29 March, 2009

Days 80 - 88 It's been a long time

Well, it's busy season at work and things have definitely been busy around here.  I haven't done too much painting this week but I'm hoping to get the fridge moved back in this week.  I'm really liking the painted cabinets, so far.  I can't wait to get some doors done and see how they work.  I even bought knobs and handles, so that's exciting.

Our office is also going to be relocating soon.  Our current space is too big for us and we're moving to  mall location near our place, which is really wonderful for me!  I can't wait until we move and I don't have to drive to the other end of the city anymore!

My sister, her husband and seven kids came for the night Friday night.  They were on their way to Mexico for a missions trip and their flight left super early Saturday morning.  They crashed for a few hours and then were off, but let me tell you, that's the cleanest my floors have been in a long time!

I haven't had much time to scrap this past week because of work but I did get a couple of layouts done.  I will show you a couple and there's one that I can't show you until Monday.  You'll have to check back then for it!

Here are the couple I've done so far:

This one is for my Pine Cove book:
 Kit used Primary Grunge by A Work in Progress
Template is yin_template 33 by Yin Designs

This page is one I did for a speed scrap at a forum by the name of One Single Seed:
Kit used School Days by Sweet Blossom Designs
Greenery from My Friend's Wedding by A Work in Progress
Alpha is My Life by Stolen Moments

Come back Monday and you'll hear some exciting scrapbooking news!

Now, here are my pictures for the last week or so!

Day 80 (March 21):

This was Saturday night.  I spend most of my Saturday nights getting ready for Sunday School Sunday morning.  I teach 2 year olds.  It's a lot of fun but I the stuff we currently use has a lot of punching out to do!

I was just interrupted by my husband with a sick child.  Xander has been puking tonight.  Wednesday, it was Evan.  Hopefully they'll both feel better soon!  It's a good thing the washer and dryer got hooked up¡

Day 81 (March 22):
It's kind of fun now.  Xander is getting older and he's old enough to start playing games with us.  His Cars matching game is one of his favourites.  It's Memory with Cars characters.  He's actually pretty good about it and doesn't even cheat too much!

Day 82 (March 23):
This is my boys playing LEGO.  (All three of them, even!)  LEGO is an awesome toy.  Xander is big enough to play with real LEGO now but Evan still has to play with the baby blocks.  Evan actually loves it more than anyone.  He will sit amused for ages playing with his blocks!

Day 83 (March 24):
So, I discovered today that I forgot to take a picture on Tuesday.  I decided that I could beat myself up or I could improvise.  I chose the latter!  I took this picture today and, while it was not taken on Tuesday, it was representative of the day.  I had the first meeting of a group of us at church that are trying to revamp the toddlers program, including what curriculum we use and how things are done!  It's a good excuse for forgetting, I think!

Day 84 (March 25):
This was the first of our DQ cakes for the week.  Wednesday was our care group leader's birthday and his wife wanted to surprise him with a cake and little party.  It almost worked until their daughter got rear-ended picking up the cake to bring to us.  Luckily, no one was hurt but it spilled the secret!

Day 85 (March 26):
This is cuddle frog.  It is Xander's beloved toy/blanket.  I love them because they are smaller than a blanket but can still be toted around like one.  He got it as a baby shower gift and must sleep with it every night.  In fact, we had to wait until it was clean and dry tonight before he could go back to bed!

Day 86 (Mar 27):
This is the second DQ cake of the week!  One of the group going to Mexico had a birthday on Friday so my sister and brother-in-law had me pick up a cake to celebrate before they left town.  I just love DQ cakes.  They're quick and easy, but everyone loves them!

Day 87 (March 28):
Due to the group that was staying at our house, Xander was unable to sleep in his own room.  He wasn't too thrilled about this until I told him he could sleep on couch cushions.  It got even more fun once he decided that it would be great to sleep in Mom & Dad's closet.  Here he is in our closet!

Day 88 (March 29):
This picture was for my Mom.  I didn't have much to take a picture of today so I thought I'd finally post a picture of part of my kitchen so that Mom could see what the colours look like.  The blue seems a little light in this picture but it gives a good idea of what the blue-gray and the orange look like together.  I like it!

Anyway, I'd better go do some work.  I will be back sometime tomorrow to post the scrapbooking news!

Until next time...

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