12 January, 2009

Days 10 - 12 It's My Birthday!

Yay!  Today is my birthday.  I'm actually not really into birthdays in a big way but I still enjoy mine.  As a prime example, I spent today at home with a sick boy, took some doors off kitchen cupboards and built a shelf.  I considered that a good birthday.  Now lest you think I don't care at all, we did go out for supper last night and my husband did bring home an ice cream cake for supper tonight!  It was very yummy.  Supper was also really good last night.  We took the boys with us and went to Tony Roma's.  They both did really well in the restaurant and we even got a comment or two on how well behaved they were.  I also got to eat some very yummy ribs.

I have also made it this far and still taken a picture every day.  It's been quite fun, actually, and I'm impressed that I haven't forgotten yet.  Sometimes I'm a little dense that way.  Also I've gotten the first week's worth of pictures scrapbooked already.  That's really on the ball for me.  Here is the first page of my book:

All elements from Just Blossom kit by Digi-Designs by Nicole.

I thought it turned out pretty cute.  Here are the next three pictures in my series.

Day 10:

On Saturday I made homemade pizza pops.  Now these are an amazing amount of work but they are SO yummy!!  I started at about 2:30 p.m. and took the last ones out of the oven at about 8:00 p.m.  This does make about 60 or 70 and we will have them in our freezer for a couple of months so they are worth it.  Also, this is a food that my Grandma and Grandpa Stein used to make back when my Grandpa was still alive.  When we were teenagers you always knew that if you stopped in unexpectedly at Grandma & Grandpa's for lunch, they would at least have two things in the freezer - pizza pops and monster cookies, both of which I loved.  So making them has an emotional tie for me, too.

Day 11:

This was my husband's birthday present to me - a string of pearls.  I've actually wanted one for quite some time.  This is such a beautiful string, too.  I had always wanted Tahitian (black) pearls but when he told me the price of a string of those I knew I would likely never own one.  These are beautiful, as well.  I like how they are all different tones.  He took our 3 year old to buy it and, after telling him that he was not allowed to touch anything in the store, the salesman handed the jewelry right to Xander.  I am very happy with my present!

Day 12:

This is the day of my actual (31st) birthday.  Now before anyone says anything, no I did not actually take this picture.  I did take a picture today (of the cake) but I wanted to use one of me.  I figured I could have set up my tripod and used the timer but my husband is right there so then it just becomes semantics!  Anyway, ice cream cakes are a tradition that my older brother, Jason, and I started when we first moved to Regina.  It was my first year away from home and it was just a way to make each other's birthdays feel a little special.  Now, it's become a bit of a tradition that our families carry on whenever we have the chance!

Now my day is over and it was good (except Evan being sick).  Hopefully Evan feels better tomorrow so that I can go to work, though I'm not looking forward to the forecast 5 - 10 more centimetres of snow we're supposed to get!

Until next time...


  1. Glad you had a great birthday!! I was thinking of you all day! Great pictures, too and congrats on getting some scrapbooking done! Love ya

  2. happy birthday! and those are beautiful pearls.

  3. Yay!! Happy birthday! It sounds like it was a great day!

  4. Well, I did wish you a happy b'day on your actual day, but I will say it again, lest people think that I am a mean sister! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :) So I LOVE the scrapbook page. Absolutely looks great. Can't wait to see it up close, and now you've inspired me. Perhaps I should take some pictures of my most recent pages and post them as well. And I love the picture of the pizza pop! Oh, and I also love that you took a picture of the pearls! What a perfect thing to take a pic of that day and now you'll always remember exactly when you received them!

  5. Happy Birthday! Your definition of a great birthday is the same as mine. I'm glad you got to do some projects and eat ice cream cake. I'm glad you started this blog. It's very fun and I can't wait to see your next pictures.


  6. happy belated birthday! looks like you had a good day, being with family and having cake, what more could a momma ask for, and a string of pearls!! Nice!

  7. Really belated Happy Birthday! We are celebrating Courtney's tonight! Thanks for the link. I have enjoyed reading the postings and seeing the pictures. The boys have changed so much!