16 March, 2009

Some Scrapbooking

I have a bunch of layouts to post since I haven't posted any scrapbooking stuff lately.  So here they are, I hope you enjoy them!  I've been incorporating most of my work into the challenges at the Digi-Designs by Nicole (DDBN) forum so most of these were done for that.  I spend a lot of time over there but I get such awesome ideas and everyone is so friendly!  Anyway, here are the layouts...

This was for a colour challenge (red).  I don't do a lot of red so it was a little hard to come up with something!
Kit used is Primary Grunge by A Work in Progress
Ball Element is from Nos Enfants by Forum Digiscrap Pour Tous
Template is yin_template 23 by Yin Designs
I really love Yin's templates.  She's one of the few who get a lot of pictures on the page!

This one was from a quote challenge and it's not my usual style but I totally LOVE how it turned out!
Kit is Happy Go Lucky by Shabby Princess

This was done for a speed scrap.  I totally love those things!  I haven't mastered the art of scrapping and chatting at the same time like most of the ladies do but it's fun to all get the same set of instructions and see our pages come out totally different!
Kit used is Nos Enfants by Digiscrap Forum Pour Tous
Frame is from Charming X-mas by Delicious Scraps

This was also for a speed scrap.  It took place on a Wednesday night during our care group so I didn't actually get to attend but I'd heard it was going to be awesome so I did it after care group by myself.  I totally love how it turned out and want to do one similar to it for Xander, too!
Kit used is Fresh (collab) by Digi-Designs by Nicole and Stolen Moments
Twisty/twirly ribbon is from Folded and Twisted Ribbons by Cen's Stuff

The word of the week challenge was sweet.  Everyone was doing the typical babies and so on but I thought this was a little bit different from the norm (and it works for my Pine Cove book!)
Background paper is from Popsicle Paradise by AllieKat Creations
Frames are by Lindsay Jane Designs
Ice Cream Cone is from Ice Cream Delight (I've lost who the designer is)
Elements are from Popsicle Paradise by Catt Scrapps
Tags are from Popsicle Paradise by Mamadukez Creationz
Alpha is from Popsicle Paradise by HS Designs

This was a template challenge and I just loved it for this page for our wedding album!
Kit used is Love Notes by Digi-Designs by Nicole
Mask is template_by_malina3 by Malina
Template is Template #8 by MandaK Designs

This was from the word of the week challenge - imagine (or variations thereon).  I really love this page.  Again, I'm usually scrapbooking a trip or something like that so I'm trying to get as many pictures on a page as possible.  Sometimes it's nice just to feature one or two pictures and make a beautiful "frame" for them!
Papers are from Fall Memories by A Work in Progress
Bracket is from New Year's Resolutions by Just For You Digi-Scraps
Template is Template 2 by Mags Designs

This was another word of the week challenge.  The word was intrigue and I worked it into my journalling.  I really like this page because I did some things (like the circles) that I've never done before.
Most items from Funny Girls Collab by Manue
Background paper and tag from Funny Girls Collab by Fanfanm
Flowers from Funny Girls Collab by Elodie
Alpha is Hazy Summer Wire Alpha by A Work in Progress
Template is LJD_Template 57 by Lindsay Jane Designs

These two are my layout for week 4 of my project 365.  I also used the top one in a colour challenge (purple and green).  I really love those colours.  You've probably noticed a lot of purple on here today!
Kit used is Chou by Petit Moineaux
Alpha is Invisible Letters by Ditters Doodles
Template is Template 6 by VickyLilly
Kit used is Chou by Petit Moineaux
Alpha is Invisible Letters by Ditters Doodles
Template is Template 3 by Sabrina049

I hope you've enjoyed these pages that I've tried to make pretty!  If you have any constructive criticism, I'd love to hear it, too!

Until next time...


  1. The pages are really, really neat! I can't see them really well, but for the most part, I get the gist of it. I'm so glad you are finding an outlet for your creativity!!! Love ya

  2. They all look fantastic! No constructive criticism here! Except maybe, stop doing so many! You're making me feel very guilty! (Not that it's at all your fault I haven't scrapped in forever.) I love the black and whites of Evan on that one page. When did you take those? And I'm also glad you're getting "hooked" on one picture pages. I think they're still my favourite to do, even if they are a bit "impractical".