04 April, 2009

Days 89 - 93 A Lot Has Happened...

It has been a crazy busy week this week.  Of course, things are busy at work, still.  Four days a week seems to leave a lot less time for at home stuff.  However, I have made progress in my kitchen.  The cabinets are done so I can load dishes and that kind of stuff back in this week.  I still have to do the trim, the doors and touch ups but that's OK.  I can do that stuff with things in the cupboards.  I do think that there's not a ton of difference in the colours of the cupboard and walls, though.  I should have gone one darker on the cabinets.  Oh well.  I'm not repainting them now!!  

We also moved our offices at work this week.  It was kind of a sudden thing, but not really.  When we were actually moving was the sudden part.  So, Tuesday before leaving work, I packed up my office and Wednesday we spent the day moving into the new place.  I even had two appointments in the midst of the chaos!  I love the new offices.  They're not that pretty at the moment but the lighting is good, which it wasn't in our old office.  Also, the new office is in the Golden Mile mall which is just down the street from us.  It takes about 10 minutes to walk from my door to the office (2nd floor).  That is the best part for me!  However, we are without phone, fax or internet until Thursday when SaskTel can FINALLY come!  

I've also been getting to use my new washer and dryer and I've been loving them.  There's not a ton of room to get by the washer door but it'll work.  It's always fun to get new appliances.  Really, that's been my week.

I am watching the Ford Men's World Curling Championships as I type this.  I'm looking forward to seeing some of this during the week but since it's on the east coast, it's on too early most of the time.  Drat, anyway!

I haven't had much time to scrap and the speed scraps just haven't been working out with my schedule.  I did do this first page.  I used it for a couple challenges but it was inspired by one where you had to roll two dice and scrap a page with that many pictures.  I rolled a 5 and a 6.  I think it turned out pretty cute, though!
Kit used is Painter's Quilt by Stolen Moments
Frames by Lindsay Jane Designs

Now it's on to my P365 pictures!

Day 89 (March 30):
This has been my cupboard for the last several weeks.  I have kept what we needed on the island in the dining room.  I figured I should get a picture since things will be moving again once I wash the cupboards out!  It's worked but isn't really that pretty.

Day 90 (March 31):
This is my new set up.  Jason has hooked up the second monitor to my computer.  At first I thought it was a silly idea but I kind of like it now.  I can have previews of my scrapbooking papers and embellishments open while I work on my page on the main screen.  Xander really likes it when I show him how I can move windows from one monitor to the other and then he thinks it's hilarious when I get a window "stuck" between the two monitors!

Day 91 (April 1):
I'd have done something April Fools-y but I always forget that the day even exists!
Here is Jason engrossed in his addiction.  He always bugs me about my scrapbooking addiction but then I realized that all the time I'm scrapbooking, he's playing Rock Band.  I guess he can't really say too much about my addiction when he's got his own!! ;)

Day 92 (April 2):
Here are my boys playing on the rocking chair.  If you look close, you can see that Evan wants to play and Xander's trying to get him to stop touching the rocking chair.  They have their moments, as all siblings do, but they play together pretty well.  They certainly seem to like each other, anyway!

Day 93 (April 3):
This is my brother Rene.  He was down on Thursday and Friday with a couple of students for the skills competitions held here.  They stayed at our place (nothing like a free place to stay!).  We were joking, as I took his picture, that by entering my house you sign an end user agreement to allow your picture on my blog.  (Ha ha! - This is computer speak, in case you're wondering.  Software always come with an EUA.)  We did get to have a decent visit, though, and I really like that people feel comfortable enough to use our house!

Anyway, that's what's been keeping us busy lately.

Until next time...


  1. Nice pants, Ja!! How come you're allowed to post pictures of him but I'm not?? Or does he not read your blog and so has no idea!?

  2. Glad your office got moved closer to home. Didn't realize it was so soon! I thought maybe after tax season. It's amazing you get as much done as you do. Good for you!!

  3. OK, so a number of things to comment upon.

    1. Niff - wives are allowed to post things that sisters are not. Sorry. (And those are my pajamas - it was late when Sandra took the picture.)

    2. I have many addictions - Rock Band is only one of them.

    3. It's EULA - End User License Agreement.