18 January, 2009

Days 13 - 16 Family Times

It's been a while since I posted but things have been going on around here.  I did not progress on my kitchen as I had hoped to but that's because my parents stopped in on their way back from vacation.  They stopped in Friday night and stayed until Sunday afternoon.  It was good to visit with them.  We all enjoy it when they stop by.  Evan wasn't so sure at first because when Grandma showed up he figured Mom & Dad would be leaving again (she stayed with them while Jason & I went to Indianapolis a month and a half ago).  He did get over it, though, and had lots of cuddles with Grandma.  Grandpa and Xander had lots of fun playing on the Wii.  Xander's getting pretty good at bowling, actually, especially after Grandpa gave him a few tips!

Saturday night we got together with Jason's family for his sister, Jen's, birthday party.  Her birthday is two days after mine so I got some presents too.  We had a nice evening - the kids played, we visited and we even played a little Dance, Dance Praise (Christian DDR).  I prefer not to make a fool out of myself in front of quite so many people but I did try once!  (It was an easy song so I did fine...)

Anyway, I'm a little behind in my P365 so here are days 13 to 16 without further ado!

Day 13:
This is my office.  I decided to take a picture of the place that I spend almost half of my week.  I'm finally back in the area that I was before I went on mat leave and I really love having my nice big desk with the under-hutch light back (and my nice chair).  It feels a little like home, I've been there so long.  I never thought I'd be at a job for this long (this is my 9th year) but I've really enjoyed where I work.  Working part-time like I do now is wonderful for me, too.  I'm so fortunate that I was able to arrange that.

Day 14:
I thought that this was a cute picture of Xander.  After care group on Wednesday, I got my camera out, as I hadn't taken any pictures, yet.  He was playing with his cars and just started hamming it up for me (this is kind of unusual for him).  I got some cute pictures but I think this one with his cars was my favourite!

Day 15:
Thursday morning it was so incredibly cold outside (I think it was Wednesday night that it hit actual -40C - not -40C with the windchill but ACTUAL -40C on the thermometer!) but while we were getting ready for Moms' group, there was a gorgeous sunrise out my dining room doors.  This was the view.  The colours were so beautiful.  Gorgeous sunrises and sunsets are one of the things the Prairies are known for!  I would really miss this part if I lived in some other locations!  Amazing skies and vast bodies of water are two of the things that make me feel God's presence the most.  This was at about 9 a.m. Thursday morning, so you can see how short our winter days really are.

Day 16:
It's been so cold outside that the boys have been getting antsy.  I've been looking for indoor fun and Xander always wants to blow bubbles.  I figure, as long as it's not on the carpet it just gets the floor a little soapy.  That can be washed.  So, we started blowing bubbles.  Evan just loves it, too!  He gets the biggest smiles on his face as he watches the bubbles float through the air and tries to catch them!  It's so precious.  I love the expression on his face in this picture.  The other indoor idea that another mom gave me is to let them play with their mini construction machines in a container of grain.  Let me tell you, it is like an indoor sandbox and has kept Xander busy for hours on end!  (Thanks, Lindsey!)

Anyway, that's all the pictures I have ready for today.  I've started scrapbooking week 2 but I've only got one page done so far.

Until next time...


  1. Good pictures! I love the smile on Evan's face! And Xander, hamming it up for the camera? He IS growing up!!!

  2. The best part of my day today was when I left for work at 8:30 and it was already light out!!! Yeah for the days getting longer!

  3. I saw that same sunset! Gorgeous!
    You kids are cute! Great pictures!