16 April, 2009

Days 100 - 106 - Now we're into triple digits!!

Well, I've made it past 100 days on my P365!  That's really a big excitement for me!  It seems like a milestone of some sort.  I've only forgotten one day, too, so I think that's great.  I just hate that some days I could have 10 pictures of the day and some days it's so hard to find one!

Well, it's mid-April so that means things are busy around here!  Work is quite busy and we're starting to plan our vacation for May so that keeps us busy around here, too!  We did take off for the Easter weekend and went to my sister Michelle's place in Manitoba.  The weather co-operated and we made it there (unlike at Thanksgiving where a snow storm caused us to turn around about 1/3 of the way there).  We even spent a chunk of Saturday playing at the park.  The boys were so happy to be outside again!  They wore themselves out pretty good playing and had good naps.  We had a VERY yummy turkey supper.  Michelle did an awesome job on the turkey - it was one of the best I'd had in a long time!  I made pies and, all in all, it was a good time had eating!  In the evening we did an Easter egg hunt for the boys.  They're little so there's not much to hiding them but they did a pretty good job finding them.  They were also happy to eat the treats inside!

Since we've been back, it's just been work, work.  Funny thing - Evan has decided that he likes to wear his jacket ALL THE TIME!  He will scream if you try to undo the zipper.  Strange phases that these children go through.  We also had a couple of nice days Monday and Tuesday so we went outside and went for walks.  We did a fairly long walk Monday night and then, Tuesday morning I got his boots and jacket on and he just pointed at the stroller, wanting to go for another walk!  There were tears as I hauled him out to the car to go to Auntie's instead.

I've had a little time to do some scrapping and have a few layouts to show you before I post my pics.  There are about 3 layouts that I can't post yet but I think are really cool so I can't wait to show them to you!

This one is from a quote challenge on the Stuff to Scrap forum:
Kit used is Boys Club by Sweet Blossom Designs
Wire swirl is from Working Boy by Pouyou
Spitfire is from Gone by Not Forgotten by Spellbound by the Pixel
All word art is by me!!

This one is from a progressive layout challenge at the Digital Candy forum.  It's like a speed scrap but slower!  Instead of 7 instructions in 1 hour, it's 7 instructions in one week.  It's a lot of fun and I really love how this turned out!
Kits used are Chloe, Fresh and Rustic Grass all by Digi-Designs by Nicole

This last one is from a speed scrap on Monday night.  The first instruction was to take a self-portrait...and you could only try three times!  Luckily I had been practicing self-portraits not too long before and I actually don't mind how my pic turned out!
Kit used is Blueberry Cream by Eva Marina Scraps
Alpha is Creamy Fudge Alpha by Eva Marina Scraps

Now...on to the pictures!

Day 100 (April 10):
This was Good Friday.  We went to service at our church first (that's the first time I've ever been at a Good Friday service in Regina and I've lived here 12 years - we're usually traveling).  It was a good service of remembering that Jesus died on the cross (to be resurrected 3 days later!!)  After, we drove to Virden to visit Michelle & Tyler.  We decided to go there because, well, she asked us to.  It's also closer than Mom & Dad's so it's definitely an easier trip.  Anyway, their house was clean before we got there but this is what it looked like not too long after!  Amazing what two little boys can do, eh?

Day 101 (April 11):
I had some great pictures from playing at the park but I decided that a picture of our Easter Egg hunt would be a better choice!  You can see just how hard I hid the eggs ;).  Fun for the kids, though!

Day 102 (April 12):
We went to Michelle & Tyler's church to celebrate Easter Sunday and the Resurrection!  It was a good time and a little less traditional as they had some drama instead of a full sermon.  Anyway, after the service I kept getting "you must be Michelle's sister".  We don't look anything alike do we? Hee hee.  In fact, we even dressed in the same colour scheme by accident.

Day 103 (April 13):
Here is Evan...in his jacket...which he refused to remove.  Did I mention my kids are stubborn?  (I wonder where they got that from ;) ).

Day 104 (April 14):
Well, Tuesday I finally got my tax software installed on my computer.  This is what I use.  Doesn't that couple look so cute and happy filing their taxes.  Liars, the company is liars!  No one looks like that while doing taxes...not even people who like doing taxes.  Hee hee.  Maybe this weekend I'll actually get them filed!

Day 105 (April 15):
Xander didn't want to leave Auntie's when I got off work so I told him he could pick what we had for supper (I had no plans, anyway).  He picks "restaurant".  Luckily, Jason was going to the mall to get his hair cut, anyway, so we ate at the food court.  I did a bit of shopping and then, while waiting for Dad, the boys played on the vehicles outside Safeway.  I don't put money in them but they both love to play there, anyway!

Day 106 (April 16):
Today's picture.  This is Jason's natural disaster.  I accidentally got a shot I really like.  It looks like the streetcar on the left has come in upon some major destruction.  Then I tried to make it look kind of like a newsprint photo.  Actually, this is Jason organizing his LEGO.  He's trying to put it all by type of block so that when you're building you can easily find the block you want and just have to pick out the colour.  Xander really loves to play LEGO with Dad now, too.

Now, we're all caught up.  I'll try not to wait a week next time!

Until next time...


  1. Way to keep up with P365, girl!! I forgot a photo one day, too. Still trying to figure out what I'm going to do to scrap that day...

    Your photos look great!

  2. The pics are great. I love seeing the ones of the boys. I had a ball with them at Jodi's on Thursday. Got Evan to laugh - boy does he ever sound just like Xander when he laughs! But you already knew that, didn't you? Did they like the treats we gave them? (the cars and straws - figured they'd like the chocolate). Doing great!! Keep it up! Oh by the way, you're right, the couple do look way too happy. Maybe they are done and realized they are getting a big refund. That's about how I looked after!