13 March, 2009

Days 64 - 72 It's been an interesting week...

This week has been a somewhat interesting week.  On Tuesday, for the first time since I ever owned a car, the engine light came on.  Of course, it came on when I was driving alone in the car.  That means that everything was a funny smell, even if it wasn't.  Jason assured me that it was likely not a big deal as engine lights come on for anything nowadays.  Since the exhaust smelled like gas, he figured it was probably something to do with the oxygen/gas mix.  Sure enough, we took it into the shop today and it was the O2 sensor.  They have to order the part.  We do have extended warranty so we're hoping it's covered.  The service guy couldn't tell on the computer and had to send in some paperwork or something.

Then, on Wednesday, we have care group (Bible study) at our house.  A girl from down the street comes to babysit the kids for us.  It's really very convenient.  Anyway, our kids were the only kids here this week so I let Xander play video games in the basement (he didn't want to go down because there were no friends here).  He was playing a computer game and wanted to switch games but convinced the babysitter that the Game Cube game is played on the computer.  It's actually played on the Wii, but it is a small CD, so it's an understandable conclusion on her part...Xander knows better.  Anyway, apparently, Macs can't eject mini CDs so it got stuck in the drive.  None of the internet fixes worked (tape on a business card, shaking), though we didn't try shaking it out very hard as the computer is very large and we really didn't want to break it.  We ended up having to take it in for repair (Macs are a sealed unit so you can't just pull the drive yourself).  They got the CD out, but in some manner it broke the eject mechanism in the drive.  Luckily, it was under warranty!  We hadn't even thought about that.  Again, they had to order the part so I have tape over the CD drive to remember not to put anything in it!

We also finally got someone out to look at our garage foundation (as recommended by a home inspector this summer).  It appears that it's not a big deal and doesn't have to be fixed right away, so that's a good thing.  It is also on the lower end of the cost scale so that is also great.

I've been watching the Brier this week.  There really has been some amazing shots this week.  I didn't get to watch as much of the curling as I would like but what I have seen has been very entertaining.  I'm looking forward to the rest of the playoffs in the next couple of days!

I've also got a lot of work done on my kitchen lately.  I painted the accent wall today and it's the first time I've been nervous about a colour I've chosen.  It seems very orange.  I think I like it, though.  It kind of brightens things up.  I think it'll be better once I get the cupboards painted so the dark balances things out.  It's exciting to see all the changes!

I guess it's time for some pictures.  I've decided that maybe I should date them as well as putting what day number they are on them.  I have lots of pics to post so here I go...

Day 64 (Mar 5):
It was a cold day (gee, what's new...) but as we drove home from Thursday morning Mom's group, the trees were frosty and absolutely beautiful against the bright blue sky.  I really do love the days when the trees and sky both give off their beauty.

Day 65 (Mar 6):
Here is my sleeping picture of Xander.  He sleeps with three small blankets and one large blanket so is always so hidden in his bed.  There is also the ever present Cuddle Frog.  He is really sweet when he's sleeping like this!

Day 66 (Mar 7):
This is Evan sitting in his highchair.  He is no longer allowed to have his suckie, except at nap time or bedtime (or when he gets hurt or is getting babysat).  Anyway, he has decided that he can make do by using other items as suckies.  His favourite is this mushroom that came with the play kitchen.  He just sticks the stem in his mouth and sucks on it.  I even caught him using the beak on his Pablo the penguin stuffed animal.  It's actually pretty cute.

Day 67 (Mar 8):
Technically this picture was taken on March 8th, but it was before I went to bed from the 7th and daylight savings time had just kicked in so I consider it on the proper day.  I had put Xander to bed and fallen asleep and then kind of forgotten about my picture.  Anyway, this is my kitchen in progress.  There is now primer (oil-based, quick dry stuff that was horrible to work with and got everywhere) and the walls are painted in the blue-grey colour.  It is definitely coming along!

Day 68 (Mar 9):
This is Evan and Xander reading books in the basement.  Xander has loved books since he was really little.  Evan doesn't care so much for his "baby" books, but he loves to sit and flip through the adult books.  I don't get it because there are no pictures or anything, but he thinks it's great.  He won't sit on our laps to hear one of the kids' books, though.  I am told that he loves the little kid books at church so I don't know what the deal is!

Day 69 (Mar 10):
It has been much talked about and conquering it is much dreaded but not too many people photograph it in its natural habitat.  It's Mt. Washmore!  This is one of my many piles of laundry that need to be done.  Laundry is my LEAST favourite chore so clothes sit in piles like this until I get around to doing them (usually when there's nothing left to wear) but they also sit in a pile like this when they are clean.  Rarely do I actually get everything folded and put away!

Day 70 (Mar 11):
Here it is...my very first engine light.  I only had my little camera with me when I decided to take this, so it's not the greatest picture.  I thought it was an appropriate picture of the day, though.  When we were driving home on Wednesday, I told Jason that I would take a better picture with my good camera when we got home.  Wouldn't you know, we picked up the boys and the light went off!  Good thing I took these ones, then.

Day 71 (Mar 12):
I have been busy at work and home and my default pictures seem to be of the kids.  I'll have to try harder to use more than one subject ;).  Anyway, Jason had to work late on Thursday and didn't get home until closer to Evan's bedtime.  When he did get home, Evan was so excited to see him that he didn't stop chattering for half an hour!  This is towards the end of his narrative.  It's too bad that we can't understand a word he's saying because he sure has a lot to say lately!

Day 72 (Mar 13):
This is the consequence of putting a Game Cube game in the computer.  This is my computer with painter's tape over the CD drive opening so I don't forget NOT to put a CD in (it will not eject).  Painter's tape really is good for many things!

I am now all caught up until today.  Work is getting busier and I'm going to be working an extra day each week for the next few weeks so my posts may only be once a week.  I hope not, though.  I do have some really cute scrapbook pages that I want to show you but I think it will have to wait until tomorrow sometime!

Until next time...

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  1. You've done a lot on that kitchen of yours! I bet it's exciting that the job is almost complete! Can't wait to see the finished product! Did you remember to take a before shot? I forgot on many of the things we're changing in the house.