22 July, 2009

Two more weeks of pictures!! Days 179 to 192

I've got two more weeks of pictures ready to go...yay!!  I'll be caught up in no time.  I have been really busy with trying to get projects done around here.  My sister and I started scanning in my parents slides and that is still keeping me incredibly busy.  I've also got coat one on my cupboard doors and they are eagerly awaiting coat two.  Also, our bedroom floor project will be starting this weekend so I need to get my bedroom cleaned out!  All this while working, looking after my two boys and even babysitting tomorrow!  Oh well, life is good.

On we go now to the pictures!!

Day 179 (June 28):
This is Jason's cousin Jessica in her grad dress.  Her Mom is the one who babysits our boys.  She graduated from grade 12 this year and there was a little party for her on the Sunday afternoon.  It brings back memories of my grad and how high school seemed so important back then and, in retrospect, wasn't as big a deal as we made it out to be!  It is a gorgeous dress that she has, though!

Day 180 (June 29):
We bought a bike for Xander this weekend.  We figured that he was likely old enough now to learn.  However, he is a stubborn child and, even though he knows how to do it, he won't and then says it's too hard.  What a crazy little child...I wonder where he gets his stubbornness from? ;)

Day 181 (June 30):
Today was Bethany's birthday (and my sister Colette's and Jason's cousin Jessica's and my Aunt Betty's).  Happy birthday to all today!  It was another princess-y type party but Bethie wanted a ladybug cake so that's what she had.  It was very cute, too.  The little crown did have to come out, though I think Erin wore it as much as Bethie!

Day 182 (July 1):
Happy Canada Day!  We didn't do anything in particular for Canada Day.  The kids are too little to stay up for fireworks and we just wanted to hang out around home.  We did see this duck and her babies waddle into our yard.  They sat in the sand box for quite some time trying to find a way out.  I think they were heading down to Wascana Lake but the fence was in the way.  I hope they made it!

Day 183 (July 2):
The boys and I all went to get our hair cut.  The salon around the corner closed so we headed to the salon that my cousin works at (though she was on vacation and couldn't cut our hair).  Nana came along to help entertain the boys while I got mine done.  It worked out fairly well.  The hairdresser styled my hair straight and Xander did not like it a bit.  I came out from the chair and he looks at me and says "That's not pretty!".  It stayed straight for a couple of days and I had to bug him a few times.  I asked him if he liked it straight and he finally said "yes" and then I asked him if it should be curly again and he got a big smile and it was, like, "YES".  It was really cute.  At one point in time, he talked about his hair and said "I like straight hair" so I turned and asked "You like straight hair?"  He says to me "Not on you Mom, just me!"  It was cute that his world was so out of order over my hair!

Day 184 (July 3):
Here is Evan playing at the computer.  It's amazing how much technology changes.  Not only is he so young and on a computer, but there are two monitors hooked up for him to play on!  It's really crazy to think that!

Day 185 (July 4):
We finally decided to go out and get Evan a mattress of his own so he could get out of the crib.  It was about time.  Xander moved out of the crib much earlier than that.  Evan loved his mattress as soon as we put it down and he hasn't even cared about his crib since then.  He did get up a bit the first couple of nights but that's not a problem anymore.  The only problem is that when he wakes up at 5 a.m., he can get up and wander into our room!

Day 186 (July 5):
Here are my boys all dressed up, ready for family pictures.  We had a wonderful lady take family pictures of us in the jerseys we got in Indianapolis.  Aren't they cute?  My jersey is white so I stick out a little bit.  The pictures are just now done and we are going to pick them up this weekend.  I've seen a few and they are great!

Day 187 (July 6):
My sister and her two kids came up for a visit this week.  Her husband was working at camp so the three of them came to Regina for a visit.  We had a ton of fun and the kids always like to play together.  It was her daughter's birthday a couple days before they came so we had a lovely ice cream cake to celebrate once they got to Regina.

Day 188 (July 7):
Here is a portion of the stack of slides that was our project for the week.  We actually managed to get a fair number of them done but there are still a few for me to work on!  This is only about a third of the carousels or so!  My parents have a LOT of slides!

Day 189 (July 8):
I went upstairs to check on the boys and I found Evan sleeping like this with his pajama pants off!  I don't know what he was up to but these pants are a little big and he HATES stepping on the bottom of his pants!

Day 190 (July 9):
We had a sister's day this day.  Michelle came up from Manitoba and the rest of us were already in Regina.  Rona had to work but the three of us went shopping for the afternoon and then all four of us went for supper.  It was really nice to have the four of us all together like this!  Sorry you missed out, Mom, we'll have to do it again sometime!

Day 191 (July 10):
Here are the kids playing at the park.  We went to the park that is just across the street and around the corner.  They spent as much time playing in the rocks as on the equipment.  I don't know what it is about kids and rocks but boy do they love them!!

Day 192 (July 11):
This was free Slurpee day at 7-11 (because it was July 11th ie 7-11).  So, we took the kids all down and got Slurpees.  This was the first time the boys ever had Slurpees and they just LOVED them.  Go figure - it's ice and pop...what's not to like.  I thought this was an adorable picture of them all eating their Slurpees!!

There we go...another two weeks down.  Now I think I only have about two weeks left to go until I'm all caught up!  I'll be back, likely tomorrow, with some LOs, including the one I did for Scrapping Survivor (by the way, if anyone wants to head over to the GingerScraps forum and vote for me when the voting starts, that'd be awesome - I'll post a link tomorrow with my LOs).

Until next time...

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  1. The pictures are awesome as always. The one of the kids and the slurpees is cool. Did you do that on the computer? Can't wait to see the family pics! Love ya'll