell phone would have done the trick just as well!) :)

  3. I have a cheap bottom-of-the-line cell phone - my work cell phone. However, I would not answer it at the bus stop, as it is in the bottom of my backpack. I would answer an iPhone, because I would be busy playing a game on it, while I waited for the bus to arrive.

  4. Ah, technology! I, too, have often wondered if a cell phone (for emergencies and such) would be something we could use. Sorry, again, Sandra, that I didn't answer the phone. Dad says I wouldn't have been able to help you anyway, as he as the key in his van and I would have had to call him. "All things work together..."

  5. Great story and comments!! Although I am sorry this happened to you - it was amusing, and it did work out well! Also - you know me, I have had these things happen as well. Ask me about a couple weeks ago, when I couldn't find my keys and was supposed to serve coffee at the church in the afternoon....or maybe I will blog about it too!
    There is a website with blog prompts...plinky.com I think...