03 January, 2010

Happy New Year!

Well, I guess this is belated but, to be honest, the new year doesn't mean that much to me, except I have to change the year on my cheques!! I've never been a big celebrater of the New Year's and I don't make resolutions because they never seem to last. Besides, what's so special about Jan 1 that I should only try to change myself then? Anyway, that's to explain my belated post. Our New Year's consisted of Jason & I watching a movie and me checking my watch at about 12:15 and saying, I guess it was New Year's 15 minutes ago.

On the exciting side, this is my 100th post on my blog. I can't believe I made 99 posts in 2009 - and I was a bad blogger because I have a ton of pictures to post yet!!! I am trying to get through them in the next little bit because I'd like to start on this year's project. Though, last time, I swore I'd never post three weeks at once so I will do them two weeks at a time (there's about 10 weeks to post). I've decided to change things up this year a bit. I really enjoyed P365 because it got me taking pictures of strange or very normal things. It also made me more aware of pulling out my camera more often. However, I did completely miss one day (oh well) and a couple of times I took a picture a day or two later but it related. The biggest problem I found is that some days I would just search the house looking for something to photograph and not coming up with anything good. Then, on the other hand, some days I would have pictures from two or three events but I had to pick one to post. This year I've decided to do a weekly LO. There may be anywhere from 0 to who knows how many pictures per day but I want to get all the events in there. This way, I still get a decent record but I can pick and choose things a little bit more. This also means that I will try to post my week's worth of pictures (or the LO if I can get that efficient - yeah, right!) once per week. Hopefully it'll work out OK.

I do have two weeks of pictures for you. You'd think that, with having the last two weeks off, I'd have gotten more of that done. But I haven't. I did get one project mostly done and I'm proud of that! I am so not looking forward to going back to work tomorrow and it may be a bit of a rough day for the boys as they've gotten used to being at home, sleeping in etc. etc. Oh well, only 4 more months and then I'll be off!

Anyway, here are my pictures:

Day 299 (Oct 26):
Evan's cake leftovers. It was huge but we actually managed to eat most of it. I think this corner ended up in the garbage but the aftermath is kinda cool!

Day 300 (Oct 27):
This is the afghan I have been working on for my nephew (he's only 2 and it's a baby gift, but I'll get there eventually). It's starting to take shape. It's another project I was going to work on more over Christmas break but that didn't happen, either!

Day 301 (Oct 28):
Finally, something looked like fall. We had such a strange fall with things going from green to on the ground because of an early snow and cold weather. We really didn't get a lot of typical "fall" time. This one day, though, I did notice our hedge and how it was looking nice and red and yellow and so pretty.

Day 302 (Oct 29):
This is a book of poems that my uncle wrote. He had a book launch at a local bookstore on Oct 29th. Jason and I went out for supper and then went to the launch. It's the first time I've ever been to something like that. It was kinda neat. He signed books and read some poems. There was cake and snacks and I got to see a cousin that I haven't seen in ages. His daughter did the cover art for the book, as well.

Day 303 (Oct 30):
Here are some of our baby toys. This was the day we started telling people that I was pregnant again. Number 3 will arrive sometime in May (we hope) and I guess we'll need some of these little toys again! I wasn't nearly as tired this time as I was with our first two and things have gone well so far so we'll have to see how the rest of it turns out!

Day 304 (Oct 31):
Halloween. It's not a holiday I'm really into. We don't dress up our kids (at least not yet...wait till they're in school and then we'll see what happens). However, it's a great excuse to buy candy!! (I love candy). Of course, it's for the "trick-or-treeters", of which we had about 12 this year (that's average or slightly more than usual), but I enjoy the leftovers! That's so bad, I know.

Day 305 (Nov 1):
This isn't really a picture but this is the desktop I created for my work computer for the month of November. I learned how to do the sketch technique that you see in the background and thought it turned out very cute!

Day 306 (Nov 2):
This was one of the first times that we took the boys out to a "real" restaurant to eat. They're finally old enough to obey and have a bit of patience while we're out so that we can all enjoy the meal. Xander thought it was great to get to order off a menu and get dessert and they both ate really well. It was actually fun! (Unlike a more recent time when the service was so bad that I wouldn't have gone back if it wasn't a restaurant that we frequent and know isn't usually so bad. Usually, we can have appetizers, meal and dessert in about an hour. This time it took almost an hour and 3/4 to just have a meal - no starters, no dessert. The boys did so good, though, playing even though they were hungry and Mom and Dad were getting quite annoyed, as well).

Day 307 (Nov 3):
It was grocery shopping day. This is part of the sign that every holiday has become so commercialized that buying stuff is all they're about anymore. I went out and got both discounted Halloween candy and Christmas candy on the same day! It's just nuts. Sometimes, it would be nice to have a short break between having holidays shoved down our throats!

Day 308 (Nov 4):
The Halloween candy is disappearing. The bowl is getting emptier... I do buy a lot but I didn't eat it all!

Day 309 (Nov 5):The Christmas oranges have started. I know you can get them year round now, but I try to hold off until a bit closer to Christmas because mandarin oranges are part of the smell of Christmas to me...not to mention they're tasty! Evan took to them like a fish to water. He would down two in a sitting (three if I'd let him) and eat them a couple times a day. It was totally crazy but at least they're healthy so it's not like he wants chocolate all day!!

Day 310 (Nov 6):
This is the crazy weather we've had. Check this out...November 6th and it was 19C outside! It wasn't that warm during the summer half the time! It really was a crazy year for weather...now we'll just have to see what next year (or this year, as the case may be) holds!

Day 311 (Nov 7):
I guess oranges were the big event around our house for this time period. Here's another picture of Evan munching on a Christmas orange. It matches his outfit this time!!

There are my two weeks worth of pictures. That's definitely enough to blog about at once. I will be back with a scrapping post...tomorrow if I'm not too exhausted from work but soon. Hopefully I'll have more pictures toward the end of this week but things are busy as usual!

Until next time...

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  1. Sandra, you are very talented! I love the afghan you are doing. It will be treasured no matter when he receives it. The sketch for your desk top turned out great too!
    Love Aunt Lynn