16 January, 2010

My Birthday...

Well, I meant to blog about this earlier - but you know how life goes... It was my birthday on Tuesday - January 12, 2010. I turned 32 this year. Now, I'm not big on birthdays...I hold nothing against them, either. They just are...or so mine is. Really, it's another year older but it's just a day older than you were the day before. :) I enjoy my birthday (it's a great excuse to do very little) but I don't make a big deal about it. It also seems like so many people spend their youth wishing they were old enough to (fill in the blank) and then spend their adult years lamenting the loss of youth. For now, I'm just comfortable where I am (it probably doesn't hurt that, for the most part, I have to think hard about how old I am - I always feel younger ;) ). Anyway, I thought I'd share with you my birthday in pictures this year. It wasn't a huge thing but my family made it special and God has so blessed me to have my husband and two boys.

First, this was a wonderful gift for the day...do you see that? 4 C on my birthday (may I remind you it was January 12th!). Now, this wasn't a record but isn't really common for this time of the year. It was so lovely that my co-worker and I took a walk at lunch time just because a day like that shouldn't be wasted in the office!

When I got home from work, we went outside. My boys spent some time playing in the snow (which mostly consists of shovelling it), while my dear husband made supper for us!

Here was the special part of the day! We BBQ'd steak! Now, I know there are many people out there who BBQ when it's cold or year round but my husband is not one of them. He doesn't see the difference between the BBQ and our indoor grill so he'd rather not stand out in the cold! However, for me, he (by himself) decided that we would BBQ steak for my birthday! I love a good steak, though the store was out of the cut we usually buy but it was all good, anyway.

Next I opened my presents. My boys got me a movie and my husband got me a CD. It was very sweet of them, though I have yet had time to watch/listen to them. Don't you love the wrapping paper?

On to the birthday cake... In fine tradition, we had DQ ice cream cake. This is probably the only birthday tradition that we have. When my brother and I moved here to go to university, we started buying each other ice cream cakes for our birthdays. We didn't do anything big, but it just made things a little bit special. It's carried on and, when my family is together for a birthday, we often (but not always) have ice cream cake. This one is a Turtles and pecan blizzard cake. It was very yummy!

These are the flowers that my Mother-in-Law bought me. She brought them to my office during the day. It was very nice of her. I love flowers, especially in the winter because they make things seem a little brighter and more spring-like!

That was my birthday in pictures. It was a good day, for me anyway.

Several countries away, though, there was an earthquake on my birthday. I'm not sure why, but Haiti caught my attention. There are many disasters in the world on an ongoing basis, but I don't usually pay too much attention. Quite frankly, I find the news very depressing so I read the newspaper and only read the headlines I want to. For some reason, Haiti touched me. I don't know if it's the side effect of studying an amazing book called "Crazy Love" this fall, but I think it might be. I was just so aware of how much we have and how much devastation they were facing. I think maybe it's also God broadening my horizons and giving me a bit more of a world view, lately. I even made a donation. It's not something I usually respond to, because it seems so superficial at times (who's going to pay attention in a couple weeks). If you've had any thought of doing the same and haven't acted on it, I urge you to. Just be sure to check out the charity you're donating to before you do it. See how they spend their money...how much really goes to those in need? Then give, as generously as you feel led to (because I know how easy it is to ignore those little promptings). OK...apparently I felt the need to preach a bit here but I hope you'll forgive me. This is also part of wanting to use my blog to record some deeper thoughts I have!

Really, my birthday was a bit of a contrast to events in the world but I am so glad that God gave me a great day to just relax and be with my family!

Until next time...


  1. I am so glad you had a good birthday! You are special and deserve to have a great day, flowers, steak, nice weather and all!
    I pray your year be blessed and that you will continue to respond to "little promptings"!

  2. I'm glad the rest of your day was good, too! I'm also glad you said how old you are, because I am constantly forgetting!!

  3. I admit I paid little attention to the earthquake in Haiti until it was brought up on Sunday and I realized how it does effect us. Crazy Love is stirring things up for me as well.