13 July, 2009

A Little Delinquent But Back With a Kit AND PIctures (Days 156 to 164)!!

I know that I haven't been blogging much this past week but that's because my sister and her two kids were here for a visit.  They were here for about a week and we had a lot of fun!  We played, went swimming, made sugar crystals...it was a good time.  In fact, all four of us sisters were even all in the city at once since my other sister came in from Manitoba for a day.  We managed to all go out for supper and we had a really great time!  The other thing that kept us busy is that my sister brought down all of my parents slides and we worked at scanning them in.  I was able to borrow a scanner that does slides and film and we spent A LOT of free time doing that.  We managed to scan in about 13 reels and I have 4 more to go.  It's a tonne of work, but I think it will be worth it in the long run.  Especially once we can all the info of who, where, when and so on!

So, this will be a really long post.  I have about 4 weeks of P365 to catch up on and I've got just over a week ready to go.  But first, the new kit...

Scraps of Ellay has teamed up with Dream Big Designs again to create a wonderful collab called Magyk!  It's still quite versatile and has some really great colours.  I didn't get much time to play with it this week but when I did, it was really a lot of fun!  This kit will be free for a week and you can get it on their blogs, but before I give you the links, I want to show you a couple layouts that I did.  The first one is using just Scraps of Ellay's part:
This next one uses both Scraps of Ellay and Dream Big Designs' parts.  I did this one for the recipe challenge over at Stuff to Scrap:
See what I mean about it being a great kit?!!  Here are the previews of each of their parts:
Scraps of Ellay - you can pick it up on her blog here.
and Dream Big Designs - you can get it on her blog here.

Now it's on to P365.  These are from the beginning of June.  I hate it when I get behind on something because it always seems to take me forever to catch back up.  Hopefully I can get this going, though.  I have to work Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday because I switched days this week so I'd be off today.  That will slow me down a bit just because changing days always seems to throw things a bit off-kilter!  Anyway, now let's see if I remember why I took any of these pictures ;) !

Day 156 (June 5):
This was the day after we got home from vacation.  I had downloaded most of my pictures onto my computer and was just sorting through them.  It was a quiet sort of day and we really didn't do much so this was the most interesting part!  Also, this really is a hallmark of the digital age.  No longer do we print and look at pictures, now we must download and sort...I still haven't decided which I actually prefer!

Day 157 (June 6):
Jason insisted that I take a picture of this because he apparently used to do the same thing.  I think it was quiet time (or maybe bedtime, I'm not sure) and Xander told me that he had to park his cars first.  Fine, I didn't really care.  When I went to look afterwards, he had lined them all up in a giant row along the carpet edge!  It was very cute.

Day 158 (June 7):
My parents were in town when we got back from vacation.  Well, they were actually out of town but coming back the next day for a conference.  So, we got to spend some time with them on the Saturday and Sunday.  I really like this picture of Evan helping Grandma cut up apples for an apple crisp.  I think it's cute!  This was also Evan's bad day.  He fell from the top of the basement stairs (luckily, they're carpeted) and later on that same day fell off the couch (while he was just sitting there) and then stubbed his toe on our metal coffee table.  He got pretty confident doing stairs while we were on vacation because the children's museums all had half sized stairs.  I think he tried to do ours the same way and, unfortunately, he's not stable enough for that.  But, all's well that end well and he was fine!

Day 159 (June 8):
This is the rice we had for supper.  We often buy Uncle Ben's Fast and Fancy rice to keep in the pantry for a quick needs side dish.  Well, Xander likes to pick out which one we'll have for supper.  Sometimes it's easier to get him to eat it if he's picked it out!  This would be what we ate that night.

Day 160 (June 9):
Here's Evan being cute.  If he wants something or if you ask him if he's being cute, he'll look at you and give you a big smile with his eyes closed!  It's really pretty sweet.

Day 161 (June 10):
The boys were having baths and Jason gave Evan a curl mohawk on the top of his head.  Xander had to have one, too, so Jason gave him a mohawk.  With his hair as long as it was, it sure was a crazy look!

Day 162 (June 11):
This was our Thursday morning Mom's Group wind up play date.  We went to the park with the kids and everyone brought snacks and food to share.  It was fun to some extent.  The kids had a good time.  However, I've realized that with kids my age, going to the park is more for them to play than me to visit.  It's really hard to hold a conversation when you're trying to keep an eye on them and they can't do all the play stuff by themselves.  Still, we had fun and they did even play together for a bit.  The planes flying over head were the biggest hit, though!

Day 163 (June 12):
The next day, we went for a walk down to the church as they finally got the building permit so they could start demolition.  There were no big machines for the boys to watch but Xander still had fun watching them tear off boards and throw them down onto the ground.  It sure didn't take long for them to get started and make some significant progress!

Day 164 (June 13):
Here is proof that my boys can play nicely together.  Sometimes, it's easy to forget that they do play together and well.  I have found that when the parents stay away, they seem to get along better and solve their own problems.  I was very happy to see this, though!

Well, that's a little better than a week's worth of pictures so hopefully I'll be able to get back sometime in the next few days to do another chunk.  I've actually been taking quite a few pictures lately, playing around and such stuff so I have a ton to organize, too.  Summer always seems to be so busy and then it just flies by.  In two more weeks we start swimming lessons and the brother and his family will be in town.  There's a football game to attend in two weeks and a new floor to install shortly after that!  By then, we're almost in the middle of August.  Crazy.

Until next time...

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