29 January, 2009

Days 26 - 29 It's alive!!!

Well, the boys have succeeded in giving me their cold.  I finally succumbed to it yesterday.  I stuck out the day at work but I did not feel well.  I managed to go to moms' group this morning but I napped all afternoon after that.  Luckily, the boys let me.  It's just one of those annoying eyes watering, nose running, head sometimes aching kind of colds.  Hopefully it will go away tomorrow.  I did get to do something fun tonight... I attended my first speed scrap online.  It's a digital scrapbooking thing where you go to a forum and get instructions.  Basically, they give out a new instruction every 10 minutes for an hour and you follow them with your own interpretation.  When you're done, you have a page done.  It's quite fun, actually and stretches your creativity.  Here's the page that I scrapped:
Kits - Floral Reminiscence by Stolen Moments
Gems & Greenery from Gloss and Charm by Sev
I thought it turned out pretty cute.  The instructions are things like pick 4 patterned papers - one will be a matte for your picture and the other three cut into strips.  It gives you a lot of license but direction, too.  It was fun.

The week has just been busy as the beginning of the week always is (since that's when I work).  Tomorrow we still have a check up for Xander to go to so I hope the roads aren't too bad.  The light snow was making them fun!  I think I need to be a little more creative with my P365 pictures.  I realized that I always fall back on a picture of the boys if I can't come up with anything else.  I need to be more creative than that!  Anyway, here are my pics from the last few days:

Day 26:
Our toilet broke last week.  It wouldn't fill and then it started leaking.  Now, admittedly, it is old (it's blue, after all), but it's just one of those pain in the butt kind of things.  (It's always something when you have a house!)  Jason also couldn't get the shut off valve to turn off so we just had to put a pail under it.  On Monday, Jason's dad came to help us fix it.  It was a quick fix but, of course, everyone had to crowd into the bathroom to watch.  Jason was learning, while Xander had to be where the action and the people were.  Evan just couldn't be left out so he wandered in too.  Maybe they'll all know how to fix it next time!

Day 27:
Xander and I made cupcakes on Tuesday.  He was supposed to go to a birthday party on Friday for a little girl whose parents go to our care group.  They play together during care group Wednesday nights.  Because he was sick, we didn't go.  Instead, we made cupcakes for care group and Xander gave her her gift then.  Xander even helped ice them this time.  He did it all by himself but had trouble a couple of times because he wouldn't listen to Mom and put MORE icing on them.  He was so skimpy on the icing!  It was fun, though.

Day 28:
It's alive!  My tulip did not entirely freeze and die.  This was just a bud when it froze and it ended up blooming so I guess it did not freeze too hard.  It will live to be planted in the spring soil this year!

Day 29:
Here is Xander playing video games.  It seems that he does this a lot.  I guess I must have done the same thing when I was a kid (or watched TV etc.).  It's just crazy how a 3 year old can pick up a game.  He can do everything to set it up himself except that he's not allowed to touch the CDs so he can't change games himself.  Sometimes it boggles my mind just a little.  It also occurs to me that he's only 3 and I'm already wondering if he plays too many video games...

Well, I'm off now.  Hopefully I'll feel better and more creative tomorrow.

Until next time...

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