23 April, 2009

Where are we now...oh yeah Days 107-113!

Before I start on the everyday, I want to give one more plug...Scraps of Ellay's Lori Ann is running the Relay for Life this weekend.  It celebrates cancer survivors and she did a charity kit just a while back.  Just thought I'd remind you that you can go to her website and, for a donation to the American Cancer Society you can get that kit!!

Now, back to life.  What's there to report?  Very little, actually.  We're almost at the end of April so tax season is coming to a close in about a week.  That means that I'm crazy busy at work but pretending that I'm not ;).  We didn't do much on the weekend.  I finished painting in my kitchen (except the doors, but if I'm honest, those won't be done until July).  However, even without doors, I can clean out the cupboards and get everything back in.  That's this weekend's project.  I also have some scrapbooking that I need to get done, as I don't seem to have gotten much done lately.  I did finally file my own taxes - yay me!!  I seem to get later and later every year.  My co-worker's already got her refund back!

Anyway, here are a few layouts I've done.  I did a couple that I wasn't sure about but they always seem to end up better than I expected!

Kit used - Sable Brule by Mere Poule
Flowers - Sable Brule by Joey
Template - Template 58 by Timounette

I did this for a challenge but then changed a couple thing to put it in a book I'm doing.  The challenge one had the date on it, which I don't need for the book.  Also, I dated it September 2009.  Was I ever having a blond night that night!
Kit used - Dream Big by Digi-Designs by Nicole

I did this one for a speed scrap at Stuff to Scrap.  It had been a bad evening as it was Battle of the Wills night with Evan.  Every kid needs to go toe to toe with their parents once just to see how far they can get.  I'm happy to say that the parents won.  It made me late for the speed scrap but I REALLY like how this turned out!
Kit used - Floral Fusion Collab by Digi-Designs by Nicole and Stolen Moments
(I used both parts)

I love how the colours go with Evan's jammies but I think that this is what I'm really liking about scrapbooking - recording all those funny and cute little memories for the future!
Kit used - Midnight Ball by Dreams Inspired
Metal Date Bits by Stolen Moments
Alpha - Dandelion Dreams by A Work in Progress

Now on to this week's photos:

Day 107 (April 17):
Proof that I've got Xander hooked on curling.  Here we are playing "curling" in the living room.  You can see the "button" i.e. the Star Wars book.  The balls are our "rocks".  Xander always has to make sure we start out with a guard and then he likes to play the big weight and try to take them out!  It's pretty cute.

Day 108 (April 18):
It was the first BBQ of the season!  We got the BBQ out of the shed and threw some chicken on.  I love anything BBQ'd.  It is truly the best way to cook.  Unfortunately, Jason doesn't enjoy it enough to do it in the winter so I only get BBQ for half the year...but it is yummy!  Also, I think having it restricted, makes it even better!

Day 109 (April 19):
We've been going for walks in the evening and I almost couldn't decide on which picture to use for this day.  I love seeing the sky and trees reflected in a puddle so I love this pic (a couple days earlier there was an even better one with clouds etc, but I didn't have my camera along!).  However, Evan absolutely loves going out for walks.  He would go every evening if we could and so this picture is such a good one of him that it almost won.  I'll probably just use it in his book, instead:
I love that smile when he decides to give it to us, rather than being all serious!

Day 110 (April 20):
Here is the new stroller I bought for vacation.  We are almost a stroller library, we have so many!!  But, our one umbrella stroller is starting to show its age and I'm not sure it would last all trip.  These ones were on sale and are a bit more sturdy.  I wanted the orange one but, of course, all they had was teal.  It's pretty stylish, though!

Day 111 (April 21):
Well, Tuesdays are cleaning days, since we have care group at our house Wednesday nights.  This is my standard bathroom cleaning set.  I usually do the dishes first so I'm tired by the time I get around to doing the bathroom.  About half the time I do a more thorough clean, but the rest of the time I just do the mirrors, the toilet and wipe things down with the disinfecting wipes.  It does a pretty good job, actually!

Day 112 (April 22):
We had a pot luck last night and I made the dessert (Skor trifle, of course) after work (well, assembled it then).  It's the first time that I'd let Evan lick the spatula.  He's usually in bed when we bake.  You can see how much he loves this edible oil product whipping cream-like stuff (fake Cool Whip).  He wasn't too interested in the pudding but he was wearing this by the time he was done!

Day 113 (April 23):
It was immunization day for Evan today.  This is the public health office that we take him to.  He actually did quite well.  He cried but it was a relatively small amount of crying for my little drama king!  He cried a bit more for the second needle but, oh well, it's for his own good!

Well, as you can see, not much exciting has been happening lately.  It's just been the routine and mundane things of life!  Not always a bad way to go!

Until next time...


  1. In the picture of Evan licking the spatula, I totally thought it was a creamsicle before I read the comment! Funny!

  2. i love the pic of Xander curling. great form!