10 January, 2009

Days 4 - 9 - Should have blogged sooner!

Well, I guess that I have been a bad blogger.  I meant to do this a couple times a week but this past week has slipped by me.  I guess once will have to do!  Be prepared for a long post...

Today (well, yesterday, since I'm posting this so late) was my very first go round with sanding drywall mud.  If you can't guess who won, just take a look at day 9's picture:

I didn't realize just how white I was until I was cleaning up and looked in the mirror.  Wow!  However, I managed to get all the patches, which my dad mudded for me, sanded in my kitchen (there were A LOT).  Now, the project that I started in August is finally ready for priming and painting.  I am so slow (or life happens, one of the two).  All I did was remove some stipple/stucco and panelling.  It's a good thing it took me so long, though, because I changed my mind on colours, from a grey-green that was similar to my living room to a grey-blue with a rust/copper coloured accent wall.  I'm kind of happy about that.  I like a lot of colour so it was a bit troubling to have my kitchen so similar to the living/dining room.

Here are my other pictures in reverse order:

Day 8:

This is the new generation.  I remember getting a computer, a gaming system and even a VCR.  My kids will take all of that stuff for granted.  It's amazing how much things can change in such a short time.  My 3 year old is seen here playing Wii (his dad's Christmas gift).  He's actually pretty good at the tennis game.  It's amazing!  He's so cute doing it too!

Day 7:

This is a typical Wednesday for us.  I have now termed it fast food Wednesday.  (I always say that it doesn't have the alliteration, but it's still better than Wiener Wednesday!)  Wednesdays are a bit crazy around our house.  I work that day and we host a church care group in our home that evening.  We have amazing people in our group but they show up at 6:30 so we don't have much time to feed ourselves and the kids and make coffee!  On a good day I might pick the boys up and get home around 5:30 but usually it's closer to 5:40 and, on a bad day, as late as 6:00.  I really don't mind having one day a week that I know I don't have to cook!

Day 6:

These are my two boys as we're getting ready to leave the house for work on a typical morning.  All bundled up in their winter gear.  Notice the very unhappy look on Evan's face.  He hates his winter clothes and cries from the moment we put them on.  This is why I now hate winter.  I never used to hate winter.  Sure, I didn't love -40 but that could be dealt with.  Snow was pretty and the changing of seasons is great.  Now, winter is the biggest pain.  I hope as they get older, it won't be so bad, anymore!

Day 5:

This is a picture of my computer monitor.  Not really - it's a picture of Environment Canada's website for January 5th.  On the left, you will see a temp of -31 C.  On the lower right, you will notice the windchill of -45 C.  As well, notice the wind chill warning CONTINUED.  Now, we are from Saskatchewan so this is not entirely unusual.  However, by that point in time, this had been going on for several days straight.  Briefly the windchill warning was lifted but only for a few hours.  There were also several days in December like that and January is usually the coldest month!  It was a little discouraging, to say the least...even to the ever optimistic me.  It's especially bad when you're waiting for a bus, but that's another story.  It has warmed up some now (-21 C or so) and I have enjoyed the balmy weather!

Day 4:

This is a picture of the hedges out in front of our house.  Jason was out shoveling on the weekend (bitterly cold AND snowing...oy!) and he noticed how pretty the snow looked on the stark hedges.  So, Sunday afternoon, I ran out in the  -30 C weather and snapped a few pictures.  I actually got quite a few good ones.  I thought this one was pretty.  The leafless branches are so stark but the snow just gives them a life of their own!  I'm glad I braved the cold. 

OK, I think we're caught up now ;).  I'll try to keep the posts shorter in the future but if you're still with me thank you!  Also, in case there weren't enough pictures on today's entry, I have a couple more of the boys that are so cute, I just had to share them!  They are of Xander and Evan playing in the kitchen cupboards that I've emptied for the reno work and of Evan playing Rock Band 2 on the Wii.  He took those drumsticks and knew just what to do.  It was very cute.  Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Okay, so was that the Sunday where it was actually -50 with the windchill and Regina was the closest place in the world!! 'Cuz if it was, I was outside on that lovely day as well. Crazy!!! And I love that you have a fast food Wednesday. For us, it was pizza Wednesday! So nice having a day of the week you know you don't have to cook! (It's just for me, there's usually more than one where I DON'T cook!) :) Can't wait to see the new colour!

  2. Hey, now it works! I've been having trouble posting. Anyway, Dad and I got a kick out of the picture of you and the dust and the boys in the cupboard. I empathize with you about winter and all and no, it doesn't get better once the kids get older, because you are older too and that makes it harder. Ha! I like the hedge picture, too. I got a pretty good winter pic of the tree at Darke Hall, so only have spring and I'm done!

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