30 January, 2010

Almost done 2009!!

Well, I have the rest of my 2009 pictures edited so I will have to try to get them all posted! I have about two more weeks to post and then I am back on to my 2010 pictures. I love getting caught up on stuff and I slowly but surely seem to be doing that lately. I even seem to have gotten a couple things organized in my craft room so that's progress! Anyway, here are my pictures for this couple of weeks.

Day 340 (Dec 6):
Here is Evan playing with part of Xander's birthday present...Mario Kart for the Wii...or, as the boys call it...Mario Kart Wii Woohoo! Evan actually sounds quite a bit like Mario. It's pretty cute. Evan was having fun playing with the steering wheel that comes with the game.

Day 341 (Dec 7):
Here are Xander and Jason playing another of Xander's birthday presents...Hullabaloo. It took him a while to take to this game but he seems to really like it now. It's kind of a random game but it's for kids so it's all good.

Day 342 (Dec 8):
Even Evan can play Hullabaloo. It was the end of a round and somebody won so he was smiling and clapping like everyone else. Such a cute little face!

Day 343 (Dec 9):
Evan learned to peel the Christmas oranges that he so greatly loves. The only problem then was that he always wanted an orange...even when he didn't want to eat it but just peel it!

Day 344 (Dec 10):
This is one of my new Christmas decorations this year. I think this one is so pretty and I finally got them on my tree! They're more sparkly than they look in the pictures, too. I love pretty decorations!

Day 345 (Dec 11):
What's so good about Christmas? And so horrible? The candy!! I love chocolate and sweets so Christmas can be a real challenge for me! These are incredibly good, too. So yummy (except the white ones!)

Day 346 (Dec 12):
Jason and I went Christmas shopping for the boys and we got to go out for lunch, too. We went to Red Lobster, because I was craving seafood. This was actually pretty good, but the scallops had a peach glaze on them that was SO sweet that even I could barely stand it. Really, scallops should be seared in some butter and maybe wrapped in bacon.

Day 347 (Dec 13):
Check out these temperatures. Usually we expect really cold weather in January but not so much December. This went on for a few days, too. The windchill was nasty!

Day 348 (Dec 14):
Evan was just sitting here so cute with his Wiimote. He just "plays" with them as everyone else does but he's not usually hooked up to the Wii. It's pretty cute!

Day 349 (Dec 15):
This was the first Christmas present that I wrapped this year. It was actually for our care group gift exchange that night. I love things getting all pretty and wrapped up but I put it off this year for fear that the boys wouldn't be able to leave them alone!

Day 350 (Dec 16):
This was my new haircut. It was a lot shorter than I thought but I liked how it turned out. I had it done at lunchtime (that's the great thing about working in a mall) so it was a new hairdresser. She straightened it for me, too, just to see was Xander would say (he didn't like it last time). He thought it looked good but it only stayed like that a couple days.

Day 351 (Dec 17):
Here is Evan opening his very first present of the Christmas season. It was from Auntie and Uncle and they got them the day before so I let them open them in the morning. Evan got a great train set...Auntie sure knows what they like!

Day 352 (Dec 18):
We went up to my parents' place for the weekend to celebrate Christmas. I always love going to visit and it gave us an opportunity to go see how their new house was shaping up. It's come a long way from a hole in the ground and I think it will be a really nice house when they are done!

Day 353 (Dec 19):
We celebrated Christmas this day. It was a lot of fun with brunch, sledding down my brother's hill, supper with all the trimmings and gifts! It's always a great time, getting together with family and just getting to hang out and enjoy each other. We try to get a picture of the crew each year. As the kids get a bit older, it gets a bit easier! This is our picture from this year!

Well, now I'm almost to the end of the year. I just have the last 12 days or so from the year to post. I'll do that next week, sometime. I'm just off to watch the Scotties - Xander and I are both excited to have curling back on TV this week!

Until next time...


  1. Two things: 1). Tell Jason he should change out of his work clothes and badge when he gets home from work! He'd feel more comfy I'm sure! 2). You're crazy for not liking the white ones! They're my favourite! Next C'mas, just give all the white ones to me!

  2. Actually, I feel naked without that dumb badge. On weekends, I'm constantly checking to see where it is...