06 October, 2009

More Adventure Than I Care For on a Weekend

Well, I guess it's time to post a few of those pictures that I've updated. First off, the adventure. The weekend started out normal enough...birthday party for my sister-in-law and nephew on Friday, some errands and a baby shower on Saturday and church on Sunday. Then it started to get interesting. We got KFC for lunch on Sunday. Big mistake. I had a nap in the afternoon and when I woke up I went to sit at my computer. Not long after that I got the most excruciating pain in my abdomen. No position made it feel better - not laying down, not sitting, not standing, not fetal. So, I went to the ER. It was not terribly busy and the pain stopped just as we pulled up (doesn't it always). I had also fainted at home and totally bent my glasses. Anyway, we were there for a few hours and they kinda thought it was gall bladder related - stones or something so we went home and returned on Monday for an ultrasound and more waiting in the ER. Thankfully, it's not gall stones but I do have sludge in my gall bladder (great picture, eh? Maybe I should get Shell V-Power to clean out that engine sludge ;) ). Some of my blood tests hadn't gone down, though, so I get to go "give" more blood tomorrow. Hopefully the readings will have gone down and I will just avoid fatty (KFC) type foods. That did take up most of Monday, though. I will say, though, unlike some other times that I've been on the receiving end of our health care system (i.e. when I had my kids) I actually felt well looked after and like somebody, somewhere had a clue. The ER doc was even the same guy on Monday so that was nice. We spent some time waiting but given that it was usually for test results (which take at least an hour) the time in there really wasn't that significant. I'm not saying I'd like to repeat the process but I definitely did not have any of those horror stories that you sometimes hear.

Anyway, let's move on to the much more cheerful pictures:

Day 249 (Sept 6):
This is my parents' hole in Turtleford. Xander had a great time going to see it with Grandpa and then going back with the rest of us to see it, too. They tell me the hole is now getting filled up with things like walls and floors.

Day 250 (Sept 7):
In Grandma & Grandpa's garden picking wonky coloured carrots (I think these are the purple ones). The boys had fun with that...there were purple, bright orange, light orange and yellow ones. My parents like to grow whatever strange variations they can find!

Day 251 (Sept 8):
Back at home, just chillin' on the couch. I love pictures of the boys just sitting back on the couch like this. They look like such big people but in such miniature proportions...so cute!

Day 252 (Sept 9):
This was the battle du jour. Evan went hungry and sat at the table all night rather than eat one single bite of this pizza. Just a few days before, he had downed several pieces of a similar pizza but he was stubborn this day. He refused to eat it for breakfast the next day and finally had (I think) one teeny tiny bite at the babysitters. I think this child is going to be an "adventure" in the future!

Day 253 (Sept 10):
We went down to the public library this day and got library cards for me and the two boys. We signed up for story time, too. Evan never did get into his but Xander's is a drop-in and since Xander won't let me leave, I've managed to sneak in Evan, too. Quite frankly, Evan enjoys it at least as much as Xander but he's technically a year too young for that one, still. Oh well.

Day 254 (Sept 11):
Can you tell I was in a creative slump? These are my sunglasses. I like my sunglasses. Really. That's all there is to this picture.

Day 255 (Sept 12):
This is it. The cross-stitch that I did for my sister for her wedding. It is all completed and framed. I really like how it turned out. It took me so long to do this that it is just totally exciting to finally see it in a frame. Sometimes I wondered if it would ever get there!!

Well, that's all the pictures I have ready for now. I'm still a bit worn out from the adventurous weekend! Hopefully Thanksgiving will be a lot quieter.

Until next time...


  1. I love that picture of the library cards! Awesome!
    I am so sorry that you had such a rough couple of days! I am glad you have a few answers and will pray for good blood levels!
    We will miss you guys tonight! No incredibly deep insights without us, heh?? ;)

  2. Okay, so I'll stay away from KFC for awhile too, just in case. Hope everything's going better...

  3. That sucks it was such a crazy Sunday and that you were feeling so ill!!! And I must admit I wasn't sure where the story was heading - I had a couple of 'choose your own adventure endings':

    1. You were rushed into surgery for appendicitis
    2. Your entire household got sick with food poisoning
    3. You found out you were in labor with your 3 child and had no clue that you were even expecting.

    I must say - number 3 sounded like the page I would have turned too ;-)