28 July, 2009

OK.  I am exhausted.  I think swimming lessons are taking as much out of me as they are out of Xander.  He did really well today, by the way.  He was almost a little keener.  (This was after our talk yesterday).  I think he actually had a lot of fun, too.  Anyway, I'm just here for a quick announcement about some speed scraps over at Stuff to Scrap tomorrow.  It'd be nice if I got to one of them but I think the carpet is coming up in our bedroom tomorrow so that may be a pipe dream!

Anyway, here they are - tomorrow afternoon:
With this beautiful participation prize:
And tomorrow evening (this one is sponsored by Eva Marina Scraps and hosted by one of the CT members!
And look at this adorable participation prize!  Isn't the word art really cute?
Now I must go get everything ready so I can go to bed!

Until next time...

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