04 March, 2009

Days 56 - 63 I've been a bad blogger.

Eight days worth of photos.  I can't believe I've let it come to this!  Hee hee.  I really should post more often.  This is going to be a very long post, though.  It will be lots of pictures, so it should still be easy enough to follow.

Jason is getting sick today.  Both of the boys have had colds and I even stayed home from work on Tuesday because Xander had a bit of a fever.  It seems that Jason has come down with their cold.  I thought I was getting sick, too, but it seems to have passed and I'm all good now.

I'm making progress on my kitchen.  There is now colour on the ceiling and one wall.  I'm quite excited about that.  I totally love the colour, too.  It has turned out so beautiful.  It will make the kitchen darker but that's OK by me.  I'm so not a white person.  Our house is getting to be more and more of a disaster as I continue to move things out of the kitchen, though.  I guess it must get worse to finally get better.

This week has been busy and I haven't gotten as much scrapping done as I would like.  I did do a couple pages but I'll share them another time.  I must forge on with my pictures.  Work is a little bit busy now, too.  Enough so that I am now bringing some home with me on the weekends.  Soon, I'll probably do four day weeks for a while but that's OK.  It'll only be for a couple of months.

Did I tell you that I signed Xander up for his very first lessons?  We're going to take swimming lessons with my niece this summer (they're the same age).  I'm kinda excited because it'll be fun to hang out with them every day but it's kind of sad that he's old enough to be in lessons.  It seems like childhood is already running away on us.  I know it's not but still, they are growing up.

Anyway, here are the pictures now...

Day 56:
It's that time of year, again...curling season!  Yay!  I love to watch curling on TV.  I used to enjoy playing it as a child, too.  It's harder to do things like that in the city because it's not just the local rink and everyone curls.  I did curl last year in Turtleford once.  It was fun but let me tell you, I am out of practice!  This is the Scotties on TV.  There was some good curling (mind you, there was also some HORRIBLE curling this year, as well) and it was enjoyable to watch, even if I didn't want Jennifer Jones to win it all.  This Saturday marks the start of the Brier.  Even better.  I guess I've gotten Xander a little addicted to curling, too.  He'll just sit and watch it.  I've even started to explain the scoring and he can tell me which rock is closest to the button.

Day 57:
This, to state the obvious, is a rainbow.  I love rainbows.  They are so pretty.  It's funny, because I always seem to forget that rainbows were a promise to Noah from God.  Every once in a while it dawns on me again and I marvel at them again.  I moved the fridge into the dining room this week and there is a mirrored magnet on it.  It has been casting rainbows all over the house when the sun shines in our garden doors.  Xander had me taking pictures of every rainbow in the house!

Day 58:
This is another cake that I made last week.  It was Pink Elephants Playing Pool.  A friend's mom commissioned me to do this as a birthday surprise.  I guess it has been a long running joke in their family.  I was happy to do it and it was actually quite easy to do.  It's been a while since I did any big cakes and I do enjoy it.  Even more, I enjoy when others enjoy the cakes I made.  It really did turn out quite cute.  Below is a picture of the entire cake.

Day 59:
This picture is brutal honesty.  I am baring my soul here... this is what my dining room currently looks like.  Try not to notice the messy table.  Only some of that is dishes and food.  The one end tends to be a dumping ground and play place.  Here is the aforementioned fridge in the dining room, as well as the microwave and island that is currently serving as a cupboard.  This is what happens when one decides to paint ones kitchen.  Now, the only question I have is what do I call it...ditchen or kining room?

Day 60:
On Sunday we had a potluck at church.  We go to a large church and it is not often that we have a church-wide potluck anymore.  However, the missions team that went to Niger (in West Africa) were back and wanted to share their experiences.  It was an interesting talk, only slightly disrupted by the two boys.  Anyway, back to the picture.  Whenever there's a potluck this is Jason's request for dessert.  It is a chocolate Skor trifle.  It is a huge recipe so I don't make it for just our family but it has to be one of his favourite desserts.  I will admit it is very tasty (which is why I won't make it just for us...I'd be a blimp by the end!)

Day 61:
Here are my two boys being extremely cute.  It is so nice when they play together (even though it may not happen much yet).  They each had to get on their stool and they would try to grab each other's hands.  It was really sweet.

Day 62:
On Tuesday, I stayed home because Xander was sick.  However, I let Evan play in the basement by himself after lunch.  When I went down (it had become quiet) about 20 minutes later, this is what I found.  He was so tired that he barely woke up when I moved him and then proceeded to sleep for almost 4 hours!  I think he had a bit of a cold, too.  It was a day for cute laying down/napping pictures, though.  Even though this is not one of my daily pictures, I had to share this one of Xander earlier that same day.  I guess he decided that the tile topped coffee table was a comfortable place to lay down for a rest!

Day 63:
Tonight was care group.  When a certain lovely little girl arrived with her family, she gave me these beautiful carnations!  They are so pretty.  I just love flowers.  I think they brighten up a room and just make it feel a little more beautiful.  Today felt so much like spring that these flowers just fit in to make it seem a little closer to spring.  Thank you so much little Miss A (and your Mom, I would assume ;) ).

Well, we made it through all the pictures.  I am now caught up.  Wow.  I don't know what to do with myself now.  It's barely past midnight!  Oh, I know, I should probably go to bed!  Kudos for staying with me!

Until next time...


  1. we were so amazed at your elephants' tiny toenails. i'm glad it was "actually quite easy" for you!

  2. Okay. I love the elephant on the cake that is shooting with his trunk!! Absolutely fantastic! Love the detail! Second, my vote is for ditchen! And third, it was YOU who made that absolutely delicious dessert!!!?? I had it at the church picnic and almost died in delight, so when I saw it at the potluck, I made a beeline over to it and proceeded to put a very large helping on my plate!! Delicious!!!

  3. Hmm. We didn't go to the church picnic, so that must have been someone else's Skor trifle.