08 January, 2010

Catching Up...

OK, so I'm trying to catch up on my pictures. I'm hoping to get these things done up so that I can start on the new year. Life has been busy as always, though. Another thing I'm hoping to do this year is get a little more open and a little more personal on my blog. It doesn't really come naturally to me but I think it's good to do "outside my comfort zone" things sometimes. We'll see how that goes...

This was my first week back at work after two weeks off and, to be honest, I would have rather been at home. Oh well, four more months and then I will be! Anyway, we didn't have Moms group on Thursday, which was OK because it's hard getting back to everything in the schedule all at once! We had our Wednesday night group and it was great to see everybody, again. Then Thursday I had booked a bunch of appointments, anyway. Xander had his final immunizations before he goes to school. He did really well, but kinda freaked out when the nurse had Jason hold him down. I know they need to do that with lots of kids but Xander doesn't care about needles at all and I think being held was the real problem. He didn't even notice the needle. Then, we dropped off the boys and I had my ultrasound. It was actually neat, because I went to a doctor's office, rather than the main radiology office to have it done. It was quicker, likely because the doctor actually did it and could see what he needed to see on the screen and didn't have to take a million pictures. Also, the techs aren't allowed to tell you anything, because they're not trained to interpret the ultrasounds. This doctor showed me where stuff was on the screen and told me what he was looking at and how it was all right then and there. It was interesting, actually, rather than just being a nap time. Unfortunately, the baby was hiding so he couldn't get a good picture...we just got a picture of the leg. Oh well, no big deal, really (at least not to me). Now, it's the weekend again and I'm trying to enjoy it rather than thinking that I have to go back to work in a couple days.

I think that tomorrow we'll take the boys to see the Olympic Torch, as it runs right by their Nana and Papa's house. My brother-in-law actually got to carry it yesterday in Manitoba and it was kinda cool to see him on the news last night. Apparently, he even made Sportsnet! Anyway, here are two more weeks of pictures.

Day 312 (Nov 8):
Candyland has been a really big game around our house, though now that he knows how to play Go Fish and Crazy Eights, Xander doesn't really play it as much. We found this old computer version that came out of a cereal box once and the boys really love it. Xander plays and Evan watches. It has neat extras where you can decorate sundaes and stuff like that.

Day 313 (Nov 9):
I finally found my cards! Not to say that I'm unorganized at times or that I don't always care, but I had "lost" my credit card and my new Air Miles card for about a month or so. I kept forgetting to look for them and I always check things online so I knew no one else was using them. I did find them, though, pretty much where I thought they would be so it was all good!

Day 314 (Nov 10):
I guess Candyland had been a big deal since the CD was my photo of the day a couple days later! The boys must have been playing it A LOT in that time period!

Day 315 (Nov 11):
This was Remembrance Day. A time to remember all those who fought for our country and the rights that we enjoy now days. It has become apparent to me how easy it is to forget something that we never knew in the first place (at least my generation). At least in school there was a program or a poster contest that we had to participate in. As an adult, it's so easy to just skip the program the city puts on and take it as another day off that we get to enjoy. I'll admit, we didn't go to any programs this year, though I strongly considered it. I wasn't sure that the boys would sit through the long one and it was too cold for the little kids to stand in the park for the wreath laying. I did try to tell Xander what it was about but he only grasped bits and pieces. Maybe next year we can go out to a program.

Day 316 (Nov 12):
OK, so you can't get the effect from this one picture but I plan to scrap a page with a couple pictures in a row. Evan can be so cute. He has taken to making the "beep...beep...beep" noise every time he backs up or he backs up one of his toys or we back the car up. It's quite funny. Here he was walking backwards through the dining room going "beep...beep...beep".

Day 317 (Nov 13):
This Friday we took the bus downtown (the boys and I), though not this particular bus. This is just a bus that goes by our house (possibly the same route we took, possibly not). We went to have lunch with Daddy. The boys enjoy doing this sometimes and we just meet Jason at the food court and have a nice little lunch. If it's in the summer and warm, sometimes we'll go to the park for a picnic.

Day 318 (Nov 14):
I made buns on my own for the first time ever. Not that they were hard to make but it was nice to have fresh buns in the house (I could eat them forever). These buns were the cheese buns that I made and they went so well with the hamburger soup we had for supper!

Day 319 (Nov 15):
I bought my wrapping paper for this year. I've never been really picky about wrapping paper but I've tried to co-ordinate it the last couple of years. I went traditional this year with red, green and silver and I thought it looked really pretty (though some of this wrapping paper was definitely NOT quality made). I really don't like the Santa Clause papers that always come in the bulk packages so I stopped buying those but I think it makes the presents look a little more like decorations!

Day 320 (Nov 16):
Here is Xander playing "usher". At our church, the staff and certain volunteers (like ushers, info booth people etc.) wear name tags on lanyards Sunday morning. It makes them easy to identify to new people or anyone. Jason wears one every week as he ushers and hands out bulletins. My uncle was in town for the Wintergreen craft show and left one of his passes at our place. Xander latched onto it as his "ushering thing". So, he wears it and hands out those little cards as bulletins and sometimes makes us play ushering.

Day 321 (Nov 17):
I broke my Swiffer WetJet. It was a very sad day...I was just a little careless and snapped it off in my hands. It was sad, because we use it ALL THE TIME!! Now, granted, it doesn't always do the best job (I find I still have to wash the floor periodically - which for me is every 3 or 4 months - to get all the corners and little spots) but we use it every week when we clean for care group. It really was sad and difficult to use in a couple pieces like this!

Day 322 (Nov 18):
This is Xander. He's being a goofball, hiding under his blanket. He got Evan going at it, too. They're just so much fun, sometimes!

Day 323 (Nov 19):
This was another one of those cute moments. I had put a movie on for them, it must have been Cars, and Xander crawled up on the couch under a blanket. Then, he called to Evan to come up, sit beside him and go under the blanket too. They usually get along pretty well but it really does warm my heart to see them care about each other!

Day 324 (Nov 20):
Ah, we're back to the oranges. Christmas oranges, as I call them, mandarin oranges to many other people. I just love them and this is truly one smell that I associate with Christmas. In fact, they were out so early this year that I resisted buying them because I didn't want the smell to become "average". I figured if we ate them too early, they wouldn't feel so Christmassy any more!

Day 325 (Nov 21):
I went upstairs to check on the boys one night (likely on my way to bed) and this is how I found Xander. Sometimes you just wonder about kids and how they fall asleep...like what were they doing and how can they possibly sleep like that. When I was a kid, I could sleep anywhere, anytime. I even once slept on a cement floor! I guess that makes it not so amazing that my kid can do it, too!

Wow, I guess that's another two weeks worth of pictures and we're through to the end of November. Now, if I could just get some of these things scrapped, that'd be great!!

Until next time...


  1. Great pictures - especially the ones of the boys of course! That's so neat that your brother-in-law was a torchbearer! I hope we will be able to see it ok!

  2. I LOVED the ushering picture. That is so unbelievably cute! I love it when kids "play church"; it shows how much they soak up.